by James Savik
Dramatis Personae

James “Jimmy” Savik- that would be me.

Big John Savik- my older brother who is away most of the time

John and Emmaline Savik- Mom & Pop

Scotty Michaels- my best friend

Beau and Meredith Michaels- Scotty's Mom and Dad


Mr. Bob Rainer- Scoutmaster, Troop 77

Bob Jr. and Eric Rainer- Bob's sons

Doug Edwards- Senior Patrol Leader, Wolverines

Brian and Marc Edwards- Doug's little brothers

Nick Turner- Close friend of Scotty and me

Mark and Clay Hudson- scouting friends and cousins, talented musicians



Jeff Dunbar- QB, Vikings and Patriots

Jerry Hurst- OT, DT- Vikings, Patriots and Eagles

Bill Palmer- DE, LB- Vikings, Patriots and Eagles

Paul and Kerry Kelly- RB & DBs- (twins) Vikings, Patriots and Eagles

Randy Austin- DB- Vikings and Eagles



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This is not a story that I wanted to tell. This is a story that I had to tell. Too many people paid too great a price for it to simply be forgotten.

There is quite a difference. Tales told for fun are one thing. A tale that is told by the demands of ones conscious is another sort altogether. I would like to bring you laughter. I would desire to elevate you. I would like to entertain or inspire or amuse you. That is my nature.

Sadly, these are not those words. This is not that kind of story.

This is a story that I have lived and lived with for decades. Carrying it around is like walking around with broken glass in my soul.

This is about those nightmares that won't go away and why my hands shake. This is why my attention is sometimes somewhere else altogether. This is why I can not share my bed for fear of waking up fighting. This is why I'm alone in a crowded room and I don't feel comfortable unless I know a quick way to get out. This is why I'd like to forget but it won't go away. This is about all those names and faces and places a long time gone that haunt me.

This is my story and it isn't pretty. I'm not proud or vain for telling it. It is a difficult story to tell. Every single word is like pulling a sore tooth. The world would very happily ignore it and keep right on spinning were it not told.

I tell this story in the hope that I may exorcise the demons that haunt me. I tell this story in the hope that those that read it will demand that it doesn't happen again. I tell this story to let it go.