Stories by Ryan Miller


Bonding Energy

Opportunity Cost

Point Of No Return (Serial)


Solitary Night

I write for fun and catharsis. I am not out to my friends or family, except my parents (who hate the idea) and a few select confidants (who have been very supportive), so having a place like AD to air out my emotions has been really great.
I used to make up terribly creative stories when I was a kid, but my storytelling took a hiatus in middle and high school as I went through various existential traumas. I picked it up again in college and took lots of journalism and creative writing classes. I stopped going to college because I couldn't stand organized education any more, but continue to use what my professors taught me as I grow as a writer.
My favorite writers, thus far, are Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, CS Lewis and EleCivil.

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