American Cupcake Short Story
The Donkey Short Story
Still Life with Three Boys Short Story
When Gay Nerds Attack Serial
The Boy With the Sketchbook Short Story

Iím in thrall to memory.  Almost every piece Iíve written for this site is an attempt to reconstitute (and in some cases reinvent) the past Ė my own in particular.  As many of these memories involve incidents and accidents that Iíve chosen not to reveal to friends and loved ones, I guess you could say that writing them is easy, ostensibly anonymous therapy.  I stopped going to church a while back and I stopped making my confession once I recognized that I knew more about sin than the priests of my youth and sadly, just as much about grace.  Maybe at some level my stories constitute this much-delayed confession.  I doubt that God reads the Dude, but maybe there will be a reader or three out there who can pass on the good word.  And if you canít locate Him, a quick e-mail to me is always comforting. 

The bio: Iím a middle-aged HS teacher who grew up comfortable in two languages and cultures.  I like a good tortilla espaŮola and long walks on the beach.  Well, I like a good tortilla espaŮola