Moraine Plastics

by John S. Lloyd

Chapter 6

newspaper clipping

Instead of driving to Chicago for the weekend, Olaf had Lucas drive to Carl’s. On Saturday morning, Olaf was sitting in the hot tub with Henry and said, “You and Carl seemed to be having a nice ride last night.”

“Yeah, I meant to get up and close the door, but I have too much fun riding Carl’s massive Swedish cock. He is not only good in bed but he is a really good person.  I am sorry I didn’t meet him ten years ago.”

“Wasn’t he married then?”

“I know, but I can wish.”

“Look at it this way; you’re getting the ride of your life.”

“Often, and I love every minute of it. What do think of Lucas’s theory? It makes me nervous. I don’t want Carl to get hurt.”

“I think what Lucas suspects is possible.  I don’t know how he will prove it or what good it would do, other than embarrass the local Boy Scout organization. If there was a cover-up and if the upper echelons of scouting knew about it, they could bring in the big guns with money to discredit whatever we find out. I think the best thing to do first is to find out if Swensen was intentionally killed. I think I can do that, whether or not the Vilas County prosecutors have enough evidence to convict the killer.”

“Why Vilas County?”  Henry questioned.

“That is where Swensen was ‘accidentally’ run over by a speed boat.”


On a warm, late June morning, Olaf, Lucas, Carl, and Henry sat sipping steaming hot coffee and eating fresh Krispy Kreme donuts at a small shopping center not far from Carl’s house.  Olaf said, “Carl, would you be too upset if Lucas and I took a short vacation up to Eagle River? I know I just started but…”

“Sure, what do you think you might find?”

“I met the young prosecutors during the aborted trial of the guy, Michelson, who ran over Swensen. I want to talk to them and see what they’ve found out since.

The Wednesday before the Pride Parade in Chicago, Lucas and Olaf checked into a small fishing resort on Star Lake near Eagle River. The next morning, Olaf reintroduced himself to the young prosecutors. They reported that after he had left, the judge dismissed the case for lack of sufficient evidence. Olaf asked a few questions before asking specifically for information on Michelson and the location of boat that was involved.

The two were quiet so he said, “I am the new Human Resources Manager of the company that Swensen formerly owned. I overheard a conversation at the plant that may shed some light on the case.”  He added, “I promise you that if I find out anything that will help you prosecute this case, I will let you know immediately.” 

The young prosecutors admitted they hadn’t thought much about it since they had so much other work. “OK,” Olaf replied, “I would like to know any background you have on the boat driver and the registration of the boat that hit Swensen.” He called the young woman at 4:30pm and was told that Bradley Michelson, who was driving the boat, was from Walsworth.

They learned that Michelson was a 43 year old cabinet marker. She said he was a Scout leader with a troop in Waukesha. She reported that the boat was registered to Supérieur Plastics in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Lucas was puzzled and said after a few moments, “First, Rhinelander is an hour and half away from Eagle River. Why was the boat on Star Lake?  And why would a Walsworth cabinet maker be driving the boat?”

“Let’s look up Supérieur Plastics on the internet. Do you think they are a competitor of Moraine Plastics?”

“Could be.”  A Google search found that Supérieur made different products than Moraine did. They needed to find out who owned Supérieur. Friday morning, Olaf called the Chamber of Commerce in Rhinelander and got a chatty woman on the phone.

Olaf said, “Ma’am, I am trying to find some information on Supérieur Plastics because I want to order something they make.”

“Oh, that’s George Johnson’s firm. He is on the board of the chamber.”

Feigning naiveté, Olaf continued, “Do you think I should call him directly?”

“Of course, darling, he’s a sweet man and he’ll get you to the right person.

Olaf continued, “I have another question for you. Do you have a Boy Scout camp near Rhinelander?”

There was pause.  He could hear the woman asking someone his question. She came back on, “The only one is Supérieur Canoe Base Camp. It is not in Rhinelander but in Birchwood, about twenty-five miles from here.”

Olaf asked if there were any connections between Supérieur Plastics and Supérieur Canoe Base Camp.  The woman said that she didn’t know. Olaf thanked her for her help.

Olaf again played golf with Geoff Johansen the following week. As they dried off after their shower, Olaf was intentionally showing his stuff and watching Geoff, who couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. “Geoff, you ever hear of Supérieur Canoe Base Camp in northern Wisconsin or a fellow named George Johnson who owns a company named Supérieur Plastics?” As he turned away, he noticed Geoff trying to hide his stiffening cock.

“Yes, why? I know the camp. It belongs to the Sauk Council. I think George Johnson is on the council committee. I know he’s a successful businessman, but I don’t know what he does.”

“Interesting how many Nordic people are involved in scouting.”

“Scandinavians love the outdoors.  I think there are a bunch of scouts from our council going to Supérieur for a canoe trip this summer. They are always looking for adults to go along.”

“Sure, if they need another male. I think it would be fun to canoe and camp.”

“I will see what I can find out and let you know.”

A few days later, Geoff called Olaf and told him that two combined troops of older scouts were going up to Supérieur the first week of August. He told Olaf whom to contact and said that he was considering going along.  Olaf suspected that Geoff was going more for him than the canoeing. When he told Lucas about the trip, Lucas was not too happy.

Olaf said, “We’re not married, you know.”

“I don’t want to lose you to another Swedish jack off.”

“Fuck you! I’m Norwegian, and I like Asian half breeds.”


The bus delivered twenty-four boys and six leaders to the base camp on Saturday afternoon for the outfitting. The next morning, Olaf looked around the boathouse and found plenty of canoes and two runabouts with registration numbers close to the boat involved in the incident in Vilas County. He asked one of the counselors why the canoe base had the runabouts and was told they were used for water skiing lessons.

The weather became warmer, and as the week progressed, Olaf noticed that Geoff became agitated and irritable when they were together. He surmised that Geoff was conflicted. Before they started canoeing back to the base camp, Geoff suggested that he and Olaf take a walk. They walked up the shore a few hundred yards from the main camp. Olaf suggested a swim, even though the water was cold. Geoff shook his head, so Olaf proceeded to undress and gingerly stepped over the rocky beach toward the water. He could see Geoff rubbing his crouch. He felt his own cock stiffen but knew the cold water would control it.

Geoff stepped into the woods as if he was going to pee. As Geoff walked away, Olaf quickly exited the water and slipped into his clogs, deciding to surprise him.  Silently, he stepped behind Geoff and, without a word, watched his piss flow and said, “Can I join you?” Geoff jumped as Olaf’s piss met Geoff’s. Geoff continued without a word as his cock got stiffer. He said, “Olaf, I have to deal with this. You are driving me crazy.”

Olaf smiled, “OK, I’ll help you.” He grabbed Geoff’s cock and without a word began to stroke it. Geoff pushed his pants to his ankles; put his hands on his hips; and let Olaf work on him.  In less than five minutes Geoff arched his back and let fly a sling of white liquid. Geoff never touched Olaf but watched as Olaf brought himself off.  It took longer for Olaf to climax for Geoff’s benefit.

“I feel much better,” Olaf said, and Geoff smiled and nodded.

With Geoff relaxed, Olaf decided to find out what he knew about George Johnson and his connection to the canoe base camp. While they were leisurely paddling across the final lake, he said, “Geoff, did you ever find out if George Johnson was on the Boy Scout council up here?”

With his defenses down Geoff said, “Yeah, he is on the council committee and provided most of the money for the renovation of the base camp. That is why it is called Supérieur.”

Olaf let some time pass before asking, “You ever run into a guy named Michelson? I think he’s a Scout leader.”

“Funny you should ask, because he’s doing some carpentry work at my place. He’s a really good guy. He gets great marks as a scoutmaster. In fact, this was his troop before his church withdrew its sponsorship. He was a regular on this canoe trip.” Olaf could tell that Geoff was too relaxed to understand the nature of the interrogation.

Olaf later told Lucas everything that had happened at the camp, including the jack off event.  Lucas said, “That seemed to help you get the information that you wanted. Now what do you do?”

“I am going to make a call to Vilas County to find out what happened to the boat that hit Swensen. I bet it was sold or disposed of as soon as the case was dropped.” After Olaf called, it took the young female prosecutor a couple of days to find the answer, but his presumption was correct. The boat was taken by a boat broker the day after Michelson’s case was closed by the judge.

Olaf called Lucas, “It looks like this guy Michelson is our only hope.”

“What do you mean?”

“As I suspected the boat was disposed of. Geoff invited me to meet Michelson since he is going to be a Geoff’s house doing some carpentry work over the next couple of days.”

Lucas responded, “I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you invite Carl to go along with you, ostensibly so Carl can ask Michelson to do some carpentry work at his house?”

“Does Carl need any carpentry work done?

“I don’t know, but it’s a way to get Michelson to Carl’s.”

“Carl can invite him over to give an estimate. Great idea, because he won’t know where Carl lives.”

“It will be interesting to see what he does. Do you think Carl will do it?”

Lucas said, “We won’t know until we ask. Will you be there?”

“For sure at Geoff’s, but we will wait and see if I go to Carl’s for Michelson’s visit there.”

Olaf and Carl arrived and looked at the work Michelson was doing, as they waited for him to arrive. After the brief inspection Carl invited Michelson to come to his house and take a look at the work that needed to be done in his kitchen. 

Carl Interjected, “I don’t need the work done immediately but am planning on buying new kitchen appliances and cabinets.”  Michelson was interested and took down the address. After they agreed on a date and time Geoff said to Michelson, “Olaf is a former Marine and is interested in becoming a Scout leader.”

Michelson became tense and said, “I can give you more details sometime.”

Michelson met with Carl the following Saturday, while Lucas, Henry, and Olaf were at the donut shop. They didn’t want extra cars to cause suspicion. After Michelson left, the group gathered on the back porch.  Carl said, “If I hadn’t gone outside to meet his truck, Michelson would have pulled away.  As I approached, he looked around at the Wisconsin flag I have on the pole, puffing nervously on his cigarette. I was jovial and commented on the beautiful morning and invited him into the kitchen to discuss the project. He calmed down as we stood and talked about the project.

“His response to my request for a bid was non-committal. He wanted to see the architect’s drawings, which I told him I was having drawn up. He tried to get out of the work by telling me his schedule for the next several months. I told him there was no hurry because I wanted to work with someone I trusted.”

Carl continued, “Olaf, did we mention Moraine Plastics when we met him at Geoff’s?”

“I don’t think so.”

“So that means he probably hasn’t made that connection.”


Carl had an architect draw up plans for a complete kitchen renovation.  The drawings included new kitchen appliances and cabinets. He decided to take out a wall, making the kitchen more open to the big room that looked out onto the pool. In late September he called Michelson and encouraged him to look at the plans, which Michelson reluctantly agreed to do.  Carl intentionally took him to the basement room to ask about building some new book cases. He later told Olaf that Michelson was sweating profusely when they were in the basement.

Michelson prepared a reasonable bid. He told Carl that he would order the cabinets and start the installation after he demolished the wall. Carl arranged for Michelson to come out one afternoon while Chuck and Bret were working.  Michelson was busy taking measurements and didn’t pay attention to the boys, whom he didn’t seem to recognize.

Olaf and Lucas discussed with Carl how they were going to entrap Michelson. Lucas, who had a few days off, would hide pictures of naked boys behind a few of the cabinets which Michelson would have to take down. Olaf installed a micro-camera to record Michelson’s reaction. Olaf said, “Where are we going to get the pornography?”

“I am sure I can find some in Milwaukee. Leave that to me,” Lucas said.  “But I wonder, if we thoroughly search the house, we might find some here.”

Carl said, “I doubt it. I had the place completely cleaned.”

“But you didn’t clean out the basement, did you?” Lucas persisted, “I would start in the dark basement room you showed me.”

“That place is still a mess. I don’t go in there.”

The following morning, after Olaf and Carl left for work, Lucas dressed in old clothes and went downstairs with Carl’s shop light. He first opened two rusty file cabinets and found old receipts and tax records dating back ten years. He pulled the files out and dropped them into a trash bag. He emptied several cardboard boxes, and still nothing. He was about to give up but decided to move the file cabinets away from the wall. Stuck to the back of one of the file cabinets was a bulging manila envelope. Even without opening it, he knew he had found what he wanted to find. He turned off the light and went upstairs to expose the contents. There were plenty of pictures of naked boys, taken right there in the house. He was intentionally looking for pictures of a young Bret. He wasn’t sure but thought he found a couple of his pictures.

He opened a small sealed envelope to find photographs of men engaging in fellatio with the boys. The men were clearly child molesters! He estimated the pictures were about five years old but didn’t recognize anyone. The pictures were explicit and could definitely be used against the men pictured. When Carl and Olaf returned, Lucas informed them of his find and showed them the pictures. Carl locked them in his desk drawer.

Michelson and his helper started on a cool fall day. Lucas had shown Carl how to set the time-lapse camera to record. Later, Carl reported that he had arrived home while Michelson was still there. Michelson seemed relaxed, smoking a cigarette as he chatted about the day’s progress.

Carl waited for Olaf to arrive before reviewing the video on the computer. What they saw didn’t help their investigation beyond confirming that Michelson knew what went on in the house.  The time-lapse pictures showed the helper pulling the cabinets away from the wall and then Michelson with the envelope in his hands examining the contents. Without showing them to his helper, he went out of view of the camera, apparently walking toward the kitchen door to take the photographs to his truck.  Michelson returned to the kitchen and then disappeared. Olaf and Carl presumed that he went to the basement looking for more pictures, which he apparently did not find. Olaf said, “Carl, I’m beginning to wonder if Michelson found out about Swensen and the others and reported it to his superiors in the Boy Scouts organization.”

Carl said, “Why would he kill Swensen and not just expose him?”

“Good question. Maybe he wasn’t trying to kill Swensen, just scare him. Things may have turned out wrong. That doesn’t answer the question of why Michelson had a boat from the canoe base.  Someone higher than him had to give him permission and help him load the boat onto a trailer.”

Olaf opened his cell phone, “I’ve got to call Lucas.” After small talk Olaf said, “There’s something very obvious we have not done. We need to search all the Waukesha area newspapers around the time of Swensen’s death to see what was reported. Was there any hint of the scandal?  Also, with your permission, I may have to have sex with Geoff.”

There was a long pause.  Olaf continued, “Calm down. It may not be necessary. Hear me out. Carl and I have just reviewed the time lapse video.  Michelson found the pictures. He seemed calm and took them out to his truck. I am wondering if he or members of the council became aware of the Swensen’s activities and wanted to shut them down without a scandal. The only way I can get Geoff relaxed enough is to get him into a compromised situation, since he is a gay Scout leader.”

“So my job is to do an online search of the area newspapers to see if there was ever a hint of scandal, Lucas replied “If there wasn’t, where that does that leave us?”

Carl said, “I think Bret and Chuck are coming out one more time to clean up things before winter. They’re putting pool cover on and putting the lawn furniture away. I may invite them in for a final drink. I’ll ask them when they stopped coming to the house. I bet it was before Swensen was killed.”

“Do you think you can record the conversation on your cell phone so Lucas and I can hear it?”

“I’ll try, but I’m not good with technology.”

The following Friday night Carl played the recording for Lucas and Olaf. It began with Carl starting the conversation, “Guys, here’s a little extra for the good work you have done this summer. Let’s have a drink and celebrate. Will you be back next summer?”

“Thanks, Mr. Lindquist” could be heard from both boys.

Carl continued, “I was wondering about something. You have enjoyed the swimming in the pool  this summer, right? Did you guys swim naked at the pool parties when you were in Scouts?”

Bret looked at Chuck as if waiting for permission to speak, “”Yeah, that is the way Mr. Swensen said we had to.”

There was sound of paper shuffling. Carl continued, Was Mr. Swensen a scout leader?”

“I don’t know but he was a friend of our scoutmaster who brought me, Jason and a couple of scouts out here the first time. We pulled into the driveway, and our scoutmaster said, “Unfortunately the flag isn’t up so we can’t swim here today. We drove to the city pool”

Bret continued, “A few weeks later the same guys and our scoutmaster were on a bike ride and we stopped because the Boy Scout flag was on the flag pole. That was the first time we swam in the pool. Some of the guys were shy and didn’t want to swim without their suit. I didn’t care because they treated us nice. We had a picnic lunch. Jason and I came as often as we could.

Carl questioned, “How long ago was that?”

“A long time ago, maybe five or six years.  All I remember is we just stopped going. We didn’t stop camping and other scouting stuff but just didn’t come out here.”

Carl asked, “Do you ever see your scout leaders around town?”

Bret said, “Yeah, I see Mr. Thorsen sometimes, at the Lutheran church that I go to, but I don’t think he’s involved in scouting anymore. In fact, our church doesn’t even have a scout troop anymore.” After a little more conversation the boys said goodbye.

Carl turned off the recording and said, “Well, I now have a problem. If Thorsen was involved, I don’t know what to do. He’s a damn good marketing and sales manager. Our sales are growing exponentially.”

“I told you we would pursue this only with your approval.” Olaf continued, “Lucas, did your internet search of the newspaper files turn up anything?

“Actually, nothing turned up in the local newspapers. However, there was a blogger in Madison, about four years ago, who mentioned a suspected ring of child molesters in the Waukesha area. He said he had been involved as a child, but he never followed up with another blog.”

“Did you try to track him down?”

“Yes, I did. He moved away from Madison several years ago and was supposedly living in California.”

“What was his name?”

“Well, his blogger name was Winston something.  I was able to find out his real name was Jeff Swensen.”

Carl said, “That’s my assistant’s name.”

Lucas said, “Gawd, I forgot all about that. Did Jeff live in California?”

“He mentioned the other day that he lived in San Francisco for about a while, several years ago. He said he really didn’t like it. He told me when he came back, his uncle Steven Swensen gave him a job in the marketing office. I think I told you earlier that I hired him as my assistant when Swensen’s assistant decided to retire.  I suspected he was gay by the way he swayed when he walked and the flamboyant way he dressed, but I gave him the job and he’s a damn good assistant.”

“So you have a ‘damn good’ marketing manager and a ‘damn good’ assistant who may know about this. So what the fuck do we do?” Olaf asked.

Lucas looked at Olaf, “I guess the next thing to do is for you to get in bed with Geoff. I am becoming more convinced that scouting leadership discovered Swensen’s activities and shut him down. How they kept the boys quiet is amazing.”

“Maybe the boys were too embarrassed to talk about it.”

Lucas and Olaf discussed how they were going to seduce Geoff. Olaf said, “We can’t do it at Carl’s. We can’t do it at our condo because it looks like more than one person lives here.” They concluded that Olaf had to get an invitation to Geoff’s place.

Olaf saw Geoff frequently at the same fitness center. Olaf inquired as to Geoff’s regular workout times and began to time his workouts with Geoff’s.  He made it seem natural that he was there when Geoff was there, making sure he was showering or toweling when Geoff was in the locker room. After several weeks, Olaf asked Geoff to have a drink and dinner.  Geoff was interested.

Olaf was not going to mess up the relationship he really cared about, so he told Lucas everything that happened. They were in bed in Chicago on the night after Olaf’s first dinner with Geoff. He said, “It worked like it was scripted. He took me to the country club. We talked work and working out, and all the time his knee was pushing against mine.”

Lucas inquired, “Did he say he was gay?”

“What do you think?  No, but he invited me to come over.”

“The guy moves fast.”

”He had to, or I think his dick was going to rip through his pants. Remember, I’ve seen that monster cock plenty of times, including the episode in the woods.”

“I assume you followed him home, like a little puppy.”

He rolled on top of Lucas and kissed him passionately. “This,” Olaf paused for emphasis, “is exactly what I did, once we were undressed and in his king size bed. He turned on all the lights and increased the volume of the music. Every time I touched him he jumped and when I got to his rosebud I thought he was going to jump out of bed. I am only guessing, but I think he has not had male sex before. He didn’t object to anything I did to him, including fucking him. He wanted it bareback and I said no.

“When we were done, he watched me as I dressed. I thought he might invite me to stay the night, but he didn’t.  Instead, it was like he couldn’t wait for me to leave. He stood in his boxers with the front door open, so I couldn’t kiss him. He was looking either direction to see if anyone was around.”

Lucas laughed, “Remember, he’s a Scout leader and can’t be gay.  Are you getting together again?”

“Geoff said nothing about getting together again. Maybe his curiosity has been satisfied, I don’t know. I’ll see him at the gym Tuesday and we will see.”

A week later, Geoff texted Olaf, inviting him for another date.  Sensing that Lucas was becoming jealous when he told him about the text, Olaf added, “You interested in a three-way with Geoff?”

Lucas thought about it and said, “Maybe, but when and where?”

“He makes love like a railroad train, and remember the minute came he was ready for me to leave. I think we have to get him into a neutral location like Carl’s.”

“Carl’s isn’t neutral if he knows anything about the events we think took place there.”

“Lucas, think about it. His age is wrong. He is too old to have been a Boy Scout then and would have been too young to have been a scout leader. It’s time to find out what he knows.”

When the two got together again at Geoff’s place for a second date, Olaf could see that he was more relaxed. Olaf brought up the subject of meeting at a friend’s house for drinks, dinner and some fun.

Geoff said, “I’ll let you know in a day or two.” When he called, Olaf suggested meeting at Carl’s. He knew Carl was flying with Henry to Paris for a long weekend.

The evening of their date with Geoff was cool and clear with a full moon rising as they pulled into the driveway. Lucas took the groceries in as Olaf checked the house. While Olaf had not invited Geoff to stay overnight, they planned to make it hard for him to leave. Promptly at 7:00 Geoff pulled his white Land Rover into Carl’s driveway. They watched Geoff get out of his car and look around. He quickly stepped to the front door and rang the bell. Olaf answered and invited Geoff into the kitchen where he introduced Lucas as his “partner.” Geoff looked shocked, “I didn’t know you had a partner. I thought we were going be with a friend.”

“Lucas is my friend. Don’t worry, we have somewhat of an open relationship.”

Lucas said, “Somewhat, but it’s OK. Come in, Geoff, and relax. What can I get you to drink – wine, beer or something harder?”

Geoff, puzzled, said, “Let’s start with some red wine. Maybe something stronger later.

Olaf invited Geoff to the hot tub and he said, “I didn’t think to bring a suit.”

“Not necessary, we don’t wear them.”

“I don’t usually run around naked. My dick gets hard when fresh air hits it.”

They undressed in the great room and Geoff was stiff as he said he would be.  Lucas commented jokingly, “You could hurt someone with that weapon.” Geoff smiled, followed Olaf onto the pool deck, and watched as Olaf pulled back the hot tub cover. Lucas followed, carrying the drinks and towels. The wine and the warm, bubbling water relaxed Geoff.  Scouting was not mentioned, so Olaf speculated that Geoff did not know that the house had any involvement with scouting.

Getting out of the hot tub, Lucas wrapped himself in a towel, turned on the grill, and went inside to put the potatoes in the microwave and finish dressing the salad. Geoff came in and sat at the counter to keep Lucas company. Following them in, Olaf asked Geoff, “Did you go to high school or college here in Wisconsin”

Geoff said, “I finished high school when my dad was stationed in Japan. I’m a military brat. But I did go to college in Beloit. You know Beloit College?”

“Sure, good school. Where did you get your law degree?”

“At UW Madison; but Masters in tax law at Northwestern.”

They took their place at the table, and the wine continued to flow. After dinner, the three quickly cleaned up the dishes, and Geoff said, “No more wine for me, or my willy will want to sleep, not fuck.”

Olaf had already told Lucas that Geoff probably had never been the top. He was going to try to get Geoff to fuck either Lucas or himself. Lucas had unenthusiastically agreed.

Since they were already naked, the three quickly became comfortable with all the lights on but no music playing.  Olaf didn’t know exactly how to start, so he climbed on top of Lucas and started kissing him gently. He hoped Geoff would get the message that kissing did not have to be crushing, which was Geoff’s usual approach. Geoff seemed to understand and started to suck slowly on Olaf’s ear. Olaf turned and gently kissed him, and Goeff returned that gesture. Geoff took Lucas’s dick in his hand and was gently stroking it. Lucas reached over and pulled Geoff into their embrace. They got Geoff into a condom and greased it so he could enter Olaf. He complained that he was a bottom but reluctantly lifted Olaf’s legs and pushed in hard, causing Olaf to yell. Once Geoff got started, he shouted, “Oh, fuck yeah!” as he continued to hammer Olaf.

Lucas wanted to get in on the action. “Geoff, you want me to fuck you?”

“Gawd, I do,” Geoff gasped. Lucas’s condom-covered cock was slightly bent upward as he guided himself inside Geoff.  With Geoff continuing to assault Olaf, in a few minutes Geoff was being sprayed with Olaf’s cum. Lucas filled his condom as Geoff was twisting and moaning with his own climax.

There was silence as they sprawled limp on the bed, gently caressing one another as they came down from their climaxes. Then Geoff remarked, “Why didn’t I want to do this earlier? That was wonderful.”

Olaf replied, “I thought you’d like it.” After a few minutes, he continued, “Well, Geoff, you want to stay for the night? We can have some more fun in the morning.”

“Sure, why not. The thought of getting to do it again with you two cool guys is enticement enough.  I do have to get to a council meeting by 9:30 tomorrow morning.  Can we set an alarm?”

An alarm was not necessary, because they were awake and going at each other by 8:00am, before they had coffee and cereal. Sitting at the breakfast bar, Olaf asked Geoff, “Have you ever heard of a Scout leader from this area getting killed up in Northern Wisconsin a few years ago?”

Olaf’s ploy worked: Geoff said, “It happened about the time I joined the council. We talked about it a great deal because the guy was from here. He was accused of being a child molester. Why do you ask?”

“Well, when I was on leave last year visiting my family I happened to be in Eagle River when they started a trial of the boat driver who killed a scout leader. The boat driver was cleared. I understand he is from somewhere around here as well.”

“He’s the guy who did carpentry work for me, Michelson. You met him.”

Lucas jumped into the conversation. “A friend hired the same guy. He put in new kitchen cabinets.”

Olaf followed up, “So, if the guy was a molester, I guess it was lucky for the Scout council that he died.”

“God, yes! It would have been a mess if one of our Scout leaders was a predator. He was an assistant scoutmaster of one of the troops in Waukesha. After he was killed, the church stopped sponsoring any troop.

“Guys, I’ve got to get going,” Geoff continued. “Hope we can get together again. Maybe next time I can bring our friend, Marshall.”

“You mean our Marshall Thorsen who we play golf with?”

“Well, we’ve been spending some time together. He is not out, nor am I. We like being together.”

Geoff finished his coffee, grabbed his toilette bag, and walked to his car.

“Well, well, well, isn’t that an interesting turn of events,” Olaf remarked. “Do you think Geoff will tell Marshall about coming over? I don’t think he’s ready to tell anyone what we did last night. Neither am I, but it was fun in a weird kind of way.”

“Once was enough for me. I want to devote my full attention to you.”

Olaf said seriously, “I don’t know how to turn him off. I am going to tell him I really liked our sex but I really want to devote myself to you, Lucas.”

“If he has Marshall, maybe he will lose interest in you, I hope.”

Olaf said, “I remember Marshall was riding a jet ski with Steve Swensen, because I saw an eyewitness report that was sent by the prosecutors in Vilas County. So, you think he was Steve’s lover or part of a plan to take Steve out?”

Lucas snarled, “What a fucked up mess!”

“And things at Moraine are going so well.”