Up Ship

Cast of Characters


This is a developing list and an entry is made when a character is introduced that will have something to do. There are some folks listed here who have not yet been formally introduced but are going to appear. Parentheses in an entry indicate the subject’s decorations and medals that are not entitled to post nominal initials. All of these characters, save for the occasional historical figure, are characters of my own devising and any resemblance to a living character is wildly coincidental and completely accidental. Most post nominal initials appear in the Glossary.


Alisson, Michael: HRH the Count Diego de California, KGCGD. Adoptive father of Justin the King, involved in railroading and other engineering projects in the Kingdom and full time resident of Ellendale. He was a civil engineer of note on Earth. He is working on the space station. He was one of the first into space and is lunar station commander in rotation. (Space Medal).

Alisson-Fielding, Justin Francis Henry: King of Ellendale as Justin III. As his father was an elve, he evolved into an elve with puberty but was born human; Commander of all Orders, 2nd Magister of the Heavens, Colonel in Chief of all Regiments, Admiral of the Fleet. In theory, he is an absolute monarch, but in fact, the Elven Monarchy has become quite constitutional with a number of constraints, some of them magical, others such as the Personal Councilors, and the Guild of Familiars are institutional. Routinely referred to as, “of Glorious Repute” an informal title of respect.

Angelique: see Doe, Jane.

Ashmore, Gary: HSH the Prince Ashmore, KCGD, PC, Royal Aide-de-camp, Principal Earth Magister. Rescued at San Diego, lover of James Wolsey, as a Magister he can commune with the earth. He is hugely wealthy. Collects art and farms. He manages his farms organically. Copenhagen is fond of this pair of lovers. He is currently involved with the North American Commando. (Household with Swords, Expedition/bar, Trollian War, Coronation, Space).

Baker, Sir Lawrence: Viscount of Coronado, Physician Royal, KH, PC, he was rescued from the Rajah and is the beloved of Humphrey Abstruse, Personal Wizard to the King. His healing gifts became apparent during the Trollian War and he has risen to be the Governor General of Health as well as personal physician to the King. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Carpenter, Edward: high school student in New Orleans drafted by Corporal Young DCM into the Mississippi Yeomanry.

Connors, Robert: AKA the Dodger. He was arrested in the San Diego op, sentenced and later pardoned. Sorcha favors him. First Teamster and Principal Coachman to HM, married to Tamara McNeice. Close friends with Claude Clanrobert whose adopted daughter and Angelique live with his family. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Connors, Susan Rose: daughter of the Dodger and Tamara.

Cooper, Jimmy: Magister of the Heavens, rescued by Caleb and Charlie and Gary and Jamie as his drunken uncle was slowly beating him to death. He works with Bucephalus on a regular basis who has renamed him ‘James of Cooper’. He was one of the first in space. (Captain-Lieutenant/staff, promoted Commodore and commanding officer of the Royal Space Corps, Space medal).

Conroy, Monty: Younger brother of Rodger, homeless, hanging with his brother and their dog. (12 years old in Chapter 9 of Up Ship).

Conroy, Rodger: Elder Conroy brother (14 years old in Chapter 9 of Up Ship).

DeLucca, Cody: adopted son of Colonel DeLucca, rescued from the Rajah during the San Diego op. He is still at home.

DeLucca, Kyle: adopted son of Colonel DeLucca, rescued from the Rajah during the San Diego op. He is still at home.

DeLucca, Sir Rafael: KT, KGD, Colonel of the 5th Cavalry; actively rescuing children from the streets when possible, active in the San Diego op and the Trollian War. (Household w/Swords, Expeditionary Medal, Trollian War, Coronation, US Decorations — combat veteran of Vietnam). Appointed to organize and command the 105th Commando Regiment.

DeLucca, Theodore: SSM, Midshipman, Sub lieutenant. He is one of the adopted sons of Col DeLucca, rescued from the Rajah during the San Diego op. He is a member of the first class of the Naval Academy. He participated in a lifesaving rescue during his first training cruise. A close friend of St George Davids and Chipper, he is planning on the Naval Air Force. (Expeditionary).

DeLucca, William: Adopted son of Col DeLucca. Rescued from the Rajah during the San Diego op. Plans to attend the Naval Academy, but wants the Space Corps. He is still at home.

Doe, Jane: AKA Angelique by her caregivers on Earth Prime. Age approximately 3-4. Rescued by the Rescue Commando from a tenement fire. Efforts to identify her remain unsuccessful.

Fielding, David: HRH the Count Ventura de California, KGCGD. Adoptive father of Justin the King. He maintains an office in San Diego where he does some authenticating and research but is now primarily involved in the new library project in Kingstown.

Gunderson, Ronnie: Thirteen-year-old panhandler hired to work by Donnie Tomkins.

Hollweg, Wolfram: Inspector, Berlin Police. Principal investigator of the Berlin restitution, he has formed a loose association of police administrators collecting unusual incidents. Annoyed King Justin and was inconvenienced as a result of this by the familiars. Promoted to Chief Inspector; nearing retirement.

Kerlew, Steven: high school student in New Orleans drafted by Corporal Young DCM into the Mississippi Yeomanry.

Knox, Sir Caleb: the Baron Des Moines, OGD, PC. Initially, a self-taught sorcerer from Iowa; he transported himself to Earth Prime accidentally where he ultimately became Charles St Clare’s lover. He recovered lost art and is currently assigned to the Marine Commando as a wizard. He is particularly gifted at telekinesis. Because of his love for Charlie St Clare and of Ellendale he is turning into an elve. This is an unusual occurrence. He will be appointed the Prince Royal’s Own Wizard. (Commendation, Expedition w/3 bars.).

Lawrence: see Baker.

MacNeice, Tamara: AKA Mrs Connors. Rescued from the Rajah. Seamstress and entrepreneur. Married to the Dodger, and mother of Susan Rose.

Radziwill, Robert: high school student in New Orleans drafted by Corporal Young DCM into the Mississippi Yeomanry.

Sanford, Christian: PC. Liegeman to the King from San Diego, and principal private secretary to HM the King.

Seward, Bobby Custis: rescued from murderous parents by Corporal Winn’s squad. He was 13 in chapter 6 of Up Ship. He and his siblings slipped through the cracks and were rescued again by Nurse Claude.

Seward, Mary Custis: rescued with Bobby Seward. Repeatedly raped and beaten by her lunatic father, having a difficult recovery. She was 15 in chapter 6 of Up Ship.

Seward, Tommy Custis: Younger brother of Bobby and Mary, he was periodically beaten but strove to help his brother and sister. He was 9 in chapter 6 of Up Ship.

Silverberg, Jacob: Hasidic youth rescued by the Brooklyn op when 7 years old. He was the intended victim of a serial murderer. He is very fond of pizza with pepperoni and sausage. Minerva has promised him that he can return to Ellendale if he wants.

Spurgeon, Cheryll: HSH the Princess Martial, KCGD, PC, Colin’s mother. She’s moved to Earth Prime and is a Proctor at the Exchequer. Too republican for her servants' taste; a mutiny is brewing in her household. The mutiny will be peaceably resolved by agreeing to the mutineers' demands. She is currently involved with the funding of the Space Corps. Dowager Princess Martial when Colin wed.

Spurgeon, Colin: HSH Knight Commander of the Star of Swords, KGCT, KGCGD, Earl Martial to the King, Principal Champion of the King, PC, Master of the Kings Horse, Col of the Ancient & etc, and the King’s long-term lover. As with Justin, he will become an elve with puberty. He is the hereditary and actual commander of the armed forces.

St Marie, Alan: son of Paul and Alice, born in Australia. Ready for school in Chapter 3 of Up Ship. Twin sister is Alicia. He will become an elve with puberty as his mother is an elve.

St Marie, Alice: see Elves.

St Marie, Alicia: daughter of Paul and Alice, born in Australia, twin sister of Alan. She too will become an elve with puberty as her mother is an elve.

St Marie, Paul: Liegeman to the King from San Diego, Governor General of Australia, soon to head the zeppelin passenger air service. KGD, Captain NAF (staff). (Household with swords, expeditionary medal, Trollian war, coronation).

Swartz, Nephi: bully at high school in New Orleans, arrested by Corporal Young DCM. He is serving a five-year sentence in the stables tending twenty-five donkeys one of whom will be the Prince Royal’s Own Familiar, the Lady Judith of Jerusalem.

Tolliver, Allen: was planning suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge when the Rescue Commando intervened and brought him to Ellendale. He is a great friend of the Seward boys.

Varela, Jorge: Younger brother of Regina. Aged 10. He works in the restaurant.

Varela, Luis: Younger brother of Regina. Aged 12. He worked in the restaurant. He is now, Midshipman, Royal Space Corps. (Space, Expedition).

Varela, Regina: Kidnapped in San Diego and then rescued. She obtained funding from her friend Sir Lawrence and then opened a restaurant and a taco donkey cart. She brought her brothers and her mother to Earth Prime.

Varela, Therese: Mother of Regina. She works in the restaurant.

Wasserman, David: Hasidic youth rescued by the Brooklyn OP. Six years at rescue. He likes pizza with sausage and pepperoni, he was the intended victim of a serial murderer. Minerva has promised him that he can return to Ellendale if ever he wishes to.

Wolsey, Sir James: Liegeman to the King from San Diego, KGD. He is the lover of the Prince Ashmore, KCGD, PC. He too is an art collector. (Household w/Swords, Expeditionary, Trollian, Coronation, Space).

Weissman, Aaron: Night watchman at the New Synagogue of Berlin; he witnessed the return of the menorah. Browbeaten by Inspector Hollweg, he stuck to his story and subsequently won €500,000 after some familiar meddling with the lottery.

Yelland, Glenn: Brilliant student rescued from bullying and drafted into the Mississippi Yeomanry. He was commissioned cornet in the Mississippi Yeomanry a regiment just forming. Transferred to Ancient & etc for weapons design and promoted major. He designed an effective air rifle for use in space.


Abstruse, Humphrey: Wizard. He is the Principal Wizard to HM the King and partner of Sir Lawrence of Coronado. Sir Lawrence, the Familiar Wilde, and now his role in foster parentage are bringing out the best in him, though he can still seem distracted. They are fostering Allen Tolliver. He is chancellor of the Colleges Royal. (Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation).

Ackroyd, William: AKA Axel. Trooper, he was promoted lance after Brooklyn. He was originally in the 99th Mounted Rifles, but was seconded to the Rescue Commando. (Special Commendation Medal for Brooklyn op, Expedition). Currently in North America.

Albemarle, Lady Cecilie: younger daughter of the Earl de St Marcouf. She will become Queen and mother of the Prince Royal.

Albemarle, Lady Zita: Countess de St Marcouf, wife of the 3rd Earl and mother of Lady Cecilie and Lord Georges. She has long been planning her daughter’s marriage to the King.

Albemarle, Georges Lord Winchelsee: older brother of Lady Cecilie, heir to the earldom. He lost a leg in the Trollian War. Lieutenant in the Guards Lancers, he had a bout with hard drinking after having been wounded. He is now fully mobile and no longer drinking. He was returned to duty assigned to the North American Commando. (Coeur, Trollian, Expedition, Coronation).

Albemarle, Winthrop Lord St Alban: 3rd Earl de St Marcouf, 5th Baron Winchelsee, Knight Bachelor, father of Georges and Cecilie.

Byng, Sinclair: Lieutenant, HMN, rescued by Chipper, Stoney, and Ted. He served on St Brendan the Navigator. Now Captain of HMS Carnation attached to the Marine Commando. Promoted Captain-Lieutenant, he now commands the Moonraker. He is naval officer commanding on the North American Station. (Service Commendation Medal, Expeditionary Medal with two bars, Coronation).

Carlisle, Drury Robert: Librarian General of HM. Has charge of the royal collection and palace libraries.

Cascone, Michel: Lieutenant NAF, he is in zeppelin training, and is crushing on Chipper. (Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation). Promoted Captain-Lieutenant commanding zeppelin HMS Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Castelnay, Sir Pomeroy: OGD 4th Baron Silleston, Knight Bachelor, Permanent Under Secretary of the Army.

Charles Henry Michael David Winthrop: HRH the Prince Royal. His father, Justin III was half human when he was born but matured into an elve with puberty. The Prince Royal was born an elve.

Clanrobert, Sir Claude: KOM, OH, First Nurse of the Viscount Lawrence of Coronado’s Royal Infirmary. Works well with children; particular friend of Tamara Connors née MacNeice, the Seward children, and others. He has adopted the Seward Children. Made Knight of the Order of Merit when he was promoted Chief of Royal Medical Services.

Connaught, Vyvyan Arthur: OGD, COH, first valet to HM the King. As a junior footman he was assigned as valet to Justin when he was Prince Royal; he is devoted to the King. (Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation).

Daffyd, Thomas: Under Butler to the Royal Palace (CHO, Coronation).

Elowin, Adalbert: SH, a senior groom in the Mews, later Captain of the King’s Horse (Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation).

Flemming, David Lloyd: Lieutenant NAF, second lieutenant on the Prince Eugene’s first passenger trial. Later, he was promoted Captain-Lieutenant and commanded the Shenandoah.

Flushing, Lord Fitzherbert: Cadet-Lieutenant in the first military academy class. He is the third son of the Earl of Felixtowne. He had some pompous notions that he is shedding with experience.

Flushing, Reevers 5th Earl of Felixtowne: He is something of an arse.

Hawkinge, Maud: Nanny to the Prince Royal. She is feuding with Keisha and Taras over playtime for the Prince Royal.

Henry VII Indomitable: biological father of Justin, though they never met. King of Ellendale. (Deceased).

Hidaka Takeshi: Major, Yamato Marines, Chrysanthemum Empire. Accredited visitor to the Space Corps.

Horace: see Rutledge.

Hughes, Falk: Major, KGD. Officer Commanding the Railroad Regiment as a result of inspired service with the railroad during the Trollian War. (Special Commendation, Trollian War, Coronation, Long Service).

Isandlwana, the Principal of: Emperor of two-thirds of Africa.

Knox, Caleb: see Humans.

Langford, Helene: HSH the Princess of Wendover, Governor General of State.

Lewys, Robert: Ensign, 24th Regiment of Foot. (Coeur, Household w/swords, Coronation, Trollian). He was wounded in the San Diego operation and is now Captain in North America. Promoted Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Commando Regiment.

Mathy, Hans: OGD, he is a lieutenant in the Navy. (Service Commendation, Long Service, Coronation, Trollian War). He is commander of zeppelin training, Captain of the Eckener. He is later promoted Captain and commander of all zeppelin operations.

Miles-Pemberton, James: he is a Cornet in the Guards Hussars. (Military Commendation, Expedition medal, 2 clasps, dispatch mention, Coronation). He is Commander of the Restoration Commando having been promoted lieutenant.

Mountain Breeze: A Young North American Elve who has made contact with the Sewards, the Conroys, and Andy Tolliver at Camp Farragut.

Picard, Fortescue von: Astronomer Royal. KGS, OM. Although he has held that position for decades, he considers himself to be the assistant to Heavenly Magister Cooper. He is an inspired optics engineer, one of the first in space. (Space).

Ranald: Earl Martial to Henry VII and father of Colin who met and served with him before he died. In the natural order of things, he was the lover of the King just as Colin is with Justin.

R Evans, Owen ap: ST. He is a serving officer of the 24th, later promoted major and depot commander when Colin and Justin arrived. Commanded the 3rd of the 24th in the Trollian War, he was promoted to Lieutenant Col and later gazetted to Australia as Viceroy with the local rank of Major General. (Household with swords, Special Commendation, Long Service, Trollian War, Coronation). He is a steady regular.

Redvers, Brigadier Sir Chauncey : KT. Commanded the Mounted Rifle Division at the final battle of the Trollian War. His adroit handling of this division contributed markedly to the success of the plan of battle. He is now Major General Commanding in Chief.

Robert Ranald Albert Justin George: HSH, son of Colin the Earl Martial, he is known as the Prince Military as a juvenile.

Riviéres, Hyacinth des: OGD. Acting Permanent Under Secretary of State for North American Affairs. Up to now this had meant insuring that everything was tranquil in the North America of Earth Prime and the locals were not interfered with. Now he is Governor General of North America. He is usually at Camp Farragut but maintains a large estate near Natchitoches, Louisiana, for dealing with Earth people. (Coronation).

Rutledge, Horace: He is a private in the Guards Grenadiers, orderly to HM when Corp Young DCM was visited in hospital.

Scott, Colonel Sir Charles: KT. commanded the 3rd Cavalry Brigade at the final battle of the Trollian War, he screened the flank of the army brilliantly and lured the enemy away from the actual battle thereby contributing markedly to the success of the plan of battle.

St. Clare, Charles: OGD, rescues Caleb Knox when he had a post office job, becomes Caleb’s partner and is promoted to engineer on the Prince Royal’s Own Express. He loves steam engines, and assists Caleb with his wizardly duties. (Commendation, Expedition w/3 bars).

St Marie, Alice: wife of liegeman Paul Henri St Marie, mother of twins born in Australia where her husband was the first governor general.

Tavers, John: SSM, AKA Chipper. Boy First Class, SSM, crewman on the St Brendan decorated in a life-saving operation. He was promoted AB and transferred to the Naval Air Force; he became elevatorman, promoted Petty Officer Quartermaster, Captain-Lieutenant Cascone has a crush on him. He feels the same way about Cascone. (Expedition/bars, Space). He is one of the first into space, Sub Lieutenant Royal Space Corps. Then Lieutenant and training officer for space shuttle pilots.

Tofts, Randall: OGD, Captain, Royal Engineers, very active in railroad design and engineering. (Special Commendation, Long Service, Trollian War, Coronation). He is promoted Major and chief engineer of the North American Commando.

Vyvyan: see Connaught.

Westover, Albert: 6th Duke of Clarendon and father of Lady Nancy.

Westover, Amelie: wife of the Duke and so Duchess of Clarendon.

Westover, Lady Nancy: daughter of Albert Westover Duke of Clarendon, intended to wed Colin and become the Countess of the Marches. She will do many things including becoming a serving officer and commander in the NAF.


Aberhonddu, Bonnie: wife of George, she had been a cook at various royal establishments until she married George.

Aberhonddu, George: GS, OGD, Garrison SGM to the Prince, and later the Kings palace, retired to manage Prince Ashmore’s estates. (Household/Swords, Long Service, Expedition/bars, Trollian War, Coronation).

Aethnen, Wilbur: CHO, OGD, Butler to HM the King. He was butler to Prince Royal Justin when Justin first arrived. (His Christian name is a closely guarded secret).

Brownlees, William: He was a Cadet-Lieutenant at the academy for superior field and classroom performance. He was in a fight with Cadet-Lieutenant Lord Fitzherbert Flushing. Appointed Ensign of the Guards Grenadier upon graduation; he will be one of the first into space. (Space). He is quickly promoted to major commanding the Space Grenadiers of the Royal Space Corps.

Bryant, George: AKA Shiner. Private, 24th. He serves on the Restoration Commando and on the Rescue Commando. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Caprotti, Rafael Raimondo: Ordinary Seaman, HMN, orderly to the Magister John of Cooper.

Caprotti, Leonardo Giacinto: Rafael’s younger brother soon to join Cooper’s household. Diverted to become Cornet Yelland’s orderly. This amounted to a promotion for Leonardo and was engineered by the Caprotti brothers. Fell in love with Yelland all by himself.

Costamare, Giancarlo da: Chief Petty Officer, Steward, NAF, Chief Steward of the Prince Eugene.

Cyffylog, Alan: Sergeant 24th, father of three boys he urged them to seek opportunities other than the army. (Long Service, Trollian War, Expedition/bars, Coronation). Company SGM, North America Command.

Cyffylog, Harry: twin of Terence, barracks rat of the 24th (Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation). Now chauffeur to HSH the dowager Princess Martial.

Cyffylog, Ralph: older brother of Terence and Harry, barracks rat of the 24th. He was One of Justin’s first friends at the palace, now First Chauffeur to HM. Later he is promoted Midshipman in the Royal Space Corps, then Sub lieutenant RSC. (Household/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation, Space). He is a vocal advocate of space exploration and he has the King’s ear. He is a space shuttle captain.

Cyffylog, Terence: twin of Harry, barracks rat of the 24th, (Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition, Coronation). With his twin in the dowager Princess Martial’s household.

Davids, St George Kilverstone: SSM, Midshipman HMN, (Expeditionary), Candescent beauty. He made Sub Lieutenant after graduation from the Naval Academy, and is the steady chum of Teddy DeLucca. He likes to be called ‘Stoney’. He transferred to NAF shortly after graduation.

Edwardes, Jefferson Dinwiddie: Private, 13th Regiment of Foot, assigned to the North American Commando after recruit training. He was assigned as Ensign Gustav’s batman a very fortunate event for Ensign Gustav. (Expedition).

Jones, Cornell: AKA Mac. Private, 13th Regiment of Foot, seconded to the Rescue Commando (Special Commendation for Brooklyn, Expedition). Soon promoted lance corporal assigned to North American Commando, quickly advanced to corporal.

Jones, David Winslow: Chief ERA HM Navy, seconded to the De Lucca household to teach steam engines and boating to Colonel DeLucca’s boys. (Long Service, Trollian War, Expedition w/3 bars, coronation.) He is courting Elisabeth Lowri Colonel DeLucca’s cook.

Jones, Stanley: AKA 14. Sergeant, 24th seconded to the Restoration Commando, then the Rescue Commando shot in the Brooklyn operation (Coeur, Special Commendation, Long Service, Household/swords, Trollian, Expedition, coronation).

Jordan, Joseph: AKA Dusty. Private, 24th. Seconded to the Restoration Commando. Joined the Space Grenadiers and promoted lance. (Space, Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Keisha, Eldridge Lloyd: Confidential Footman to HM the King, lover of Taras, teen, (Household Star). With Taras he is in regular attendance on the Prince Royal.

Lowri, Elisabeth: cook and manager of Colonel DeLucca’s household.

Maarten, Huy: Sapper, Royal Engineers, Seconded to the Rescue Commando (Special Commendation for Brooklyn op, Expedition).

Morgan, Oliver: SO,Chauffeur to HSH the Princess Cheryll, mother of the Earl Martial. He wants a limousine. He is a son of Aethnen’s younger sister. He will be quickly promoted to Butler for the Dowager Princess Martial.

Mwyar, Mrs Angela: CHO, OGD, She is Housekeeper to HM the King. Mrs is a courtesy title for all housekeepers. She was Housekeeper when he was the Prince Royal. She is now at the Palace.

Owen (16), David: AKA Tich. Corporal, 24th Regiment of Foot, seconded to the Restoration Commando, took over from Corporal Winn. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Owen (23), Llewellyn: AKA Taffy. Private 24th Regiment of Foot. Seconded to the Restoration Commando, he later joined the Space Grenadiers, promoted corporal. (Space, Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Peace, Charles: AKA Charley. Private 24th Regiment of Foot. He was seconded to the Restoration Commando. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Raglan, James Winslow: Quartermaster Lieutenant to the 24th when he was Quartermaster Sergeant of the Depot Battalion, he lent Ralph Cyffylog a sap that Ralph used to cold cock the Dodger. Steady regular promoted for merit. (Long service, service commendation with bar, Household w/swords, Trollian War, Expedition 3 bars, Coronation).

Schellbourne, Thomas Robison: OGD, Warrant Officer, First Valet to HSH the Earl Martial. As a private, he was assigned as Colin’s batman and remains with him; he is devoted to Colin. (Commendation, Household w/swords, Expedition/bars, Trollian War, Coronation).

Smith (16) Henry: AKA Smudger. Private 24th Regiment of Foot, he was seconded to the Restoration Commando. (Expedition, Trollian War, Coronation).

Taras, Regis Malcolm: confidential footman to HM the King, lover of Keisha, teen (Household Star). He is regularly in attendance on the Prince Royal with Keisha, and they must constantly guard against the Nanny Hawkinge.

Thomas: see Schellbourne.

Tomkins, Donald: Late private in the 8th Regiment of Foot, now First Chauffeur and caretaker to HSH Prince Ashmore and Sir James Wolsey. He is de facto major domo of the Ashmore-Wolsey household and is a consummate manager. Patient to a fault, he wanted a Bentley limo, but had to work through a Hispano-Suiza, a Cadillac, a Jaguar, and two Ferraris before getting the Bentley. His employers were not permitted to part with any of the vehicles. (Trollian War, Coronation, Expedition Medal).

Winn, Oliver: Corporal, The Prince Royal’s Own 24th Regiment of Foot, Seconded to the Restoration Commando, (Household w/swords, Coeur du Lion, Military Commendation, Trollian War, Long Service, Expedition, Coronation). Corporal-Cadet-Major of first class at the new military academy, he was promoted an extra pay grade upon graduation to full lieutenant.

Young, Frank: DCM, Drummer, promoted Lance in ch 9, and corporal in ch 10: Guards Fusiliers seconded to the Rescue Commando (Coeur, Expedition, authorized to carry the pistol he captured in Brooklyn). He is now assigned to the North American Commando. A fourth generation Fusilier he is now recovering from gunshots wounds suffered in defeating a school shooter.


Trollians live in the far north and are known for almost white blond hair, and blue eyes. They are elves, but distance has given them a distinct look and dialect, and their ears are close to their head just as a humans.

Gustav, Karl: Academy cadet and friend of Brownlees. Was a lumberjack before joining first the Trollian Army and later the Light Infantry. Ensign of the 13th upon graduation from the military academy, now assigned to the North American Commando. He was one of the first into space. (Trollian War, Space Medal).

Lerner, Augustus: Private, ‘The First’ Light Infantry, rescue Commando (Special Commendation for Brooklyn op, Expedition w/bars, Space). He was one of the first into space.


Familiars are assistants to wizards or other people who are serving in an important role. They usually maintain their preferred shape but can adjust to circumstances if necessary. They can travel inter-dimensionally with ease, as well as normally in their current dimension. To the degree that the Familiars are political decision makers, they have a council of Master and Master-Emeritus Familiars that regularly meet. Discussions can be long in the making, but are generally well thought out.

Artemis: Journeyman Familiar, prefers to be a coal black cat. After a sabbatical with the Librarian Royal, she is now with the North American Commando.

Babieca: Master Familiar, beloved charger of El Cid, he prefers to be a charger. He hated being a pelican which he had to endure when working the Golden Gate Bridge; but has come to enjoy flying.

Beatrice: Journeyman Familiar Prefers to be a calico cat; she’s on sabbatical but resides with Cheryll the dowager Princess Martial.

Belvedere: Apprentice Familiar, likes to appear as an American Robin currently assigned to Kingstown.

Bing, DM: Master Familiar. Likes to be a dog and prefers his original identity as an Alsatian. Authority on airborne operations served with the 13th Parachute Battalion attached to the 6th Airborne Division. He jumped into Normandy on D Day, later jumped with Operation Varsity and in Operation Plunder. Wounded in action.

Bucephalus: Master Familiar Emeritus of great seniority, trained Copenhagen. He loved Alexander and has been semi-retired since the death of Alexander. Now he is assigned to Jimmy Cooper whom he has renamed James of Cooper. Appears as a scarlet AmericanCardinal if his usual guise is too much.

Cameron: Master Familiar Prefers to be an owl, he is the King’s Own. He has been watching over Justin since birth.

Carlos: Apprentice Familiar, prefers to appear as a peregrine. Currently with the Rescue Commando, then assigned to North America Commando.

Copenhagen: Master Familiar, first apprenticed to Bucephalus, promoted Journeyman under Ptolemy, and Master during the Hundred Years War having been present at Agincourt, Poitiers, and Cressy. He carried Wellington at Waterloo as a charger. He is currently with the North American Commando. He also frequently appears as a German shepherd and is most often found in that form in recent days.

Expectant: Master Familiar, usually a stork, specializes in family matters, etiquette and protocol; she was one of the principal negotiators and familiars of the marriage of the King and the Prince Martial.

Geoffrey: Master Familiar, serves with the Navy by preference and prefers to be a dolphin. Likes to appear as a puffin if required out of the ocean.

Minerva: Apprentice Familiar, first appeared a pigeon which form she enjoys; involved with the space project early on. Has earth cable TV in her apartment. Likes cop shows. She is assigned to the North American Commando.

Miss Judith: Master familiar. She began her apprenticeship as a donkey in Jerusalem and was proud of her service there. Does not like other manifestations but will do so if absolutely necessary. She is currently finishing her sabbatical at the Royal Mews and will be the Prince Royal’s Own Familiar.

Oscar: Journeyman familiar. Usually appears as a black and white tom cat. He is an authority on naval ships, their operation and crew accomodations. He began his career as ships cat on the battleship Bismarck. When that ship was sunk he was rescued by and took charge of HMS Cossack and when that ship was sunk he moved on to care for HMS Ark Royal until that ship was sunk. He then moved into sabbatical at a sailors home in Belfast. He was frustrated by his inability to convince any of the captains he’d come in contact with of the importance of listening to him.

Sennacherib: Journeyman Familiar with Liegeman Paul St Marie, frequently a bird, first appeared as a mockingbird, often a peregrine. His sense of humour is definitely more attuned to the mockingbird manifestation.

Simon: Apprentice Familiar, usually likes to be a small black and white cat. Usually with the De Lucca household, or the members thereof, serves in the Rescue Commando too.

Sorcha: Journeyman Familiar, loves life as a Clydesdale. She is very much a Scot. She adopted the Dodger. On sabbatical currently, but that will soon be over.

Surus: Master Familiar Emeritus, he served his apprenticeship with Hannibal; He prefers to be an elephant. He is the Earl Martial’s Own though he will be an albatross if weight and bulk are a factor. A close friend of the Principal of Isandlwana he likes to vacation stalking poachers in Africa.

Tickie-Tavey, Richard Esq: AKA Rikki. Journeyman Familiar. Prefers to be a mongoose and likes to hang with Caleb and Charlie. He loves flying and likes to take long zeppelin trips.

Wilde: Apprentice Familiar to Sir Lawrence and Humphrey, prefers to be a fox. He adopted Sir Lawrence in San Diego.


Cappie: an old beagle who has taken up residence in the Mews. He considers himself to be the guard dog of the complex.

Catriona: Sorcha’s filly, the Dodger’s particular pal.

Gordo: ginger Tom who stays close to Miss Judith and allows no vermin to obtrude.

Kameyn: favored charger of the King. Gray Arab.

Lamborghini: Colonel DeLucca’s cat. Not a familiar.

Peaches: ships cat to the Genie. Orange with a white chest and paws. More than a cat.

Pilot: ships cat to the Shenandoah, gray and black with emerald green eyes. More than a cat.

Ronald: favored charger of the Earl Martial. Bay Hunter.

Turbo: mutt. Protector of Monty and Rodger Conroy.

Zephyr: favored mount of the Lady Cecilie, chestnut with blond mane and tail. Thoroughbred.