Moraine Plastics

by John S. Lloyd

Chapter 8


Chapter 8

After long conversations, Olaf persuaded Lucas to get Marshall into bed to see what he might discover.  Lucas was concerned that Marshall to lose an interest in Geoff if he thought Olaf was interested in him. Lucas finally agreed.

Olaf continued his regular Wednesday golf games with Geoff and Marshall and occasionally Carl.  Three weeks later, on an extremely hot Wisconsin afternoon, he and Marshall played nine holes and decided they had had enough. Geoff didn’t play, because he was attending a Scout meeting at Supérieur. Olaf invited Marshall to join him for a swim at Carl’s place, since Carl was away, flying with Henry.  Lucas arrived earlier than expected. 

As they drove into the driveway, Marshall said, sarcastically, “I see an Illinois car. I didn’t know you had arranged for a three-way.”

Surprised, Olaf said, “We’re available.” Once inside the house, they were met by Lucas. Olaf and Geoff followed him for the pool. They lounged in the water, because the air temperature was unusually hot for Wisconsin. Once the sun dropped behind the trees, the porch was cool enough for a drink. “Lucas and I have been thinking,” Olaf began, “and we need you to know what we are thinking.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, we know you like Geoff and he seems to like you. But he seems totally uncomfortable being anything but totally straight at the country club. You and he seem so different here.”

“You’re right, he’s so afraid that someone might think he’s gay.”

“He seems like such a big Boy Scout. Is that what is holding him back?”

Marshall said, “He pisses me off. He is a hypocrite like the rest of them, but I do like him. He thinks he can have a different private life from his public life. He likes his work on the council and knows if he is discovered, he’s out. I know he aspires to larger political things. He’s afraid that being out and gay will keep him from reaching that goal.

“Doesn’t he realize Wisconsin has a lesbian United States Senator and Madison has a gay Congressman?”

“He knows. But he hasn’t told anyone in his family he’s gay.”

Lucas puzzled, “If we outed him, I don’t see that anything would be accomplished except you losing him as a boyfriend. That doesn’t make sense. Have you told him the Swensen story?”

“I hinted at it and he acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about. He’s only been on the council leadership team for three years. It’s possible he wouldn’t have heard about it.”

“It would be better if he knew what we suspected. Maybe he would quit the council. He might decide that exposing them would help his political career.”

Marshall said, “I don’t know. Scouting is held in high regard in this area. He might go after whoever engineered the cover up?”

Olaf changed the subject, “So you want a three-way. Let’s get to it.”

Lucas snapped, “You are such a romantic klutz.”

Marshall smiled, “I look at you guys and my dick can hardly keep his head down.”

“OK, follow me. You ready, Marshall?”

“Will this change how you respect me in the morning?”

“Maybe, but for the better.”

An hour later the three emerged from Carl’s big walk-in shower, toweling themselves. Marshall said, “Olaf, you are one big fellow. I’ll have to walk with my legs spread until things close up down there. I still feel you up around my belly button.” They laughed.

“Sorry about that—sometimes I get going and forget how big I am. Just ask Lucas.” Lucas stood, holding his butt cheeks wide open.

He said, “I used to walk straight but now I have to walk curved to contour to Olaf’s dick.”

They cooked frozen pizza and drank cold beer and discussed how to approach Geoff.


Marshall came into Olaf’s office on Monday morning with smiling eyes. “I think we have an opening.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, yesterday Geoff came over after he got back from Supérieur.”

“He came over to your place in the daylight?”

“Shocked me, too. He called and asked if I was home.  I was cleaning house and said, ‘Sure.’ When he arrived, he was angry. He calmed down after we had sex, but the sex was angry. As we lay in bed, he said he was going to quit the council.  Apparently, the council chair announced that he was removing one assistant scoutmaster from a Waukesha troop because he thought he acted too gay.”

“Is he gay?”

“That’s just it. I know the guy; he’s effeminate but married.  He’s a good leader, and the kids really like him. Geoff said he spoke up to challenge the chair, but the chair just glared at him and told him to keep quiet until he heard the facts.  He spouted some garbage about unnamed people’s observations which were totally bullshit.”

Marshall continued, “It might be a good time to tell Geoff about the Swensen accident.” They agreed that Marshall would excuse himself from the Wednesday’s golf outing so Olaf would be alone with Geoff.  “Don’t cancel until Wednesday morning,”

Olaf reported that the best laid plans faltered when the golf club starter paired them with another twosome. Olaf played poorly. Geoff invited him to have drinks and dinner at the club. In the locker room, Olaf strutted around like a peacock. He loved to watch Geoff secretly eye him.

After Olaf was served a Linenkugel and Geoff his scotch and water, Olaf asked, “How was your trip up north?”

“Beautiful but shitty. Did you talk to Marshall?”

“Honestly, yes, I heard about the scout master dismissal.”

“Olaf, it’s Nazi-like. Accusation and conviction with no trial. They’re a bunch of assholes. I’m ready to quit.”

Olaf remained calm, “Don’t do that yet. I have a story I want to tell you. You may not ready to be out as a gay man. But the story I will tell you may cause you decide there is a better way to spend your civic time than with the Boy Scouts.” Olaf spent the next thirty minutes, with minor interruptions, telling Geoff about Swensen’s death and his suspicions.

Toward the end of the story Geoff said, “And the abuse was supposed to have taken place at Carl’s.”

“Well, it was Swensen’s then. Carl got the house as part of his purchase of Moraine Plastics.”

“Well, I will tell you one thing. They may have gotten $125,000 in tax refunds from the IRS but Moraine’s value was way overstated. Carl paid more than he should have for the company.  No reason to do anything about it, because the company is doing so well.”

“Marshall tells me you aspire to public office.”

“Well, sometime.”

“Would you be willing to help expose the hypocrisy of the Boy Scouts regarding this issue?”

“Olaf, maybe Swensen was gay but he and his bunch of compatriots were child abusers and predators. That feeds right into the national dialogue that all gays are sexual predators.”

“That’s why it is so fucking complicated. If you ran for the legislature you’d have a good reason for resigning from the council. There will probably be no questions asked.”

“Olaf, honestly I am tired of hiding my sexual orientation. I really like Marshall, but no one knows it when we are in public.  I am so afraid that I will be accused of being gay.  Could we get the guys together at Carl’s to share ideas about what I might do?  By the way, Marshall certainly isn’t out. None of our group is really out, it’s not just me. When are you and Lucas going to start holding hands in downtown Waukesha?”

“You’re right. When we’re together we make up for it.  Seriously, I agree the whole thing could backfire if it appears that a bunch of gay guys are trying to discredit the Boy Scouts in a family-oriented legislative district.” When they reached their cars Geoff discretely hugged Olaf.


Geoff spoke to the Democratic Committee Chair for Waukesha County to determine the party’s interest in having him submit his name for the primary. The chair was thrilled to have someone of his stature interested in running. She told him, “The Republican who represents the district is a bully and, in my opinion, brings shame on the district by his bigoted comments.” The chair told Geoff that he had to get two hundred signatures on the petition and get it to the Election Commission by August 15.  Geoff did not anticipate any problem getting those signatures. He would ask Carl to help.

Olaf, Lucas, Carl, Henry, Marshall and Geoff met at Carl’s on a rainy and stormy Saturday afternoon. The lightning kept them out of the pool. Once the rain started blowing onto the porch, they retreated to the basement, hoping that the tornado warnings would stay “warnings.” The mood was somber. To lighten the atmosphere, Carl said, “Should I open the sling?”

Marshall said, “You have a sling? Can I see it?”

“I didn’t buy it. It came with the house. Go take a look.” He pointed to the closed door. Marshall and Geoff looked into the dimly lighted room.”

“Gawd, I hope they didn’t put the boys in that thing,” Geoff said sadly.

Olaf agreed, “We should find out what went on. We can ask Bret to see if he will tell us. Carl, do you think he and Chuck trust us?”

“We can try. But what does that get us?”

Olaf said, “Maybe Swensen was gay, even if he was married. I know he and his wife were getting a divorce.” He looked at Marshall and continued, “Maybe she knew he had a gay lover.”

“I don’t know if he was gay, but he did like to fuck.”

Olaf continued, “Bjorn Swensen was married. Carl, you should ask Michelson if the other Scout leaders were married.”

“Sure, I’ll call him but I know Joban and Boldt are married.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if it turned out the Scout leaders were straight and they were the sexual predators! Now there is a scandal for you,” Lucas exclaimed.

Geoff said, “But bringing that out could disrupt many lives, especially the kids.”

“The victims aren’t kids, they’re young adults. We should ask Bret about the other kids in their scout troop. Like in the Catholic priest scandal, the victims may get results that we can’t. And Geoff, you have your own story.”

“Not so fast. Who said I was ready to come out?”

“Sorry, I jumped ahead,” Olaf said.

Henry, Carl’s bubbly flight attendant lover, jumped into the conversation. “What’s wrong with being gay? I’m gay and I like me.”

Geoff countered, “Well, pretty one, have you told your mom and dad?”

“No, not yet. I think they suspect.  Carl’s been with me the last two times I’ve seen them.”

“But you haven’t said ‘I’m your gay son’.”

Olaf interrupted, “This isn’t about outing ourselves to the world. This is about exposing Boy Scouts as a hypocritical, bigoted organization. They may do good things, but in this town they screwed up and should be called to account.

Carl asked, “Geoff have you decided to put your name forward for the Democratic primary?  I can pass the nominating petition around the plant and get you fifty signatures. You could get that many signatures at church.”

“I’m not concerned about getting signatures.  I’m concerned about raising the money to run. How much are you going to donate to my campaign, Carl?”Geoff said smiling.

“As much as I legally can.”

“Thank you. Will you guys be on my campaign committee?”

Marshall smirked, “You’ve got to have more than cocksuckers on your committee.”

Not ruffled Geoff said, “Yes, I’ve got a couple of ideas.”

The sun’s rays were glaring through the window as they regrouped upstairs.  Henry and Carl got into the pool as Lucas and Marshall fixed dinner. Olaf said to Geoff, “Hey, man, you comfortable with the way this is going? Are we pushing you into something you don’t want to do?”

“It’s a big step, but I’m ready. The more I think about what those fathers did to the boys, the madder I get. I’m gonna run like hell to win the primary. If I don’t win, my life will go on and I can give Marshall the love and attention he deserves. He’s really a terrific guy.”

After dinner, Marshall and Geoff left. Carl and Henry disappeared into their bedroom, leaving Olaf and Lucas with the dirty dishes. Olaf stepped behind Lucas and nibbled on his left ear. “I love you, Mr. Organizational Consultant. You like the way this is going?”

“Well, Mr. Marine Leather Dick, I’m nervous. Aren’t you worried that the big guns at the national Boy Scout organization will call out the artillery to protect their own? I think they will.”

“Let’s see what Carl can find out from Bret. Can you stay around next week and work from here?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t bring much in the way of clothes.”

“You don’t need much in the way of clothes.”

On Monday Carl called Bret and confirmed that he and Chuck were coming on Wednesday. When they arrived, Carl met them at their truck and invited them onto the porch, where Lucas joined them.  After offering them drinks Carl got straight to the point. “Bret, you told me that you came to this house when you were a Boy Scout.” He nodded.  “Mr. Polansky and I are trying to find out if the Boy Scout organization knew about the child abuse that took place here. Were more people involved?”

Bret spoke, “I thought what they asked us to do was wrong, but it was fun and I liked it. Other than Steve the others were fathers of our guys, so I figured if fathers thought it was OK, it was.  It was OK with me.”

“Do you remember which fathers were involved, beyond the Swensens?”

“Bret said, “I remember Jason Boldt’s  dad. And I remember Mark Joban’s dad, too.  Mark overdosed a couple of years ago. He was a Goth and got a lot of grief from his dad because of his tattoos and piercings.”

Carl looked at Lucas, who nodded. Knowing that they had named of two former Moraine managers. Carl pressed, “You ever tell anyone what you are telling us?”

“No, they told us not to tell anyone. It was fun, and no one got hurt.”

“Do you remember them touching you inappropriately?”

“They always asked us to play naked, which I told you. We’d sometimes sit on their laps and they’d play with our dicks.”

“I remember once, Mr. Swensen wanted me to suck on his peter.  I wouldn’t do it.  He didn’t make me. I was sad when we couldn’t come anymore. That is why it’s been so much fun this summer, working for you and swimming with Chuck in the pool. It brought back good memories. Remember he wasn’t a scout.”

“Bret, do you remember anything else?”

“Why are you asking all these questions?” he asked suspiciously.

Lucas said, “What the men did was illegal. We think the Boy Scout organization found out and tried to sweep it under the rug. Maybe Mark Boldt’s death could have been prevented.”

“No man, I doubt it. He was really screwed up.”

Carl continued, “I assume you have heard that the Boy Scouts have intentionally been keeping gay scouts and gay adults out of the organization. If what happened to you guys became public, the Scouts would try to make everyone think this happened because the leaders were gay.  These  married men were sexual predators, pure and simple. We’re trying to decide whether to expose them. Will you help us?”

“What do we have to do?”

“Nothing, right now, except keep our conversation to yourselves. At some point we may ask you to speak publicly about what happened here.”

“I don’t know if I want to go public. It’s going to piss off a lot of people. Chuck, we better get the yard done. I’ve got a date tonight with Jeff.”

“You don’t really like him. You like his red Corvette.”

Carl said, “You mean my assistant, Jeff Swensen?  He has a red Corvette. ”

Bret panicked, “Chuck, you fuck up, you outed my date.”

“Don’t worry I knew Jeff s gay.” The boys left.

Carl said, “Sounds like Moraine will be implicated no matter what we do. Do you think I should fire Carl Boldt?”

“He is doing a pretty good job isn’t he? Let’s not open you up to a lawsuit.”

“He seems like a normal guy. Wonder what happened to his son? Maybe you can inquire about his son’s Boy Scout experience.”


Carl held his regularly weekly managers meeting the following Friday and invited Lucas to attend. At the end of the meeting, he asked Boldt to stay. Lucas lingered in the back of the room.  Carl asked Boldt, “Carl, was your son a Boy Scout?”

Surprised Boldt responded, “Yes, but that was quite a few years ago. He graduated from the university and is starting dental school this fall.”

“Were you involved with him as a Scout leader?”

“Yes, I still am, as a member of the council committee.” His face reddened, “We are aware that you and your boyfriend, Mr. Polansky, have been snooping around, trying to implicate the Scouts in Steve Swensen’s accident.”

Startled Carl said, “Mr. Polansky is my consultant and not my boyfriend. Even if he were, what business is it of yours?”

Starting out the door he said “I’m done here.  I’ll pack my things and be out of here.”

“You’re quitting? I need two week’s notice if you ever expect a reference.”

“Yes, I am quitting. I already have a new job.” He turned and walked out. Carl called Olaf and asked him to escort Boldt out of the building. As soon as Boldt was off the company property, Olaf rushed to Carl’s office.

After hearing Boldt’s comments to Lucas and Carl, Olaf said, “The only way the council could know is Michelson. What about Geoff?”

Lucas said, “Wouldn’t Geoff have said something if he had heard any discussion at council meetings? Let’s call him.”

Geoff said he had not heard anything. The men knew that they were going to have to move quickly. Carl called Brad Michelson’s cell phone and got a recorded message. They had to speak to him first. The day dragged before Carl received a return call late afternoon. Michelson agreed to meet Carl at a bar near his house. Olaf and Lucas went to the bar ahead of Carl and sat in a back corner.

When Carl came into the smoky bar he took a table.  Michelson appeared calm and relaxed as he entered and waved to Carl.  He stopped to get a beer for himself and Carl before coming to the table. “What’s up?”

“Well, something happened this morning that I wanted you to know about. One of my good managers angrily quit this morning and off-hand mentioned that the Boy Scout council leadership was aware that we were inquiring about Swensen’s accident. Did you mention our conversation to anyone?”

“No, man, I’m nervous that the police are going to charge me with manslaughter.  I’ve said nothing to anyone except you.”

“I thought so.  I wonder who knows.” They drank their beers and Michelson agreed to let Carl know if he heard anything. He left, not noticing Olaf and Lucas walking toward Carl’s table.

Geoff arrived at Carl’s place just after Olaf and Lucas pulled into the driveway. Once seated on the porch, Geoff said, “Guys, I have decided to quit the council. With the election coming I don’t think anyone will suspect anything. Also, I have decided if anyone accuses me of being gay I will honestly respond. I have faith that people will elect me if I am a good, honest person.”

Olaf offered, “Before you quit, do you want to confront the cover up?”

“I don’t think that I want to do that. The Scouting organization has deep-pocket friends that could sink my campaign.”

All agreed, but the dilemma remained. Olaf asked, “Do we know who Carl Boldt is going to work for? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Boldt’s new employer has Boy Scout connections.”

While finding Boldt’s new employer took a couple of days, Olaf did confirm that Boldt was going to work for the company owned by the council chairman, Alden Anderson.  When Olaf told Geoff he said, “Anderson’s a bigoted jerk. I’ll be happy to be away from him”.  Carl and Lucas persuaded Geoff to delay his resignation. The next day, Geoff called Carl and said he had some new information that might shed some light on what was occurring.  They met at Geoff’s because Carl had noticed a car he didn’t recognize driving by on a several of occasions.

After dinner and a few drinks Geoff laid out a plan. He said, “After we had our last meeting I found out that the council leadership is holding a strategic planning session next Friday and Saturday. The chair has not invited me or two of my close friends on the committee. We are planning to show up. I am ready to expose the scandal. I suspect there will be staff from the regional and national offices there.”

“What do you mean ‘expose the scandal’?” Lucas inquired.

“I am sure they will try to throw me out. But I plan to lay out what we know and threaten to expose the events around Swensen’s accident. I plan to resign, as will my friends, unless the chairman, Boldt, and a guy named Clarkson resign immediately. If they don’t, I will use the scheduled press conference to report what we have found out.”

“That’s risky. They can say you’re bluffing because you don’t have proof.”

“Yes, it’s risky. What do you think I should do?”

The four men discussed scenarios until late into the night. They moved quickly, starting the following morning. Carl called Bret and asked him and Chuck to come to his house on Sunday. Geoff called Marshall and briefly told him about the plan. Finally, Carl reluctantly called Brad Michelson, knowing he had the most to lose if their plan failed. Brad agreed to come to Carl’s to hear the plan.

The following Friday, shortly before one o’clock, all members of the council committee, staff members, and two representatives of the regional council staff were ready to start the session.  At exactly one, Geoff and the other two council members who weren’t invited walked into the meeting room. The chair’s red face registered his shock. Nothing was said.  Lucas and Olaf were quietly waiting in the anteroom, connected to Geoff’s cell phone. 

Geoff sat down. The Chair said, “Mr. Johansen, You were not invited to attend.”

“Why weren’t we invited to attend?”

The chair snapped, “Because you are queer and Boy Scouts don’t allow queer leaders.”

Geoff calmly said, “Yes, I am gay and have been on this leadership team for the past three years.  I have not abused any boys, as have certain men in this room. I came here to resign from this bigoted organization.  However, I’m letting you know that I plan to give  the state’s attorney and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel details of an incident that you, Mr. Chair, and others failed to report. I will tell them about the cover up that occurred  five years ago, when you discovered that you had a group of sexual predators among your leader group.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” came loudly through the cell phone that Lucas held between his ear and Olaf’s.

There was quiet except for the rattle of paper. Geoff continued “Steve Swensen was killed by a speedboat owned by this council on Star Lake three years ago. The boat that hit him was driven by a scoutmaster named Bradley Michelson. I will bring Bradley in here in a few minutes to tell you what happened.  I will, also, bring an eyewitness to the accident in to speak to you about what he saw.  Mr. Swensen was a married man. His death was declared accidental by the Vilas County prosecutor. I think they would be interested to know that the Boy Scout organization was trying to intimidate Mr. Swensen.”

“Get out,” the chair snarled.

“I won’t leave quite yet until I introduce to the council and staff two young men who were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of three or four of your Scout leaders including, Mr. Chairman, your newest employee, Carl Boldt.”

“Get this maniac out of here!”

“According to the young men you will meet, they and other Boy Scouts were invited to Mr. Swensen’s home to swim naked and play naked under the watchful eye of Scout leaders, who fondled them and took advantage of them. All the men were married and worked for Mr. Swensen’s company, Moraine Plastics. One man, Bjorn Swensen, Mr. Swensen’s cousin, died of an aneurism, and I can name others, including Mr. Boldt.  None of these men were gay but they are sexual predators.

Geoff continued, “The absolute stupidity of the new national regulations about gay scout leaders implies gays are sexual predators. When this council and you, Mr. Chair, found out about what was going on, you attacked Swensen. I feel a strong case can be made that this council was a party to the sexual abuse and Swensen’s death.”

One of the other council members asked, “What do you want us to do?”

“Well,” Geoff started, “I have a press conference called for Monday, to announce my candidacy for the Wisconsin State legislature.  I can use it for the purpose for which I called it or I can expose the cover-up perpetrated by this council’s leadership.

Recognizing  his prompt, Olaf sent Brad Michelson, the two boys, who were wearing ski masks, and Marshall Thorsen into the meeting room. Geoff continued, “Don’t take my word for what I said: ask these men.”

Lucas and Olaf stood in the doorway. The chair got up from his chair and started toward the door and snarled, “Meeting adjourned.”

Geoff said, “Mr. Chair, I want you and the other three members of the council leadership team who were members in 2011 to resign immediately.” Turning and speaking to the nervous members of the regional staff, Geoff said, “Inform the national organization that the South Central Wisconsin council will not comply with the new sexual orientation guidelines for leaders but will stringently screen all leaders for any inclination of sexual deviance by checking references very carefully and searching appropriate sexual predator data bases. We will select leaders based on their character and the role model they provide for all scouts – gay or straight. You might also tell the national office that if they are inclined to dispute our decision, we have informed the state’s attorney because child abuse does not have a statute of limitations. .  I don’t detect a great deal of public support in Wisconsin for the Boy Scout position of banning gay leaders.”

There was shuffling and murmuring around the room, but no one challenged Geoff.  The chair, who was standing, appeared ready to attack Geoff, but he didn’t move. “OK, I resign, you bastard.”

“Good, I happen to have five resignation letters all ready to go.” Geoff handed the first one to the chair. Quickly, each was signed and the three men quietly left the room without another word. The chair remained, “I can tell you, your candidacy for the legislature is going nowhere but down. I will see to that.”

Geoff said, “You do anything stupid, and this information will be released to the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal.” The chair stalked out pushing Lucas and Olaf aside.

One of the remaining council members said, “We need a chair. Will you take the job?”

Geoff said, “Thank you but I will resign from this council leadership committee. I believe that Boy Scouts is a good organization with misguided leadership.  I do not want my presence to deter you solid citizens on the council from getting on with your work. I suggest that you proceed with your planning session.” 

At that point the recently appointed Executive Director of the council rose, “Mr. Johansen, we are sorry you are stepping off the council and thank you for your excellent service. I hope you will allow us to continue to call on you for recommendations, since we have five vacancies on the council.”

“Thank you, I do have one recommendation and that is Bradley Michelson who is here in the room. If you didn’t know, he was scoutmaster of the troop sponsored by the Waukesha LCA church until it withdrew its support because of the child abuse rumors. With Brad on the council, perhaps we can get the church leadership to reconsider.”

The Executive Director stood before the group and asked if anyone would agree to be temporary chair. One elderly gentleman who sat quietly throughout the meeting spoke up. “I knew a little about the events that Mr. Johansen described. Perhaps I should resign as well.”

Geoff said, “Mr. Hendrickson you don’t need to do that, and with the others’ consent I feel you would be the best person to be interim chair.”

“I’ll do it, but only for a short time.”

The Executive Director, sensing the positive reaction from the men around the table, said, “Mr. Hendrickson, I think that is a good idea. However, I suggest that we postpone our planning session until we recruit some new members. I concur that Mr. Michelson would be a great addition to this council. Geoff thanked everyone and walked out followed by Olaf, Lucas, Marshall and the boys. Michelson stood and moved toward the table to take his place.

Once in the parking lot Geoff called Carl and told him how things had gone. Carl invited him and the others, including the boys. To come to the house for one last swim before he closed the pool for the fall. As Geoff drove with Marshall, he said, “Now I have to think about my press conference. Are you going to be my partner?”

Marshall smiled and took his free hand.



On a gloriously sunny, Sunday afternoon in September, the year after Geoff had won his seat in the legislature, Olaf and Lucas were walking hand-in-hand down Michigan Avenue. Olaf smiled at Lucas, “Lucas, will you marry me?

After moments of happy silence he said, “Yes, I would do anything for you.”

“This is not for me it’s for us. And I want us to have a baby. Maybe, just maybe, she or he will grow up into a fine Scout.”

“Aren’t you a little ahead of yourself?”

“How we going to do this, adopt or conceive? And if ‘conceive’ is your answer, who will we ask?”

“I was thinking of asking Mitzi and Jennifer to consider our request.”

“Our request?”

“Don’t you want a baby?” he asked surprised.

“Yes, but we have to get married first.”

That conversation started a whirlwind of planning and discussions that occurred over the next two months.  Lucas and Olaf were married on October 20, 2013 in the United Church of Christ near Lucas’s former condo in Andersonville.  Family and friends of both men were in attendance for the service and the banquet that followed at Ann Sathers on Clark.

There were no plans for an immediate wedding trip, because Olaf and Marshall were running Moraine Plastics. Exceeding expectations, Carl had made good on his promise to provide stock in the company,  offering each manager up to one-sixth of the stock in the company. Marshall and Olaf each decided to buy a full share. As part of the purchase, they agreed to run the company while Carl trailed around the world with Henry.

Carl decided that his house was too large for him and proposed to Olaf and Lucas that he would rent it to them on favorable terms, including the option to buy. After the election, Marshall and Geoff decided to have a new house built on a small lake near Waukesha. It was closer to the plant for Marshall.

Before the wedding, Olaf had dinner with Mitzi and Jennifer, who had become good friends from Wausau. He and Lucas had met them at Carl’s. They became regular guests at Carl’s on birthdays and holidays. As he and Lucas were waiting for them to arrive, Olaf said, “I am nervous. I think I know Mitzi pretty well, but asking her to mother a child is a big step.”

“All she can say is no.”

“I don’t want her to say no. I think her soft pale Swedish skin and blond hair would look wonderful on our baby.”

“She’s a busy lawyer. What about Jennifer?”

“I’m OK with that as well. She is taller and has a nice face and sweet disposition.”

Near the end of dinner Olaf, with butterflies, asked, “Mitzi, would you and Jenn, be willing to have a child with us?”

Mitzi smiled, “Jenn, I told you he was going to ask. Olaf, we’ve already discussed this issue and we will do it. But we want to have some of the responsibility of caring and raising the child. We may want to have two.”

“But aren’t you too busy with your law practice in Wausau?”

Mitzi said, “Jenn is applying for the assistant superintendent position in Waukesha.”

Jenn added, “We are busy but so are most mothers. Who are you planning, to raise the child?”

“Lucas; he has agreed to cut his consulting practice way back.”

“OK, one other thing.  Jenn and I agree that natural conception is the way we want this to happen.  So, which one of you is the sperm donor?”

Olaf said, “It is going to be me. If it’s a boy, we want him to have a big dick. That means it has to be me.” At this point, Lucas slugged Olaf in the arm, laughing with the women.”

Jenn said, “Well, if you want big teats you have the wrong girls.” There was laughter all around.

The women came down from Wausau to the men’s new house at the time of the month that Mitzi thought was right for conception. After another lovely dinner, the foursome joined together in the master bedroom and undressed. Lucas had seen a woman naked before, but it had been a long time. The women spooned and the men cuddled until Olaf said, “It’s time.” Lucas put lube on him, and he entered Mitzi with Lucas spooning him and Jenn kissing Mitzi’s body. The climax was leisurely. After a few moments of intimacy, Mitzi said, “That was the way I wanted it. In a way I hope it doesn’t work, and then we can try it again.”

“If the baby doesn’t start growing in you, I get my turn,”Jenn said.

“You will definitely get your turn for our second baby.”

At a lavish Christmas party, Olaf announced the upcoming birth of their child. There was wild applause. Geoff announced that his and Marshall’s new home was going to be the venue for a celebration party for next summer. Carl seemed happiest of all when he announced that he and Henry had been married in California, with Henry’s parents and siblings plus his own children in attendance.

Some guests stayed and some went home after eleven. Olaf and Lucas and the catering company cleaned up quickly. They showered and got into bed and had just turned out the light when there was a soft knock at the door. Olaf got up to peek out. There stood Mitzi and Jenn. Jenn smiling said, “It’s my turn. Can we come in?”              

*            *            *            *                               

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