MOON WATCHING is unlike other stories I have written in a couple of ways. First of all, it is perhaps darker than most things I have written. That is reflected immediately in the opening of the story. Second, the time sequence is not at all straight forward. The story moves in a kind of stream of conscious mode i.e., while any section may start in the near present, it may remain there or go anywhere in the past. Further, the story may take a new tack in the middle of the telling of an event or episode.
Additionally, in literary terms, it is a framed story, i.e., it begins at a point, travels around a long and circuitous route before returning to that point. However, unlike a pure framed story, the frame, i.e., the opening point and closing point are not outside the story itself. Further, unlike most framed stories, having finally returned to the beginning point, the story does not end. Rather MOON WATCHING moves ahead in a straight chronological line.
Not sure about a particular timeline? I am not surprised. I was confused many times and may well have not gotten the timeline absolutely correct. Of course, any confusion in the timeline is to be blamed on Tom's memory, not my writing!
I hope you like Tom and Keith. I do.