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Short Stories

The Last Hero of Lincoln, Nebraska

A small group of survivors tries to escape Lincoln, Nebraska after a vampire infestation, but their resourceful young leader must first defeat a nemesis from his previous life.

100 Winters

A young corporal sets out to a Christmas dance in the early days of mankind's first Great War. On this magical evening, he will collide with love. But can he stop being a soldier long enough to grasp it?


Gay teens have never had it easy in Damon's northern Florida town. But in 2013, have things changed enough for him to stop hiding who he is?

The Final Voyage of the Hesperus

In the year 1838, over two hundred indentured laborers left India for the other side of the world, risking body and spirit for a better life. Among them were a bandit, a goddess and one young man with a dangerous secret.


Ian has set up the perfect romantic date for that first kiss. If only Rick would cooperate.


In a future where technology shields us from the realities of the world, a teen struggles to even define freedom, much less achieve it.