Nicholas Nurse

While he wishes he could write full-time, storytelling is just a side hobby for Nicholas Nurse. A full-time student at a rather well-known and large Southern California university, he devotes the bulk of his time to the study of political science, the English language, work, and trying to convince people to vote George W. Bush out of office.
He is interested in literature and writing in a diverse array of genres and styles, and his forthcoming projects will reflect that emphasis on creativity and the pushing of boundaries. Tristan's Redemption is not Nicholas's first novel, but it is his only one in the gay contemporary literature genre.  Nicholas occasionally dabbles in poetry, although he makes no pretense at being any good at it.
After he graduates from said large Southern California university, Nicholas intends on going to another university to get his law degree and then either pursue writing, politics or international or constitutional law. He also enjoys readers' comments, so please feel free to email him or check out his livejournal, which is sporadically updated with story information and other ramblings.