Sentinel Mountain

Chapter Forty-four
Surprise Trip to Paradise

"Mr. VanWinkle, how are you?"

"Fine, just fine. Almost recovered from the Utah adventure."

"You'll be happy to know, it's still unfolding." Josh said. "Talked to Pete earlier today and the badge-making business was a cover for a large document faking enterprise. The whole identity Ms. Crimshaw created for Alex was fake and documented with fakes created there, but I'm sure this is not a social call."

"Well, part of it is. How's Alex?"

They talked for half an hour about Alex's situation and when Josh told him they would be flying to Sentinel Mountain weekend after next, he said, "Well, that's what I called about. You have to be there next Monday. It's the anniversary of Sam's death. One of the conditions of the will is that Elijah's ashes join his from off Sentinel Rock on the anniversary of Sam's death the year you have to decided about Sentinel Rock. Most everything else had some slack, but not that. The ashes are, of course, there, but you have to throw them to the winds Monday from Sentinel Rock."

"Ouch! Glad you reminded me. I have been giving a lot of thought to Sentinel Mountain, but that rather important bit slipped my mind. Who has to witness it?"

"Jordan, or someone appointed by him. Jordan said he would be there. How will you get there?"

"I can hop a flight in Denver Saturday to make sure I get there. Walt can meet me and I'll fly back with him and Cam, or I may just stay since Alex will be flying in with Nelson the following Thursday. I'll let you and Jordan know."

When Josh reached Vic House, he checked his clothing and found his business attire was fine. He called Nelson again and this time he answered. He asked Nelson if he'd like to go to Sentinel Mountain for a week, week and a half. "I have to leave Denver Saturday afternoon and may return Tuesday or a week from Tuesday. I won't know until later. I want an opportunity to talk to you about some things, but mostly you'd be free to explore, follow the people around. We have broadband so you can keep up with your classes. Give it some thought and let me know."

"Josh, I don't have to give it any thought. Dad has told me enough about your place from your talking to him to know it's not like Copper County. I'll go and stay as long as I can. It can't be worse than being stuck here. When do I need to be in Boulder? What do I need to bring?"

"Do I need to talk with Neil about taking you to Salt Lake?"

"I don't think so. I'll check and see."

"I'll also check on flights from Salt Lake to Denver and meet you there. How soon will you be ready to fly?"

"Four hours to Salt Lake, it's quarter of five, could make a nine, ten o'clock flight."

"I get the impression you are ready to leave Kanarra."

"Wonder why?"

"Look, I'm invited to a pretty important dinner this evening and will not have time to make all the arrangements tonight. I'll call you first thing in the morning. What time will you be awake?"

"What time do you want me awake?"

"I want to make sure you have time to get to Denver. I'll call tonight unless it's very late when I get in. If so, I'll call you at six in the morning. No, I'll call you tonight as I don't know about flights and it's a long way to Salt Lake. Pack jeans, shirts, a pair or two of chinos, underwear… do you wear a temple garment?"

"No, not so long as I can get away with not wearing it. Plus I am not in the good graces of my bishop after I announced I had been fucking girls. I guess the word got around that I had done the cheerleading squad—every one of them—and that included his daughter. He also thought he was punishing me when he said I would have to do some serious work and repentance before he could allow me to even apply for a missionary posting."

"Well, you know what I think of your previous exploits," Josh said.

"Yeah, and believe it or not I apologized to every girl I fucked. Got my face slapped several times and more than one said since I was in disgrace with the church, there was no reason we couldn't fuck. That was hard to turn down. Anyway, just ordinary underwear, but I'd like some of the sexy ones."

"Fine. If you did wear a garment, I'd make sure Sentinel Mountain understood." Then, remembering the comment Nelson had made, added, "No thongs!"


It was not quite five when Josh finished and called Denver about flights. While the phone was ringing, he remembered Bull and Mr. VanWinkle had gone to Las Vegas and checked the Vegas airport. Sure enough, it would take almost an hour less time than it would to get to Salt Lake. When he got an answer, he found there was a eight thirty flight that would put Nelson in Denver before noon. He booked a coach seat since business and first class were full. He heard someone come in downstairs and thought it was probably Alex.

It was and he came in the door seemingly full of energy, obviously happy. Josh was lying on the bed when Alex came over, took the phone from his hand and put it on the nightstand. He then crawled atop Josh and started really passionate kissing. His mouth was open, his tongue going. It took two nanoseconds before Josh was hard as a rock and in three more was streaming precum. He suddenly realized his leg was between Alex's and pressed against Josh was very definitely a long, hard cock.

Alex finally broke the kiss, looked on to Josh's eyes, a huge grin on his face. "Alex, my hot Barefoot Boy, definitely with cheek, ah, don't you think you are pushing it a bit?"

"Yeah, and I love it!" Suddenly he got a strained look on his face, rolled off josh and the bed and grabbed the wastebasket and emptied his stomach. "That I don't love!" he said, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He took the wastebasket and walked out the door. Josh started to follow, then decided Alex would not like to be babied, but he was pretty much twisted in a knot until Alex returned.

Alex looked embarrassed when he came back and said, "That was foolish I guess, but it was worth throwing up. I feel fine, but I was suddenly back at New Beginnings, but managed to hang on to reality enough to just throw up."

"That, Babe, is, believe me, progress. It's quarter after five, let's get dressed as I have some news."

"Good or bad?"

"I don't know. You'll have to decide that."

They showered together, but held the playing down, although Josh really did need to get off. He'd had a wet dream a few days earlier, the first since he was a teenager. After they were dressed, Josh checked the man he loved. He had been out of that hellhole about two months, but he certainly had been putting on weight and the time at the gym was showing. He wasn't where he would be, but he was on his way and even at this point he was beautiful. In that moment, Josh knew he'd walk through hell for him. He felt overwhelmed by his love for him, but as he looked at Alex and saw how hot he was, his instantly hard cock reminded him he had other feelings for him as well. The tent in his pants was obvious.

Alex looked at him and grinned. "Good to know I haven't lost my sex appeal."

"Hot Stuff, not only have you not lost it, but it's coming out of every pore of your body. Was your dad picking us up or were we to meet them?"

"We're going with Gertrude and Mavis to meet them at seven, but it's only five of six and the restaurant is less than twenty minutes away Dad said. So what's the good/bad news?"

"Mr. VanWinkle called today to remind me of a provision in Elijah's will. As he said, most of the provisions are pretty wide and flexible, one is not. I had a year to make a decision on whether or not I wanted Sentinel Mountain on the conditions he set up, mainly that I would I make it my primary residence and do something worthwhile with it. There is one absolutely inflexible provision. You know Sam and Elijah's story. Sam's ashes were in a bank vault until Elijah was established at Sentinel Mountain after WWII. When he was settled in, he took the ashes out of the vault and cast them to the winds off Sentinel Rock. His will stated that I, well, whoever inherited Sentinel Mountain, must, on the anniversary of Sam's death, which is Monday, cast his ashes off the rock to join Sam's forever. I knew of the provision, but the date slipped up on me. I am leaving Denver tomorrow to fly to Atlanta where Walt will pick me up. We need to talk about whether or not I fly back so I can fly there with you next Thursday."

"I'm coming with you, dumb bunny. No way I'm not."

"I'm not at all sure that is wise," Josh said, torn between wanting him to come with him and the desire to see his treatment continue. "You know I want you to come, but it could be very stressful and tiring."

Alex picked up the phone and hit the speed dial for the team. Josh expected him to get a real talking to about disturbing them on the weekend.

Apparently Helen answered because he said, "Helen, Alex. Have you talked to Shawn after my session yesterday? … Yeah, he told me the same thing, I am making remarkable progress. I need to know what I need to know and what Josh needs to know while we are in North Carolina … No, I'm not jumping the gun. We're leaving in the morning, not arguing about that … Well, it's like this, Josh has to go and we were going next week, but seems foolish to spend all that money on two trips when one would do … See he has to go." Alex then explained the situation. "Yeah, I know there's a risk, but I had a hard-on you wouldn't believe an hour ago, wet my jocks with precum and only threw up … Ok, we're going out to dinner with Dad and his wife tonight. We're leaving here in less than half an hour, but you can call Josh, he can put his phone on peter pleaser … Sure, you know, make it vibrate instead of ringing. Ok, but tell them I am going."

Gertrude drove and they were on their way when Josh's phone rang. He had not remembered to switch it to peter pleaser mode. "Josh here … ok what's the word? You're sure … Sure, I can do that. After I cast the ashes off Sentinel Rock, I'm free. Thanks." Josh closed the phone.

"What did Helen say?" Alex was practically bouncing in his seat.

"Well, she said her first reaction was to have you committed, but she couldn't think of a place that was ready for you. Her second reaction was to say if you were gone a week, you'd be out of her hair…" Alex slugged Josh on the arm and Josh was pleased that the punch was not weak. "Does it make any difference?"

Alex got very quiet and still. "Josh, it does. I want to be well and if the team really thought it was a bad idea, I'd not go."

"Well, she said they had their usual Friday team meeting and discussed where each patient was and what was most likely to occur over the weekend. Henry was confident I was prepared to handle any emergency and pleased that you were doing well on reduced doses of most of your meds. I gather Helen did another pretty thorough physical check this week." Alex nodded. "She was very pleased with your progress and suggested you begin work on the machines next week. Shawn was amazed at your progress and felt your dad's visit was worth several weeks' therapy. He also wondered what had happened with Cândido since, as he said, you were weeks ahead of where you had been after the two of you spent time together. In a nutshell, all three thought the trip was a good idea, but did emphasize that you needed to watch getting too tired, but also you should get a decent amount of exercise."

"So it's ok!"

"Yeah, cheeky Barefoot Boy." Alex grabbed Josh and planted a very 'not for public display' kiss on his mouth.

As soon as they broke the kiss, Josh said, "I really need to call the Denver airport and see about an additional seat on the flight to Atlanta." He was in the middle of the call when they reached the restaurant and remained outside while Mavis and Gertrude went inside. It was still a few minutes to seven. Alex was hanging on Josh as if he was afraid he might escape. "First class?… Then upgrade the two I have in business to first and add a third… Alexander Bledsoe… Fine, put Alex beside me and Mr. Rogers across the aisle. Thank you." Josh closed the phone said, "Babe, we need to tell Nelson to check the gate for the flight to Atlanta and go to it and wait for us. He doesn't need to fight security twice in one day."

"You two clean up real nice," Mr. Bledsoe said when Alex and Josh joined them. "Gertrude just told me the news. And your doctors approve?" he asked Alex.

"Josh talked with them."

"They not only approved, they thought it was a good idea. Probably wouldn't have had you not been here this week. They thought your visit was worth several weeks' therapy."

"I'm happy to hear that," he said.

After dinner, they had a cordial and coffee, all except Alex who could not drink alcohol while taking his medicine. He had a fruit juice cocktail with his espresso. Mr. Bledsoe looked around and started laughing. "Once the garment comes off, you Mormons go wild! Alcohol and coffee! What is the world coming to!" Josh lifted his glass and grinned.

They all said goodbye at the restaurant since Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe had an early flight. When Josh offered to drive them to Denver, Mr. Bledsoe said that was foolish. "I know you have your own plane and may not have to do it now, but I know you have spent enough time waiting in airports to hate it. Since we have to turn in the car and get through security an hour before our flight, not only would you two have to crawl out very early, but you'd also have an interminable wait before your flight."

On the way to Vic House, Josh asked, "Gertrude, can you have the car picked up? It's paid for through Monday, but I won't need it until we get back."

"Sure, no problem."

When they got back to Vic House, they packed; only a change of clothes and underwear for Alex as he was needing new clothes. What they had bought when they arrived in Boulder were getting pretty tight. Josh suggested shopping in Denver if they had time. Josh packed for a week since he had plenty of clothes. It was just at nine when they finished. Josh called Nelson and asked if he was ready to go.

"Ready to roll!" he replied, obviously excited. "Dad's taking me. He's stopping to pick up Pete and said they'd use the blue lights. I suspect he wants to show Pete how to drive with blue lights as Pete thinks blue lights mean pedal to the floor."

"Any questions?"

"Just how do I get a ticket?"

"It will be waiting at the United counter. You are ticketed through to Atlanta. When you get to Denver, go to the United gate for the flight to Atlanta. We'll meet you there. Walt will meet us in Atlanta. Oh, and you're leaving from Vegas. Can you put Neil on?"

A few minutes Neil said, "Sheriff Rogers."

Josh burst out laughing and said, "Neil, do you wear your badge to bed? Josh here."

"Josh, I fell asleep watching some dumb TV show and was half awake. What's going on?"

"Why didn't you remind me the Vegas airport is an hour closer than Salt Lake."

"Guess I thought you had your reasons. When does this renegade need to be there?"

"He's going to have to get an early start. His flight leaves at nine thirty, so he needs to be there at eight thirty."

"That means we leave here at five. You hear that Nelson? We leave at five," Josh heard Neil say.

"We'll take good care of the boy," Josh said. "I'm sure he will have a good time."

"I'm sure he will," Neil said.

"Oh, we have twelve Mustangs and a stallion arriving sometime near the beginning of the week, so he can demonstrate how well he rides. Walt, my pilot, has just become guardian of a sixteen-year-old grandson, thanks to his dad being a drug dealer. He's there already. Maybe Nelson can teach him to ride."

"If he can be taught, he can. You've got one the best teachers I have ever known and I mean that."

"Good. When does he have to be back, really?"

"Honestly, when he's ready or when you get tired of him. Do insist he calls occasionally."

"Will do and in that case, have him pack all he needs for at least a month. Well, I guess we all need to hit the sack. Take care, Sheriff."

"You too, New Beginnings Hero."

When he closed the phone, Josh said, "Damn, I think I am taking an early senility. We need the car in the morning and I can turn it in in Denver. Be right back." He dashed down the stairs and told Gertrude he would turn the car in at the airport. She laughed and said she thought they had all turned off their thinking.

Since their flight didn't leave until one thirty, they wouldn't have to leave until ten thirty. That would give them plenty of time to turn in the car, go through security and have a small cushion in case something turned up, but Josh decided to leave at eight thirty. They could get some shopping for Alex done and get cell phones for him and Nelson.

By noon they had outfitted Alex with half a dozen pairs of jeans, three pair of chinos, a pair of nice slacks and an assortment of shirts, and gotten the phones. They went to a good restaurant for lunch, then to the airport and turned in the car by twelve fifteen. "I hope Nelson had money for lunch," Josh said.

"Surely he did."

"That reminds me, I need to get some cash for both of you."

"Josh, I feel like I'm sponging off you."

"Babe, that's something we're going to have to talk about more. As I told you, I have more money than I know what to do with. I know you don't like to take money from me, but frankly, there's hardly any choice. When you are able, we'll have a serious talk about what you can do in return. Ok?"

"Ok." Alex smiled.

Nelson was waiting for them and had eaten. Josh hit the ATM and gave each of them four hundred dollars, the max each of his two ATM cards would allow. He appreciated the fact that he had two accounts, one with a San Francisco bank and another with an Asheville one. He also gave Nelson the cell phone and, like Alex, he had to be shown how to use it. Cell phones were pretty much useless in Copper County unless you were on I-15.

They boarded the plane and took off on time. Nelson was asleep half an hour into the flight and slept two hours. They landed in Atlanta and got a cab to take them to the aviation service where Walt met them. "Josh, I ran into some nasty weather without warning flying down. Nothing I couldn't handle, but we are going to start pilot training at Sentinel Mountain next week."

"I'm going to take it," Cam said, climbing out of the plane.

"Cam, Nelson, Nelson, Cam," Josh said. "That's great," Josh said, "you ditch class and it's no go, and I mean school as well as pilot training. I will not have irresponsible people handling one of my planes and people who ditch school are irresponsible."

"School's boring."

"Did you ever think that it might be you who's boring? Have you two eaten?"

"No, we haven't and I'm starved," Cam said.

"Then let's eat." Josh asked the receptionist if there was a good restaurant nearby and she recommended one just outside the fence of the airport. "Anyone around here to drive us over or do we need to call a cab?" She called someone out of the back who took them to a hotel restaurant where they watched the planes land and take off as they ate. The two soon-to-be-men were fascinated. After they finished the meal, they took a shuttle to the airport and gave the driver twenty to drop them off at the plane; it was nine before they took off. This time Walt didn't have to worry about a co-pilot. He was one.


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