Group of children singing

by Gordon Klopfenstein

A fellow principal asked to read my poems. She showed them to her music teacher who put music to “Angels??” and “Braces.” I was invited to the Spring Musical at which they were performed. “Symphony” was my response to that touching experience.


Sometimes a thought pops in my head.
(My children probably doubt it.)
But it’s there and it keeps coaxing me
To do something about it.

Now thinking thoughts, as you may know,
That’s if you’ve ever tried it
Is a little like a Christmas tree
And all those gifts beside it.

Some hit you with a burst of light
Like the tree when you’ve first spied it.
Some surprise you like the things you find
In a gift when you’ve untied it.

Sometimes I think a thought’s so good
I hardly can abide it.
But other people think it’s dumb
Although they try to hide it.

But when a thought pops in my head
I don’t care how you take it.
It’s mine and it is good or dumb
Or what I want to make it.

Sometimes I only think my thought
I don’t write it down or say it.
Sometimes I put it in a poem
And happily display it.

Some people read my thought one day
And I didn’t know they’d do it
But they took my thought that’s now a poem
And put some music to it.

And they got together in a group
And then some children sang it
And my heart felt like it was a bell
And somebody just rang it.

So now I have another thought
A child’s song did bring it.
A thought becomes a symphony
When happy children sing it.