Mountain Magic by Sequoyah




Mountain Magic is the second novel length work I have undertaken. The first, A Special Place, came about when a young man, a former student, suggested that I write a story incorporating the values, philosophies, thoughts he and I had discussed when he revealed he was gay. What I intended as a short story, like Topsy, grew and ended up longer than War and Peace before splitting into two parallel sequels.


The reception of A Special Place was a large surprise. Far from being a story only appreciated by gay high students, it was read by all ages and readers included a surprising number of women and straight men. I was especially pleased when readers wrote that the story had helped them through a rough patch, got them thinking about commitment, made them re-think what being in love meant, in short, it impacted lives which it was intended to do.


While A Special Place was over and done with-contrary to many requests, I am convinced it is finished-other characters started bugging me to tell their story. One evening, I just started writing about a young man, Douglas, who had lost all of his family and suddenly became a city boy living on a farm in the mountains of western North Carolina. Mountain Magic was born.


As the story developed, all kinds of love played a part. That is important to me because one of my rock bottom beliefs is that love, wasteful love, love which learns not to count the cost, is what human life is about. Sex, as an expression of commitment and love, gay or straight, is what sex is about so far as I am concerned.


So Mountain Magic continues to grow and develop and as it has, it

 has suggested there might be other characters with stories to tell.

We shall see.