Westcott Family Farm

Copyright© 2021 – Nicholas Hall

Chapter Four

“Nobody who has not been in the interior of a family can say what the difficulties of any individual of that family may be.”

 (Jane Austin)


I stood, open-mouthed in amazement, gob-smacked, felt Andy’s arm wrap around me lending me his support and love, as I watched my twin sister, Janet Westcott, followed by the young boy who emerged from the driver’s side door, walk slowly and hesitantly to the porch. She paused, as if to catch her breath or seek courage from an inner source, before ascending the steps and standing in front of me.  The young man accompanying her was clearly her son and was  shorter than me,  about Andy’s size, but weighing less, with dark hair and blue eyes; eyes that looked at me, then Andy suspiciously, as if expecting us to say something to him or his mother he found either threatening or unfriendly! The boy stepped closer to his mother, assuming an almost defensive mode, one hand thrust in his pocket and the other touching her.

“Jacob,” Janet said, greeting me with a smile, “it’s been a long time!”

God; I couldn’t believe it, but nodded, acknowledging the fact, and smiled back answering warmly, my voice choked with emotion, “Too long; welcome home, sister,” and reached forward to hug her.

The boy began stepping between us, inserting himself between his mother and me, but stepped back when Janet said, “It’s okay, Robbie, he’s my brother!” She paused a moment then added, “Wave to your brothers to come up here as well.”

I hugged the frail body of my sister, realizing as I did, she was seriously ill!  I hoped she’d allow Andy to check her out and see what the problem was. As much as I wanted to hope it wasn’t a life-threatening illness, in my heart I knew it was.


Robbie watched as his mother and uncle stood in their embrace, finally turning his attention to the van and following his mother’s instruction, waved his hand and shouted, “Come on up!”

The van doors opened and five dark-haired, lightly tanned, delightfully attractive smaller versions of their older brother emerged and slowly made their way to the porch.  As they approached, reluctantly I released my sister from our embrace and watched as the brothers, began to ascend the steps.  As each came up, the next was a slightly smaller version, until the last one stood, hands behind his back, alongside his mother with the rest.

Janet reached out, touching each boy as she introduced them to me; touching Robbie, she said, “Robert, age thirteen, and we call him Robbie, and he’s my driver.”

David, known as Davey, age twelve was followed by Scott, age ten and called Scotty. Janet paused as she came to the next boy, the most attractive of the six and said, as she introduced him,

“Jacob Matthew, age nine and we call him ‘Mattie.’ He’s named after you, Jake, because I thought he looked so much like you. He’s quite bashful, shy, so to speak, and rarely, if ever speaks.  He’s our special boy and brother, aren’t you, Mattie?”

Mattie just grinned and dipped his head in apparent embarrassment.

The two youngest waited their turn to be introduced; Edward, age eight, answered to “Eddie,” and James, age seven, answered to “Jamie.”

“I named them after Dad and all of our grandparents,” Janet informed Jacob. “I didn’t have any girls so Mom and the grandmothers lucked out. Boys,” she said pointing at me, “meet your Uncle Jacob or ‘Jake’ as I called him and…..” hesitating as she looked at Andy.

“Andy Jamison-Westcott,” I interjected quickly and proudly, “my spouse. We were married a little over two years ago. He’s your Uncle Andy by marriage, boys!”

Not a word was said by the six of them; they didn’t show any reaction one way or the other, just continued to stare at Andy and me; the younger ones huddled closer to Robbie, as if seeking his protection; Scotty and Davey standing behind them acting as a back-up, so to speak. Mattie, however, stood just to the side of Robbie, a sort of puzzling scowl on his face, apparently evaluating the situation and the two men in front of him who’d announced they were now his uncles, one by marriage. He showed no visible signs of fear, only curiosity and thoughtfulness.

“Weird,” I thought, observing their behavior. “I’ll bet they’ve been through some hard times!”

Janet looked around, commenting, “The Farm’s changed quite a bit. Still doing strawberries and sweet corn?”

Nodding and about to add the other changes I’d made, when she looked past me into the house.

“Where’s Mom and Dad?” her eyes sweeping the farm yard and then back to the house and me.

I knew she was bound to ask, dreading it,  so I inhaled a deep breath, realizing she had no idea, exhaled, and answered quietly and sadly, “Dad died in a car accident about six years ago and cancer took Mom a little over four years ago.”

I noticed the slight slump in her shoulders and a quick look of loss cross her face when she heard the news. I shifted my gaze to the boys and all six looked at her with either a sense of panic or disappointment, I just couldn’t quite decide.

“Oh!” was all she said in acknowledgement of our parent’s death.

“I tried locating you,” I explained apologetically, “after each one passed away but no matter where I looked or how hard I tried, I found no trace of you. I’m so sorry, Janet!”

“That’s okay,” she sighed with resignation, “it’s just I was hoping…,” and stopped in mid-sentence.

“Do you need a place to stay for a while?” I asked quickly picking up on her disappointment, “after all, you did come home and I really want the chance to visit with you and get to know my nephews.  Besides, they look like they’re hungry and tired and would like something to eat and a warm bed to sleep in,” and a good bath, I thought.

She nodded and tears formed in her eyes and slowly trickled down her cheeks. “That would be nice! I told the boys on the way here maybe Grandma and Grandpa Walcott would let us stay for a while…”

“Janet,” I interrupted taking her by the hand, “you and the boys can stay as long as you like,” and led her into the living room. Turning to Andy, I said, “Ask Mrs. Williams if she can stay a little longer this evening and help us with supper.”

“Boys, get your bags out of the van,” Janet instructed, “and Robbie, bring in the laundry bag too.  We need to wash some clothes.”

The boys scrambled through the door and down the steps on the porch as Andy made a quick dash up the stairs in order to locate our cleaning lady.  She only came in once a week, since there were just the two of us, and usually was done by five in the afternoon.  Andy hoped she didn’t have to be somewhere else this evening, since we could use some help fixing supper.  By the looks of his sister-in-law,  figured she was really, really ill and would be of little help. Before the boys returned from the van, he bounded back down the stairs and gave me the “thumbs up” sign that supper would be taken care of.

The boys reassembled in the living room and actually had the opportunity to look the place over.  The living room, as well as the rest of the house, was nicely furnished, but with a slight male flair.  By the looks on their faces, however, this was much nicer accommodations than they were accustomed to.

Noticing the boys looking around, Janet commented apologetically, “We’ve been living a little rough the past couple of months.”

I looked at Andy and Andy returned the look knowingly. The boys’ clothes were soiled and the boys themselves were in need of a bath.  I didn’t think it’d hurt my sister either.

“Janet,” I offered, “why don’t you take the guest room just off of the living room. The door is just behind me.  It has a private bathroom with a shower and a separate tub.  It might be easier for you to use it rather than use one of the spare rooms upstairs.  Besides, I think the boys will be using those rooms.”

She just nodded her approval. I looked at my nephews saying, “Boys, I’ll bet you all would like a nice hot shower or bath, get your heads shampooed, and into some clean clothes before supper, so follow me,” and headed for the stairs.

“What if we don’t want to?” Robbie growled from behind me.

I turned, fixed my eyes on my defiant nephew, thinking it might be sufficient to move the lad, but Robbie just stared back.  His brothers gathered around him, again!

Andy stepped up and said quietly, “Robbie, I don’t think Uncle Jacob made that as a choice; he wants you to take a bath or shower before you have supper,” and reached over toward the nearest boy, who just happened to be Mattie, and lightly clasped his arm intending to guide up toward the stairs and perhaps start a parade of boys in that direction.

“Take your fucking hands off of my brother!” threatened Robbie, as he, Davey, and Scotty stepped menacingly toward Andy.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I said, take your fucking hands off of my brother you little cock-sucking faggot!” and whipped out folding knife with about a six inch blade exposed.  Janet stood to the side, offering no reprimand or comment of any kind during the confrontation.

I was about to intervene and caution Robbie it wasn’t wise to threaten anyone with a knife who excelled in the martial arts, but before I could, Robbie was on the floor, flat on his back, arm twisted so the knife now pointed about two inches from his face, and Andy in full control!

Robbie started to resist, struggling against the tight hold on his arm, but Andy cautioned, “Stay still or you’ll get hurt even more! Now, Robbie, you may call me Mr. Jamison-Westcott or Andy or Uncle Andy, but you’ll not refer to me or anyone else in our household as a “little cock-sucking faggot.”  I’m a gay man who is married to your Uncle Jacob, also gay, and you will respect that as we will respect you! Agreed?”

Robbie only glared, his face and blue eyes steeled in defiance!      

“Perhaps, Robbie, if I just carve up your pretty face with your toy, it’ll help you respond,” and pushed the knife closer to his face, while twisting his arm just a little more.

The little boys began crying, “He’s going to kill him; stop him Uncle Jacob;” while Scotty and Davey, thinking retreat was the better part of valor, stepped back from the confrontation. I, looked toward the crying boys and noticed Mattie standing very still, tear filled eyes trying to take in the scene, his lower lip quivering.

“Mattie,” I said softly and held open my arms.

Mattie almost leaped into them and accepted the protective embrace.  Eddie and Jamie quickly scurried over to join him and clasped their arms around my waist as well.

“Not to worry,” I crooned calmly, pulling Mattie’s head close to my chest, and, freeing my hands briefly, touching the other boy’s heads as well, trying to reassure them. “Uncle Andy’s not going to hurt Robbie, but Robbie needs to learn to respect people as well.”

Andy increased the pressure on Robbie’s arm, inching the knife blade ever closer until Robbie sobbed loudly, “Yes, I agree!” and Andy released him.  They both stood and before Robbie could move away, Andy grabbed him again, but this time pulled him into a firm, loving embrace.

“Uncle Jacob and I want to love you and your brothers ever so much, Robbie, but we do have to respect each other don’t we?”

Robbie didn’t resist the hug, in fact, sort of melted into it, and nodded.  With that Andy released him, folded the knife blade back into the handle, and handed it back to Robbie. Robbie accepted it with a bewildered expression on his face.

Andy shrugged and said, “It’s your knife, not mine,” took Robbie by the hand, waved at Scotty and Davey, and led them upstairs.  I followed with Mattie, Eddie, and Jamie following like little ducks on the way to the pond.

Although there was a separate bathroom with shower and tub at the end of the hall on the second floor, Andy led them into the good-sized master bedroom with its large bathroom. The master bath contained a two man shower and a separate big bathtub equipped with water jets to “ease the muscles” I said when we had it installed.  Andy had responded it only made him hornier, if that was at all possible!

“This is Uncle Jacob’s and our bedroom and bathroom,” Andy explained. “You’re welcome to use it if the other one at the end of the hall is busy, but today we’re all going to use it.  I need a shower, Uncle Jacob needs a bath because he smells like pig shit, and you boys smell worse than a troop of scouts with heavy skid marks in their shorts after a week’s campout.”

His remarks seemed to break the tension and the boys began to giggle.

“Okay, nephews,” I said, “time to get naked,” Pulling off my shirt, removing my shoes and socks, and finally dropped my britches and boxer shorts. When my flaccid uncircumcised cock popped out and my large balls swayed back and forth, all six boys stared open-mouthed at the sight! My stature only seemed to exaggerate the actual size of my manhood and the boys took notice of it!

Andy, shucking off his clothes, shrugged again, commenting, “Big isn’t he?” and looked down at his smaller dick. Of course, the boy’s attention was immediately drawn to Andy; he was also uncircumcised but flaccid, smaller than Jacob, but had a very nice, extremely well developed piece of man hood tucked into his crotch. Robbie stared at it, licked his lips, and started to pull down his pants.

His brothers followed and each, except for Mattie, stripped to the buff.  Andy and I, watching our nephews disrobe, caught notice of the unwashed, and almost thread bare clothing the boys wore.  Their t-shirts were dirty beyond cleaning, their jeans almost stiff in places from soil, and their underwear needed to be tossed rather than washed.  Eddie and Jamie wore clothing that was clearly hand-me-downs from their older brothers and it was in equally if not worse shape.

Mattie just stood, his eyes seeking mine, silently asking me to do it for him, while his voice said nothing.  I noticed, smiled at the silent, but beautiful boy, and lovingly began to undress him, talking to him, telling him how happy Uncle Andy and I were to have him and his brothers come to live with us. Once Mattie and everyone was naked, we looked at the giggling boys and did a quick, visual physical assessment of them.

The boys were all desperate need of bathing and having their heads shampooed.  There were some red and chaffed places on their bodies from the lack of cleanliness and they each had a distinct unwashed odor about them.  They were all uncircumcised, and if their black hair, blue eyes and lightly tanned complexions had not identified them as Westcott’ their cocks most certainly did!

If the average thirteen year old’s penis was four and a half inches long, flaccid, Robbie was easily five to six with a sparse bush and nice full balls; Davey hung four to five inches with developing hair and gonads; Scottie, three to four inches and balls that hung just as nicely as his older brothers; all clearly well into pubescence and very capable of producing cum.  Eddie and Jamie’s penis’s appeared to be around three or more inches in length and their balls were tucked up tight in their crotch, but Mattie, that was a completely different story!

At nine years old, Mattie didn’t exhibit any signs of puberty yet; hairless legs, face, crotch and balls, with a flaccid uncircumcised cock, with a long foreskin, of perhaps four inches plus and balls the size of small grape tomatoes, dangling freely in a smooth, loose sack. Of all of his brothers, I estimated once Mattie started to mature, his cock and balls would increase in size and length until he easily would have the largest cock and balls. In fact, if I was willing to bet, by the time Mattie was eleven or twelve years old he’d have a man-sized cock and be the envy of every man and boy in the area. Mattie was going to be the real stallion in the family!

Turning my attention from the boys, I turned on the faucets of the tub and began filling it with water. While it filled, I took eight big Turkish bath towels and wash cloths from the linen closet in the bathroom, picked up two containers of body-wash and two of shampoo.  I gave half to Andy and took the others with me to where Mattie, Eddie, and Jamie who stood watching the tub fill.

Andy lay the towels on the toilet seat, reached into the shower, turned on both shower heads, and instructed Robbie, Scotty, and Davey to join him.  I told Eddie and Jamie to climb into the tub, handed Mattie a towel, kissed him on the forehead, and asked him to sit on the floor and wait while I cleaned his brothers. I climbed into the tub, sat the boys down next to me, dampened their hair, pulled Jamie to my lap and began a soothing, cleansing, massaging shampoo of his shoulder-length, but unclean hair and his scalp, noting all of the boys could use a haircut or at least a trim, as well.  Although I didn’t find the long hair unattractive the boys sprouted. I could overhear Andy and his charges laughing and talking. Robbie evidently asked Andy to shampoo his hair for him and when asked how long it had been since they had a bath, heard Robbie respond, “Oh, about two weeks.  We’ve been living in the van since we left Louisiana!”

The two little boys were enjoying the luxury of the warm bath, swirling the water around while I carefully scrubbed their bodies.  When it came time to wash their butts and crotches, they stood and allowed me to do it. They giggled when the soapy cloths cleaned out their butt cracks and began to bone up when I washed their immature penises.  As I skinned the foreskin back on each boy and cleaned their boyhood sprouts, I explained how important it was to keep their cocks clean. When I was done, I climbed out of the tub, lifted the boys out, drained the water, and dried them. Wrapping each one in a towel, I re-filled the tub with clean water so I could give Mattie his bath.

Mattie waited patiently, smiling, his blue eyes dancing with joy at the prospects of taking a bath with his Uncle Jacob. When the tub filled with hot water, he stepped into the tub and motioned for me to join him.  We both sat in the hot water, Mattie scooted so he sat between my legs, his back resting up against my stomach and balls, and let me wash his hair.  As I massaged the shampoo into his hair, Mattie leaned back, resting his body against mine and fairly cooed his happiness, almost purring like a contented kitten with its tummy full of warm milk. I was so fearful Mattie would fall asleep under my ministration, he was so relaxed, but it didn’t happen.

While bathing Mattie, I looked over at the little boys; Robbie, naked,  was seated on the floor on a towel and Jamie was seated on his lap, back to Robbie’s chest, and Robbie was slowly, carefully, lovingly, brushing his younger brother’s hair, telling him how beautiful he looked and how his hair was so nice.  Once done, Eddie scooted over for his turn and received the same loving treatment. I thought it started to explain why Robbie was so defensive earlier; he was the one who seemed to be in charge of his brother’s daily care.

I washed Mattie as carefully as I did the other two; spending time carefully shampooing his hair, washing his body from top to bottom, and, having Mattie stand, cleaned his butt crack,  and gently washed his balls and cock. I didn’t have to skin back Mattie’s foreskin very much since the boy was erect and twitching. His boyhood pronged out and up a good six inches and as thick as a hotdog.  I rinsed Mattie and was about to ask him to step out of the tub, when Mattie, his disarming smile adorning his face, picked up the shampoo bottle, filled the rinse cup with water, doused my head, applied shampoo and began a gentle, careful, washing of my hair.  His long, almost delicate fingers massaged the shampoo into my hair and scalp, while he began humming a tune I thought sounded vaguely familiar from some classical composer I’d once heard.

“Strange,” I thought, “Mattie doesn’t talk but hums classical music.” My nephew was becoming more and more of an enigma the longer I observed his behavior.

My hair rinsed, I stood, took Mattie’s hand, climbed out of the tub, and dried the boy carefully. I couldn’t help but notice Mattie still had a full wood, still pointing up and out, Mattie’s foreskin was still back just far enough to expose about two-thirds of the head, leaving plenty for sliding action when jacking-off, yet allowing it to slip clear back when in a vigorous fuck!  When Mattie looked down at me and smiled, I made no effort to conceal my own stiffness, but smiled back. A gentle swat on the butt sent Mattie to Robbie to get his hair brushed.

Robbie finished with Mattie and everyone, all buck-naked, followed Andy and me into the bedroom looking for clothes to fit.

I surveyed the pile of dirty clothes, declared the need to do laundry, but there was a need to find something to cover the boys for supper.

“I don’t think Mrs. Williams, our cleaning lady, would appreciate having supper with a bunch of naked boys with their peckers pointing out, although, I must admit, Uncle Andy and I might enjoy the sight!”

With that said, Andy and I began rummaging through our dresser searching for shorts and tee-shirts that might fit the boys.  Robbie presented no problem since he could wear his Uncle Andy’s regular clothes since they were almost the same size, although Robbie weighed less and just a bit shorter, but Davey and Scotty presented a different problem.  They were able to fit into some shorts of mine which had grown too small for me. Granted, the shorts were still a little large and a gentle pull would drop them around their ankles, but the shorts would have to do.

Eddie, Jamie, and Mattie sorted through Uncle Andy’s shorts seeking those too small for him but, if they didn’t wiggle their asses too much would stay around their waists. While the boys slipped into their shorts and tee-shirts, we emptied their travel bags, sorted out clothes needing laundering, tossed them along with the others into a laundry basket, and led our nephews down the stairs to the dining room.



Chapter Five

“Whatever is not forbidden is permitted”

(Johann Friedrich Von Schiller)


It was well after seven-thirty before a supper of spaghetti and meatballs, washed down with over a gallon of milk, and fresh strawberries over vanilla ice cream was finished.  The boys were full, their mother, freshly bathed and fed, looking much better and relaxed than when she arrived home earlier, slid back their chairs, and  thanked Mrs. Williams. Without being asked, Robbie took charge of clearing the table, each of his brothers picking up their plates, glasses, and dinnerware and taking them to the kitchen, where once they located it, put them in the dishwasher. The serving dishes and cooking utensils joined the rest in the dishwasher.

Tasks completed, the boys returned to the dining room, where Andy announced he would get his medical bag and treat the sores and chafed spots on the boys before they went to bed.

“Are you a doctor?” Janet asked.

“No, a Physician’s Assistant,” Andy responded. “I work the Emergency Room department at the Regional Medical Center.”

Before she could say more, he quickly added, “After I’ve checked out the boys and treated them, could I give you a quick check as well?”

Janet didn’t respond, so Andy hustled the boys upstairs to the spare bedrooms while I started the laundry, emptying the basket and the laundry bag, Robbie brought in from the van, and put the first load in the washing machine. Looking over the clothes I sorted out into piles, it was clear to me it would take several loads and the boys were in definite need of new clothes, a situation I intended to correct in the morning.

Shortly after nine, Andy reappeared, announcing he was done with the boys, and they were in bed.

“I put Robbie, Davey, and Scotty in one room and Mattie, Eddie, and Jamie in the other.  We’ll have to shop around for more beds, but for now, it’s three to a bed.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Janet responded, “they’re used to sleeping together and really prefer it.”

“Ready for a checkup?” Andy asked Janet.

She shook her head no, saying sadly, “I know what the situation is and I think you have a good idea as well.”

Janet went on to explain at first she thought she’d contracted AIDs through all of the unprotected sex she’d had over the years, but the doctors in Louisiana found not AIDs but a rapidly spreading and terminal cancer with a prognosis of approximately three to four months before she would succumb to the disease.

“That was a little over a month ago,” Janet said, “so I started for home, hoping when I died, Mom and Dad would be kind enough to raise the boys for me, but that option is out now!”

I was quite saddened by the news, remembering how their mother suffered from the disease,  stepped over to where she was seated on the couch, wrapped her in my arms telling her, “Janet, you know very well Andy and I will take the boys and raise them as our own, so don’t you worry about that!”

With that simple statement, we both began to cry, not only for the loss of each other, but for the comfort knowing the boys would be well taken care of.

As we calmed down a bit, Janet asked me if J.W. McClain was still the family attorney.

“No, but his son, Jimmy is.”

“Wasn’t he a friend of yours- a very special friend?”

I nodded; while in high school, Jimmy and I were fuck-buddies and enjoyed pronging and blowing each other on a regular basis.  It never developed into real love, only a way to get our rocks off and after high school, each of us went our separate ways, although I did continue to employ the law firm for legal business.

“I need to talk to him and have some paper work drawn up if you and Andy are going to take the boys,” Janet said quietly. “I’d like to have guardianship signed over to you and adoption papers drawn up- as soon as possible.”

“I’m going to take the boys to town in the morning, after I get the day started here, to shop for clothes, so I could check with his office then,” I replied.

“And I’m going to insist you go with me to the clinic in the morning so they can check you over,” Andy insisted.

Janet leaned back into the couch, relief flooding her face, and said, “I need a drink!”

“So do I,” I chimed.

“Make it three,” echoed Andy.

Three brandy old-fashioned were soon in our hands! After a few minutes of silently enjoying our drinks, I asked, “What happened, Janet, to make you leave home so suddenly?”

“Apparently,” Janet began, “you and I inherited the Westcott gene for an insatiable itch that can only be satisfied by the intimate physical contact and sexual act of another person; in my case, the male of the species and in your case, the same!”

Janet began realizing her desires to engage in sex with boys about the time she turned twelve.  It was a high school boy, employed as summer help on the farm, who took her virginity one day after work down on the swimming beach.  She’d been wiggling her butt at him for several weeks and that particular late afternoon, after inviting him to lay with her on her beach towel, slipping her hands down his swim shorts, and encouraging him to twiddle with her twat with his fingers, finally secured him between her legs and rode his hard cock like a bronc rider in the rodeo. The feel of his in and out motions, rubbing the inside of her cunt, and the fantastic feeling of his cum shooting into her as she came, convinced her what happened was one of the most enjoyable experiences of her young life and made up her mind to take every opportunity to continue to enjoy it.

One boy led to another and another and she loved every minute and orgasmic eruption from their coitus.

“Wanton sex? Of course,” she explained as she laughed, the brandy beginning to work a bit on her inhibitions.  “Raw and often, just like I loved it! Daddy caught me several times; lectured me, threatened me, but I just didn’t want to stop!”

How she never picked up an STD or became pregnant during those years was more luck than sense.  It wasn’t until the summer before her senior year of high school, August in fact, at the end of the sweet corn season, when she treated three college boys who worked at the farm, to an all-night fuck-fest! Some time, during the multiple couplings, the little wigglers of one of the boys found its way up the chute and took root. It would’ve been difficult to say which boy exactly because, college boys being the lusty, sperm-filled, horny boys they are, each one filled her to capacity more than once with their baby maker juice.

Shortly after Christmas, it became evident to her parents she was pregnant!

“Dad and I had a real knock-down, drag-out battle,” she admitted with regrets. “One word led to another and finally in a fit of anger, I told him to stuff it, and walked out.  I never even said goodbye to you, Jacob- just packed some things in a bag and high-tailed it!”

The only prospects she had for employment was the valuable, itchy patch of fur nestled in her crotch, guarding the magic highway for boys and men. She worked her way south, fucking and collecting nice fees for it. Janet was amazed at how many men preferred having sex with a pregnant woman and paid highly for the opportunity.

Robbie was born in Iowa and she continued south from there, baby on her hip, and usually a man each evening embedded between her legs. Davey was born in Arkansas; Scotty in Mississippi; Mattie, Eddie, and Jamie in Louisiana.  When she wasn’t flat-backing, she picked up work as a waitress, where she not only picked up tips but customers for her real business as well.

“Didn’t you use any birth control methods such as the pill or condoms?” I inquired.

“Oh, I used the pill off and on, but then I’d forget and bingo, I’d be pregnant again.  I didn’t use condoms because I really like the feel of skin on skin.”

“Sounds like your brother,” mused Andy.

“Well, after I had Jamie,” she added, “the doctor in the hospital tied my tubes, so that ended that.”

Opportunities to practice her most enjoyable occupation came fewer and fewer as she grew older and, as she was to find out, eventually sicker and sicker. It was when she found out she was terminally ill, she decided to head north and find a place for her sons.

Janet was starting on her third brandy and her choice of descriptive words became more and more basal, reverting to street speech, and words not generally used in polite company.

“The boys all inherited the Westcott genes,” she advised us, “including the size of their cocks – all except Mattie!  If you look at him and compare his pecker to his brother, you’ll see what I mean.”

“Tell us about Mattie,” I asked, “he’s so quiet and an extremely good looking young man?”

“Mattie is the product of a session I had in Louisiana one night when five high school boys paid me five hundred dollars to introduce another boy to sex with woman. Damned good looking stud; stripped naked, well-fit, a happy grin on his face, and the biggest damned cock hanging between his legs I’d ever seen and it was soft.  His balls hung low, were pretty good sized and, as I found out, well loaded!  The boys called him ‘Simon,’ after ‘Simple Simon’ in the nursery rhyme.  He never said a word while two of his buddies slicked him up with some lube and made him as stiff as a two-by four.  I laid on my back, opened my legs and welcomed him in. His buddies pushed him forward, put the head of his dick at the right spot and told him to push.  He just grinned so I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer hoping it’d help. The head of his pecker did start in, but he stopped. I heard another boy say Simon just needs some help and by the gods, stepped up behind him and shoved his dick up Simon’s ass. Simon’s eyes bulged out and with a grunt, he shoved forward, burying himself balls deep in me.  Never, never have I had such pain and fear my guts were going to come unglued!  With the other boy fucking him, it didn’t take long for both of them to get off. When Simon came, I thought he’d never quit.  He’d swell, twitch, and shoot!  How many times I don’t know; what I do know, I was leaking all over the mattress before he ever pulled out. The final result of our little ride on the magic carpet is Mattie; cute, adorable, and lovable Mattie.”

“Mattie doesn’t talk much,” I observed, encouraging her, hoping to learn more about my quiet nephew.

“He used to, before he started school, but it was hard to understand him. Robbie could, but after he started school, Mattie just quit talking entirely. The teachers said he was ‘mentally challenged’ and put him in special education classes.”

With that last comment, Janet yawned, stood, and said, “Jacob, Andy; I’m going to bed.” She stopped half-way to the bedroom door, turned and said, “If you don’t know it already, Jacob, a couple of your nephews are just like you – gay as a day and love to fuck and suck – each other!”

Shortly after she went to bed, we put the last of the clothes in the dryer and went upstairs themselves.

Andy and I lay on the bed quietly discussing or day and conversation with Janet. Andy, pondering all that had occurred during the day and finally his precursory medical examination of the boys, said quietly, “She’s right you know!”

“About what in particular?”

“When I treated the boy’s sores and chaffed spots on their bodies, they all appeared to be relatively healthy, considering the circumstances, except for being sadly undernourished.  We can solve that issue over the next several months with diet, exercise, and sun shine.”

I nodded, letting Andy express the very same thoughts he’d had. “Funny,” I said, “we never really discussed taking custody of the boys, yet we both know we’re going to and want to!”

“I also did a quick,” Andy continued, “a very quick, examination of their genitals and anal regions.  I think they’re all going to develop similar to their Uncle Jacob; all except Mattie who will be the envy of every boy in the shower room.  Each and every one of the older boys has experienced anal intercourse and a couple on a regular basis.”

“How can you tell?”

Andy went on to explain the visual signs, such as some scar tissue around the anal ring and when palpated, the anal muscles were quicker to relax and allow probing indicating the boy and the muscle around the opening was used to something going in as well as coming out.

“Remember,” Andy said matter-of-factly, “those anal muscles are used to holding something in and not letting something on the outside come in.  Remember how I had to learn to relax and accept you the first few times?  Now, it just comes naturally! The boy’s assholes, to put it bluntly, are quite accustomed to accepting another guy’s cock and I’d bet that cock belongs to a brother, as Janet said. So, I gave Robbie a tube of ointment to ease the pain, if any, of anal penetration and a tube of water-based lubricant to slick up the penis and the anus.”

“Oh,” I sighed as I snuggled up against Andy; both of us pretty well boned-up from the sight of our naked nephews prancing around in the bathroom.


Mattie, in bed with his brothers Eddie and Jamie, was awake, thinking of all that happened that day.  Eddie and Jamie did nothing but giggle and whisper how big Uncle Jacob’s cock was. Jamie figured Uncle Andy would be more fun since it was smaller.  After his brothers fell asleep, Mattie continued to think about what might happen to them when his mother died because he knew she would; she’d said so!  He also was sad Robbie had pulled his knife on Uncle Andy; Robbie should’ve known better but he was only protecting him as he had in the past, as well as his brothers.  Mattie heard Uncle Jacob and Uncle Andy come up the stairs and go to their bedroom. He waited a little longer, got up, walked across the hall, and walked into their room.


We were just about ready to begin a nice leisurely tryst, when we noticed a naked, sad looking Mattie standing just inside our bedroom door.  I lifted the covers on my side of the bed and motioned for Mattie to join us.  He walked across the floor with some trepidation, but once close to the bed and saw the smiles on his uncles’ faces, slipped under the covers and stretched himself on top of me. 

Mattie wiggled around until his legs were in between mine, letting his cock and balls rest on the larger adult set his uncle had, put his head on my chest, and began to softly cry! I wrapped my arms around him and held him securely to my chest.

“Couldn’t sleep, Mattie?” I asked

Mattie just waggled his head, ‘no.’

“Pretty frightening isn’t everything; wondering what’s going to happen and all, right?”

Mattie just nodded.

“Well, Mattie, there’s no need to be worried or frightened; Uncle Andy and I are here to help you, okay?”

I paused a moment and added, “Maybe it’d help chase the bad thoughts away if you just lay here with Uncle Andy and me for a while. Would that help?”

Mattie nodded again, sighed contentedly, comfortable with the contact and warmth of my naked body against his; his hard pecker resting up against the length of mine.


Robbie no less aroused, was busy bringing satisfaction to himself and to Scotty, now pinned under him, face down, his hard cock fisted and jerking back and forth, his anal muscles flexing around Robbie’s long fat cock each time he thrust forward and back. When he did, Scotty would push back, bringing Robbie’s cock head in contact with his love-nut on each pass.

Scotty, wore out from the long trip and now momentarily sexually satisfied, soon slumbered peacefully.  Robbie, however, was not as fortunate; he was tired, but troubled.  His mother was dying, she told them so, and she wanted the boys to live at Westcott Farm.  But her father and mother were dead! The only alternative he could see was for them to live with Uncle Jacob, but he was married to Uncle Andy and his mother hadn’t expected that!

Robbie hoped his uncles would take all of them, but he fucked up any chances for that happening, he thought, by pulling a knife on Uncle Andy. Uncle Andy had decked him good and proper, then gave him his knife back. In the shower, Uncle Andy was so gentle and careful when he washed Scotty, Davey, and then him.  He even shampooed his hair when he asked him too. Robbie and his brothers were boned up in the shower and so was Uncle Andy, although his wasn’t as big as Uncle Jacob, but he still had a nice dick!

At bed time, Uncle Andy put salve on their sores, checked out their dicks and balls, and then had them bend over and checked their butts. He didn’t say a word when he slipped a finger up Robbie’s butthole or his brother’s either.  Yet, before Uncle Andy left for his own room, he gave him a tube of lube and some asshole numbing stuff.

Uncle Andy knew they were butt-fucking each other but didn’t say a word! The more he thought about it, the more he realized he had to apologize to Uncle Andy and Uncle Jacob.  Moving quietly so he wouldn’t wake his brothers, Robbie slipped from the bedroom, crossed the hall, and entered his uncle’s bedroom.


“Oh, oh!” Andy sighed with exasperation, “We have more company on the way!”

I looked toward the bedroom door as Robbie entered and walked toward us.

“My body is currently occupied,” I responded quietly to Andy, “he’s all yours!”

There was little need for me to fret, Robbie knew exactly where he wanted to be and it was with Andy!  With no hesitation, he approached the bed, lifted the covers, and slithered his naked body lengthwise on Andy, assuming much the same position as Mattie had on me, only just a little higher so his hardness came in direct contact with Andy’s growing tumescence. Laying his head on Andy’s shoulder, Robbie said, “You’re nice and warm Uncle Andy.”

“And you smell like sex; boy sex!” mused Andy back.

Robbie was very still for a moment before saying apologetically, “I’m really sorry for the way I behaved today.  It’s just something I do when I see someone reach for one of my brothers.”

“You’ve had a problem with that in the past, Robbie?”


“Want to tell me about it?”

Andy felt Robbie’s head nod as he began to tell his Uncle Andy and me why.

“A couple years ago or so, Ma was entertaining a couple of her ‘friends’ and I was watching the boys. The men were drunk and making a lot of noise. I was afraid they’d wake the little boys.  Jamie was three and Eddie four, I think.  One of the men got impatient waiting his turn and poked his head in our room.”

When he saw Robbie, standing there naked, he decided he’d give him a go instead. He was bigger than Robbie and it didn’t take but a minute to take the boy to the floor, roll him over on his stomach, slip on a ‘jimmie,’ and plunge his hard dick into Robbie’s rectum.

“The fucker raped me!” Robbie sobbed, reliving the horror and pain of it all. “I cried, screamed for him to stop, and tried to get away, but it he just stayed put, trying to fuck me. I was flopping around so much he wasn’t able to fuck properly and was getting mad. Davey ran to help, thumped the bastard on the back, and then glommed on to one of the guy’s ears and began gnawing and biting, really doing a number of the fucker’s ear. The guy pulled out of me and rolled off, gave Davey a shove, and lost part of his ear. The rest was just sort of hanging by a skin flap. He grabbed for it and I grabbed for one of my school pencils and stuck in him the ass with it. Jesus, did he scream!  The last we saw of him, he was holding what was left of his bloody ear, grabbing his pants, and stumbling out the door with a yellow school pencil sticking in his butt cheek.”

“What happened then?” Andy asked.

“We moved two days later.”

Changing the subject, Robbie looked over at Mattie, sleeping comfortably on top of me; “Isn’t Mattie the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen in your whole life?” he asked proudly.

“Yes, he is,” answered Andy, “and you’re not so bad looking yourself.”

Andy couldn’t see it, but rather felt Robbie flush with embarrassment, and listened as he murmured, pleadingly, “I hope we can stay with you and Uncle Jacob.”

“Not to worry,” I interrupted, “I think Uncle Andy and I have pretty much decided on that already.  There’s no way we’d let you boys be separated, that is, if your brothers would approve of living with us.”

“Oh, they do,” Robbie responded enthusiastically.

The bedroom was quiet again. Robbie squirmed some more, rubbing and slowly thrusting his hardness up and down against Andy’s naked torso.

“He’s really smart, you know,” Robbie said looking at Mattie.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, but the teachers all think he’s retarded, but they’re wrong!”


“’cause he won’t talk!”

“Won’t or can’t?’


“Why?” Jacob continued cautiously.

“Well, he used to before he went to school.”

“Why did he quit?

“’cause he was embarrassed, I think!”

I was beginning to think this was a game of “twenty questions” and would continue until I finally arrived at the right answer, so decided to try to leap ahead and try to open Robbie up.

“I’ll bet he was embarrassed because his fly was open and his pecker was hanging out!”

“No, you doofus!” Robbie laughed. “It’s because when he talked, he got his words all mixed up and sounded like a machine gun sometimes.  No one could understand him except me and his teachers would hound him to make sense and when he tried, it got worse so he just shut up.  Now he refuses to speak at all, except sometimes to me, then only when no one’s around.”

Robbie looked again at Mattie’s sleeping form.

“He must really like you, Uncle Jake, because he only sleeps like that when he feels safe and comfortable. I’ve never seen him sleep with anyone else like that except me.”

Robbie sighed contentedly, thrust against Andy a couple of more times before saying, “Uncle Andy, you can fuck me if you want!”

To be continued:


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