Stories by Tyler Adams*



Almost Straight

Phil thought that his religious faith    demanded he walk “the straight and narrow.” It was after his tennis instructor walked into his life that he learned he’d only heard one side of the argument in church.


* A fifties-something guy who’s been married to a wonderful woman for over thirty years, and only now coming to understand how powerful the grip of parental and societal influence is in one’s life.

My writing is about conflict – specifically, the conflict that religious dogma can force into our life. The dictionary says it this way: Conflict: [v. kuh] –verb (used without object) To come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash: [That young man’s sexual desire conflicts with his religious training.]

I’m not saying that I think belief in God is wrong, in fact I would argue to the contrary. What I have come to realize, though, is that when the views we’ve been taught to embrace keep us from considering another’s perspective, it can (will?) create conflict.

The aim of my stories is to expand narrow viewpoints. Like anyone that writes, my own personal bias bleeds through the ink, perhaps too often, but my over-riding hope is that you can identify with the characters in the stories well enough to find a perspective you may currently find yourself in opposition to, and consider its merit. A society of true tolerance can only be achieved when all parties embrace this idea.


PS: I use non-drying ink when I write, so please send an email with your own perspective.