Chapter Thirteen

We didn't make it home that night. It was more like just after lunch-time the next day, but no one seemed to mind.

After Guy had dropped Ben and Samantha home we ended up sitting in his car out in front of our house for about half an hour, just talking. I wanted so badly to hug him before he left me there, but we both knew that wasn't possible. Well, not in broad daylight anyway.

We settled for discreetly holding hands, until one of the neighbours happened along, after which I reluctantly got out of the car and watched him drive off down the street.

Nothing was said by my parents, nor by any of the other parents, as I would find out later. The only person I did receive a curious stare from was Jason, who I found intensely studying the hickey at the base of my neck as we stood in the kitchen, which I had been trying as best I could to conceal.

‘Which one of them gave you that?’ he whispered to me while our mother's back was turned. ‘Or maybe it was all of them. Did you get all kinky and have a big group session?’

‘Fuck off, you little pervert,’ I answered, turning away from him to hide my face, which was no doubt bright red by this time.

Jason giggled to himself, saying, ‘See you later mum, I'm going over to David's,’ then he left us, casting a knowing glance over his shoulder in my direction, before heading out to the garage where we heard him rummaging around and getting his bike out.

‘So, did you all have a good time last night dear?’ mum asked me as she started packing everything away after lunch.

‘Yeah, not too bad,’ I answered her.

I was leaning up against the counter, sipping on a can of soft drink, and she walked directly past me as she carried the plates to the sink.

‘Did you meet up with some more of your friends last night?’ she innocently asked.

‘What makes you think that?’ I replied.

‘Oh, by the look of your neck I just figured that you must have,’ she said, giving me a motherly smile that seemed to say so much, for such little effort.

‘Ummm, well, you could say that,’ I managed to stammer.

Mum just smiled at me and I suddenly felt the need to be someplace else, so I excused myself and retreated to the relative safety of my bedroom, where I lay down and after a while drifted off to sleep.

That was where I stayed until it was almost dark, when my father knocked on the door and told me that Guy was on the phone for me. I got up and wandered out into the hallway and picked up the phone.

‘Hi, sexy,’ Guy said to me, when I had said hello.

‘Hi, yourself,’ I replied, growing more and more awake with each passing minute.

‘What were you doing?’ he asked.

‘Ummm, dreaming of you,’ I whispered into the phone, after first looking around to make sure there wasn't anyone else within earshot.

‘That's my boy,’ Guy laughed back into the phone. ‘So, do you want to go see a movie tonight?’

‘Who with?’

‘No one. Just you and me. Is that all right?’

‘That's just perfect,’ I answered.

‘Good. I'll pick you up in an hour then.’

* * *

After two fairly late nights in a row, spent in the arms of my lover, I can't remember very much of Sunday, as I think I spent most of it asleep.

When Monday rolled around, however, the start of the last week of our school year, I was wishing that I were on holidays already, so that I could be spending even more time with Guy.

Most of my thoughts of holidays were soon shattered though, when Guy told me at lunch time, in between enthusiastic slaps on the back and congratulations from class mates, students and teachers, that he would be spending Christmas in Sydney with his father, and that he thought he would be going as soon as this weekend.

‘But . . . but . . .’ I started to say, but couldn't get any further.

‘Great job the other night, Tim . . .’ someone said, giving me yet another slap on the back.

‘I'm not going to be down there for all the holidays,’ Guy managed to say. ‘It's just for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I'll be coming back just as soon as I can, I promise.’

‘I hope this Friday night's show is as good . . .’

‘But, I don't want you to go,’ I replied.

‘Didn't know you had it in you, mate . . .’

‘I know. And I don't really want to go, but dad wants me down there. You know what families are like.’

‘Can I have your autograph?’

My head was suddenly spinning. I think I said something like, ‘Yeah, I do,’ but I can't really remember. I know I was in something of a state of shock, knowing that Guy wouldn't be around for me to hold, or to talk to, or . . .

‘What's the matter with you pair?’ Ben asked as he joined us. ‘You both look like someone died.’

‘It's almost that bad,’ I said to him, unable to disguise the disappointment in my voice. Ben looked from one of us to the other, with a deeply furrowed brow.

‘I'm going to Sydney this weekend. Have to spend Christmas and a couple of weeks with my father,’ Guy told him.

‘Awwww, shit. Is that all?’ Ben said. ‘Christ, how do you think I feel? Samantha leaves this weekend for holidays and after that she probably won't be back at all. Her family is going away for a month, then when she does make it back here she'll be heading straight off to university someplace. I might not ever see her again after this weekend.’

We both looked at him with our mouths open.

‘Where's she likely to go?’ Guy finally asked, to which Ben simply shrugged.

‘She said something about wanting to go to some university up on the north coast. Something Star, I think it was called.’

‘Southern Star?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, that could be it.’

‘It's supposed to be good. So, what are you going to do?’ I asked.

‘What can I do?’ Ben replied. ‘She finishes school. She goes away to university. I've still got another year left here. End of story.’

‘But . . .’

‘No buts,’ Ben said, holding his hand up and cutting me off. ‘If we want to get serious or anything, well, we'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now all we have to worry about is spending whatever time together that we can. And speaking of Samantha, did you know that you and her and the show are the talk of the school?’

‘Yeah, the star here has been signing autographs for his fans all bloody lunch time,’ Guy answered.

‘Are you shittin' me?’

‘Nope. I reckon I've even got writer’s cramp or something,’ I said, while rubbing my wrist and trying to flex my fingers.

‘Shit, I always thought that sore wrist of yours was from you . . .’ Ben started to say, but stopped abruptly and yelped, when I kicked him in the leg under the table.

Just then the bell rang, signaling the start of the next period, so we got up and wandered off towards the science block, with Ben rubbing at his shins every few yards.

‘Get over it,’ Guy said to him, to which Ben responded by grabbing him and pushing him head first into the hedge, which bordered the path along which we were walking.

‘That'll be enough of that, boys!’ a stern voice said from a doorway up ahead of us.

Ben and Guy straightened themselves back up and we all walked straight past old ‘Hawkeye’ before they once again broke out into a scuffle once we were around the corner and out of his sight.

* * *

The remainder of the week went by quite quickly, with several practices for the last performance of our show, which was to be Friday night, plus our final lessons for the year, which all proved to be rather boring.

When the school bell rang for the final time on Friday afternoon our year was all but over. All that was left was one performance of our show, followed by a party that we had every intention of making a memorable one.

As we walked down toward Guy's car after the last lesson, Ben asked, ‘So, are you guys all set for the party tonight?’

‘Yeah,’ we both answered.

‘Ummm . . . Samantha and I might be leaving a bit early, if that's all right with you,’ he added, with a grin.

We both grinned back at him.

‘What have you got planned?’ I asked.

‘What would you reckon?’

‘No, I mean, where are you going? Where are you taking her?’

‘You promise not to tell anyone?’

‘Of course.’

‘I've booked us a room. At that motel just out of town.’

‘The one by the river?’ Guy asked.

‘Yeah. Well, it might be the last night we ever spend together, so I want it to be special.’

‘Go for it, mate. It sounds perfect,’ I told him, with Guy nodding enthusiastically beside me.

‘Well, we just can't let her parents find out, that's all.’

‘What do you think they'll do, or say, even if they do?’

He just shrugged and said, ‘I just don't want them to say anything, that's all. I don't want to give them any opportunity to stop her from seeing me again.’

‘Shit. You are really serious about her,’ I said.

As Guy unlocked the car for us all, Ben managed a smile and said, ‘Yeah, I am.’

We got into the car and Guy drove to his place, with Guy and me both grinning at Ben the whole way.

‘What's wrong with you pair of assholes?’ he asked us. ‘Can't a guy even get laid without you pair going crazy?’

‘Actually,’ Guy said to him, ‘I was just wondering if they might have another room vacant.’

* * *

Guy dropped us home so that we could have dinner and a shower before the show, then promised to pick us up in time to make it back to the auditorium.

I couldn't help but wonder about his idea of getting a room as well, but I reckoned that that would be all it was and that he wouldn't follow through on it, as much as I would have loved the chance to spend the night alone with him again.

I wished that I had enough money so that I would have been able to surprise him after our show, but seeing as I only worked part-time, and not for very good wages, I couldn't have afforded to do that. Besides, what little money I did have I had just spent on a Christmas present for Guy, which I was going to give him tonight.

Shortly after I’d had dinner and a shower, I heard the sound of a familiar car horn and I rushed out on to the front verandah to find Guy walking up the driveway toward the house.

‘You nearly ready mate?’ he asked. He was wearing a pair of pale khaki coloured cargo pants and a dark shirt. I don't know why, but every time I looked at him I couldn't help but think he was growing even more gorgeous. I felt a familiar tingling sensation in my loins and started trying to think about something else, but Guy was getting closer with every step he took, and I was fighting a losing battle.

‘Man you look good,’ I whispered to him, as he climbed the steps and stood beside me.

I also caught a whiff of a new after-shave or cologne he was wearing and that nearly sent me into a frenzy.

‘What's wrong with you?’ he asked, laughing, when he noticed my edgy state, and my hands thrust deep into my pockets.

‘Nothing,’ I replied, lying through my teeth. ‘You better come in and say hi to the folks before we get going.’

‘Okay,’ he replied, and followed me through the front door, giving me a slap on the arse as he did so.

‘Hey, watch it,’ I said to him.

‘Hehe. I am,’ he answered.

Mum and dad and Jason were still in the kitchen and greeted Guy like a long lost son. It was good to see them all getting on so well, but still, I couldn't help but be nervous, particularly with a little brother like Jason always hanging about and looking for me to make a fuck up somewhere along the line, to confirm all his suspicions.

Having already seen the show, they decided that they weren't going to come again, which I was quite relieved about, as it meant that we wouldn't be trying to dodge them afterwards. While I left them all chatting I quickly went to my room and picked up a bag with a few things I would need for the show, plus a few other little items, then went back into the kitchen to find them talking about the school holidays.

‘So, you're spending it with your father?’ I heard my father asking, to which Guy just nodded.

‘That's nice then, dear,’ my mother added.

‘Yeah, it will be,’ he answered, noticing me come back into the room. ‘But I'll be glad when I get back here. I think I'm going to miss the place already.’

‘I think that we'd best get going then,’ I said, before anyone could reply to that.

They wished us luck with the show, then waved us goodbye from the front verandah as we drove off.

‘I think they like me,’ Guy said as we reached the end of our street.

‘Trust me, they do. But they don't know you are fucking their son yet. If they knew that, they might not be quite so welcoming.’

‘Yeah. I suppose you are right there.’

‘What about your mum? Does she love me yet?’ I asked.

‘She thinks the sun shines out of that cute little arse of yours. And I don't think it would bother her much if she knew you were screwing me.’

I just grinned at him.

‘And by the way, if you hadn't already guessed it, I think the sun shines out of that cute little arse of yours as well.’

‘Yours ain't so bad either. And neither are your other bits and pieces,’ I said to him, reaching across and putting my hand on his thigh and then gently caressing the familiar muscle that I felt growing at my touch.

‘Fuck, not while I'm driving,’ he said to me.

‘Later then?’ I eagerly asked.

‘We'll see,’ he answered, with a mischievous grin.

* * *

The show went off without a hitch once more, although I was a bit worried about Samantha and Ben for a few minutes there, as they barely made it into their places in time. They mysteriously appeared from somewhere behind the stage props.

We all sang our hearts out, receiving another standing ovation and having flowers thrown at us at the end of it for our troubles.

Then the final curtain fell, and it was all over.

‘Children, children, children,’ Snowy said to us, gathering us all around him before we could disappear. ‘What can I say? You were sensational . . . yet again.’

Afterwards, we were all delirious with excitement as we celebrated what we had done. The promised party, fully catered for by Snowy and a few of the parents, didn't disappoint us, with drinks and sandwiches and cakes being quickly spread out on tables in front of the stage.

We talked and joked and laughed for at least a couple of hours after we had finished, with some bright soul even putting the original tape that Ben and Guy and I had done on as background music.

Gradually however everyone drifted off, leaving just the four of us, along with Snowy and Cameron, a couple of other cast members and a couple of other teachers and parents, packing up the aftermath of our celebrations.

‘I thought you guys were heading off early tonight?’ I asked Ben and Samantha as they helped move some tables back to their rightful place.

‘We couldn't see you guys stuck,’ Ben answered. ‘Anyway, we're going to get going in a few minutes.’

‘What about you two?’ Samantha asked. ‘Do you have any plans for tonight?’

‘No, not really,’ Guy answered. ‘We may just go someplace quiet and hang out.’

‘No doubt you'll be letting it all hang out,’ Ben cheekily replied, to which he received a half-hearted slap from Samantha.

I know what it was that I would have loved to have planned with Guy, but still, I reckoned that whatever we did end up doing would be perfect anyway.

As we were standing there talking, Snowy came over to us looking rather weary, but happy nonetheless.

‘Well sir,’ Guy said to him. ‘We did it again.’

‘You all certainly did, Guy,’ he replied. ‘You can all be very proud of yourselves.’

‘And you too, sir,’ Samantha added.

‘I didn't have a real lot to do with it, Sam. It was all of you that made the show the success that it was. And now that you've finished here, I feel sure that you will move on to bigger and better things.’

Samantha let go of Ben and put her arms around Snowy, giving him a kiss on the cheek as she did so.

‘Thank you for everything, sir. I'm going to miss you.’

For one fleeting moment I thought that for the first time ever, I was about to see a teacher start to cry, but he managed to compose himself and simply said, ‘And I'll certainly miss seeing your smiling face around here as well, Sam.’

‘And you're not the only one, sir,’ Ben added, putting his arm back around Samantha's shoulder.

Snowy looked at them both and smiled.

‘Ben, I'm a firm believer in the old adage that goes something like . . . if it's meant to be, it's meant to be,’ giving me and Guy a sideways look as he did so. ‘I'm sure that you will miss Samantha, and that she will miss you as well. But if you are meant to be together, then it will happen. I hope that both of you, well, all of you actually, just remember that.’

‘We will sir,’ I said, answering for all of us.

At that he just nodded, then excused himself and heading back over to the few parents that were still helping with the clean up, adding, ‘See you next year, boys.’

‘Well, I suppose that's it for another year,’ Ben said to us. ‘What say we blow this joint?’

‘God idea, I reckon,’ Guy replied.

‘I suppose then, we won't see you for a while Sam?’ I said.

‘No. You probably won't,’ she answered, letting go of Ben and coming over and giving me a hug and a kiss.

‘Thank you so much,’ I whispered into her ear.

‘You're most welcome,’ she answered. ‘And I want to know all about how you and Guy are going next year.’

‘You will,’ I replied, with my face suddenly feeling as if it were on fire.

She let go of me and then moved on to Guy, giving him a hug and a kiss and making him promise that he would be good to me.

‘Of course I will,’ he replied, giving me a wink as he did so.

‘Okay, okay, that's enough. Can I have my girlfriend back now?’ Ben said. ‘We've got some place we need to be.’

‘Sure,’ Guy answered.

‘I don't know if I'll see you guys tomorrow then. I'll see Sam off when she and her folks head out, then after that, who knows,’ Ben added.

‘We'll catch up with you sooner or later,’ I said to him. ‘Now go.’

The pair of them laughed, then waved us goodbye and left us.

‘So, what now?’ I asked Guy after we watched them disappear through the door, arm in arm.

‘How about we just go for a drive around, 'til we find someplace we want to be?’ he replied.

‘Whatever you want,’ I answered, grinning. ‘I'm all yours.’

* * *

When Guy finally pulled the car to a stop it was in front of a door with a brass number eleven attached to it, and parked about three spaces away from us was Samantha's car.

‘You didn't have to do this,’ I said to him as he cut the ignition.

‘I know. But I wanted to,’ he answered.

‘Can you afford it? And what did they say when you booked in?’

‘Yes, I can. And they said absolutely nothing. They did look me up and down, but when I pulled out my wallet and some cash to pay in advance, they just pushed the register across and asked me to sign it.’

‘Well, I'm glad that you did.’

‘I reckoned you might be.’

We got out of the car and walked the few paces to the door, with Guy pulling a key from his pocket, inserting it into the lock and opening it, then stepping back and letting me enter. He closed the door behind him, but didn't switch on the lights, as there was enough light, from the lights outside, flooding into the room through the window.

I heard him slide the chain into place, then waited with great anticipation of what I knew was about to come, as his shadow moved towards me.

He moved closer and closer, then I saw him raise his hand and brush my cheek gently. I trembled at his touch.

‘You know that I'm leaving tomorrow as well,’ he whispered.


‘I won't see you again for two weeks, until after Christmas. I just wanted tonight to be special.’

‘It already is,’ I answered, as I placed my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his face towards mine. I felt his hot breath on my cheek, then felt his hot lips on mine.

Eagerly we kissed, our tongues exploring each other's mouths, our hands exploring each other's bodies. In a slow, awkward waltz we shuffled towards the bed, kicking off shoes and undoing belts and buttons as we went.

Not another word was said between us. It wasn't needed.