Moraine Plastics

by John S. Lloyd

Chapter 4

newspaper clipping

For Lucas the trip began magically, with champagne served as he and Carl entered the Business Class cabin of the United 777.  They had seats together on the right side of the plane. Lucas pushed buttons, and the seat slipped from an upright to a horizontal position for sleeping.  An attractive Asian male flight attendant brought Bose headsets and menus printed on heavy card stock. The attendant hesitated and smiled at Carl for a moment too long.   As he stepped away, Lucas commented, “This is certainly different than flying around the United States. I can’t believe this is the same airline.”

Carl laughed, “Yeah, I thought he was cute too.”

“I didn’t mean the flight attendant. You’re right, he has a cute smile.”

The plane landed sixteen hours, three movies, two meals and a snack, and a fitful four hour nap later.  Lucas and Carl entered the historic Shangri La Hotel on Hong Kong Island, a bit disheveled but glad to be on the ground. They were escorted to their compact room, with red and black lacquered furniture, and a queen sized bed in the alcove.

The two rode the trolleys, climbed up to the Peak, took the harbor ferry tour, and thoroughly enjoyed their time together.  On the third day, as they entered the hotel lobby, Carl whispered to Lucas, “There’s the steward who was on our flight.” Lucas looked at the fellow, who was six inches taller than any of the female flight attendants. The guy noticed them. As soon as he picked up his key, he walked over.

His Asian eyes were sparkling brown and his smile engaging, “You guys were on my flight the other day? Good to see you. My name is Henry Chu.”

“Where did you fly from today?” Carl asked.

“Since I saw you, I have been to Sydney and back, Beijing and back, and ready to head back to Chicago tomorrow.”

“Is your base Chicago?”

“Right, I share a place in Wrigleyville. What about you guys?”

“My place is in Andersonville, and Carl lives up in Southern Wisconsin.”

Henry paused, “I don’t mean to be too forward, but would you like to have dinner with me? I know a traditional Chinese restaurant that has the best Peking duck. Have you ever had it?”

Carl said, “No, but that sounds great. OK with you, Lucas?”

Lucas nodded his agreement.

“OK, I’ll meet you right here in two hours.” Carl and Lucas showered off the Hong Kong heat and humidity. They had been told that November and December were the best months to be in Hong Kong, but it was still hot and humid.

Henry was jovial and friendly to Carl, with his hand frequently on Carl’s knee during dinner.  Lucas was getting jealous but figured that Henry would be gone the next day and would not affect their trip. Henry asked about the rest of the trip. Carl responded by pulling out a slightly crumpled itinerary, “I’ll be back in Asia in about two weeks,” Henry said, as he looked at the itinerary. “I have a three day layover in Bangkok. I’d enjoy joining you in Phuket if you don’t mind?”Lucas irritation spread across his face.

Carl immediately replied, “Henry, I assume you’ve been there before. You can show us what to do.”


The next day, Henry flew east, and Carl and Lucas flew west to Singapore.  Lucas loved the historic Raffles Hotel with the Long Bar, where the Singapore Sling was invented. They traveled on the efficient, clean subway that put Chicago’s “L” to shame. He couldn’t believe the number of shopping centers and everyone crowded with people. He wished their stay could have been longer.

Kuala Lumpur was noisy and chaotic compared to Singapore. Carl was busy with his conference. He talked incessantly to Lucas, about concepts he was learning at the conference and how he thought Moraine Plastics could use them.  Lucas spent his first day lying by the pool at the Hilton with a book he barely opened. On the second afternoon, a tall, dark haired fellow with a pencil-thin mustache and muscled belly sat down on the empty lounger next to him. He wore a Speedo that was cut high on his hairy legs. Lucas thought, There are other empty loungers but he chooses to sit next me. I assume he is looking for someone western to talk to.  

After spreading his towel and reclining, the stranger said, “You here in KL for the first time?”

“Yes, here with a friend who’s attending a conference in the hotel.”

“What about you?  Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Olsen Olafson. They call me Olaf. What about yourself?”

“I’m Lucas Polansky. I’m from Chicago.”

“I want to live in Chicago when I finish the service. I grew up near Rochester, Minnesota.
Lucas said, “What is your business?”

“I’m attached to the US Embassy. I’m a Marine, part of the security detachment.”

Lucas smiled. “You look like a Marine, ready to crush anyone with your massive arms. I hope you don’t mind me telling you that you have a fantastic body. You must spend hours in the gym.”

Olaf laughed, “Job requires that we stay in shape. Honestly, when you do what I do, there’s plenty of time to stay in shape. The job is actually boring most of the time. I plan to get out in a couple of years and go to Chicago. But I may have to move back to the farm, since my father is getting ready to retire.”

“You don’t look much like a farmer,” Lucas offered.

“I’ve been thinking about going into politics, starting with the state legislature. But that’s a couple of years away. What about you?”

Getting bolder, Lucas said, “Well my ex-partner and I have a consulting firm. We do team-building for companies and organizations. It’s called organizational development.”

“I saw you with that older man. Is he your partner?”

“No, Carl’s a client from Southern Wisconsin.”

“Are you guys together? I mean partners?”

“Well, that is a good question. We are close friends. He invited me to come along, I think, hoping we could become more. We’ve spent time in Hong Kong together, and after the conference we’re going to Bangkok and Phuket.”

“So you are traveling together but not partners. I’m sorry to be so nosy, but I think you’re handsome, yourself.”

“Thanks. Carl and I enjoy each other, but I don’t see myself long-term with someone twenty years older than me. Don’t get me wrong, he treats me well and is paying for most of this trip. Carl doesn’t pressure me, and we have a good time together.”

“I bet you and I would have a good time together,” Olaf replied. Lucas smiled, noticing a big hard-on pushing open the top of Olaf’s Speedo. Olaf didn’t try to hide his situation.

Lucas heard, “There you are.”

Lucas straddled the lounger to get up. He could see Olaf adjusting himself as Carl walked over to them.  “Carl, this is Olsen Olafson from Minnesota,” Lucas said. “He’s a Marine attached to the Embassy here.”

Carl said hello but seemed distracted. “Let’s go to the room and get dressed. I want you to meet some people.”

Olaf was undeterred, “What’s your room number? Maybe we can have lunch while Carl’s working.”

“Lucas, that’s a great idea,” Carl agreed. “Give us a call. We’re in Room 1122”

Once back in the room, Carl continued, “Let’s see if that guy will do a three-way. Big husky guy probably has a big dick. It might be fun. What do you think?”

Lucas replied, “Never had a three-way with you. Let’s see what happens.” 

Carl and Lucas attended a cocktail party, where they meet several Malay men who eyed Lucas suspiciously.  The next morning, about ten, Lucas was reading the paper when the phone rang.  “Hello, Lucas, this is Olaf. How are you this morning?”

After pleasantries, Lucas invited Olaf to have lunch. “Sorry, I can’t join you,” Olaf replied. “The Ambassador has a VIP in town and I have to accompany them. What about a late dinner?”  Lucas began to think Olaf had the same idea that Carl had.

Lucas agreed, “We will meet you at 20:00 in the hotel lobby.”

When Lucas told Carl the plan, he scowled, “I just made dinner plans for us.  This is our last night. I guess we can add a third.”

Olaf appeared in a tailored black suit which accentuated his broad shoulders and narrow hips. His burly neck, in a white shirt with a black and gold tie, seemed to strain the collar button. His hair was oiled and slicked back.  He was smiling when he joined them in the hotel bar. Before they had taken their first sip, a hotel boy announced that their table  at the Tuscan Grill was ready., They proceeded into a dark space that looked like the captain’s cabin of an old sailing ship. Carl said, “Olaf can you join us in our suite for a drink after dinner?”

“Sure can, and more I hope,” he said as he leaned forward.

“I hope so, too.” Their exchange allowed them to have a leisurely dinner before going to their room.

Lucas boldly took off his shirt and stepped to the window to admire the view of the twin towers.  Olaf did the same, coming up behind Lucas and with his solid arms encircling his waist and his fingers loosening Lucas’s belt and unzipping his pants. Carl entered, dressed only in his red underpants and proceeded to remove the remainder of Olaf’s clothes. He stood naked and stiff. Carl said, “To the bed.” Olaf took Lucas’s hand and pulled him to the bed. Carl took a few moments to turn down the lights and start the music.  Carl positioned himself behind Olaf, who took the middle position on the bed. As Olaf faced Lucas, he gently kissed his cheek and neck before moving to his lips. For a big muscle guy he kissed gently, and his tongue entered Lucas’s mouth tentatively. Lucas could feel Carl humping against Olaf’s butt. With his right hand Olaf pulled at his left cheek to allow Carl better access. He said, “Carl, go for it. I love to be fucked. Got lube and condom handy?”

Carl reached toward the bedside table and knocked the bottle to the floor. As he got out of bed to pick it up, Lucas could see that Carl’s round Swedish dick was ready for the Norwegian’s ass.  Olaf and Lucas watched as Carl slipped a big condom over his sizeable cock, followed by a generous amount of lube. Carl got back in bed and began sliding his dick up and down Olaf’s crack. Olaf’s attention shifted from Lucas to Carl as he guided Carl to his asshole.  Carl knew what he was doing, so Olaf pulled Lucas up to get to his cock. Olaf stopped his kissing with an audible “Wow” when Carl pushed past his ring. He preceded sucking Lucas in time with Carl’s movements. Olaf smiled and said, “Nothing better than getting fucked by a determined man.” Lucas pulled away from Olaf’s mouth, grabbed his dick, and rubbed it in time with Carl’s action. Lucas kissed Olaf again and again. He seemed totally happy with the two men he just met.

Lucas, sensing that Carl was ready, increased the pressure on Olaf’s dick. Squirming, Olaf erupted as Carl was exploding inside his ass.  Since Lucas was the only one who had not shot, Olaf’s inserted his lubed finger into Lucas’s asshole and proceeded to massage his prostate while keeping his mouth around his dick.  Every time Olaf touched Lucas’s prostate, he felt like exploding, but Olaf quickly drew back as he edged Lucas closer. Finally, Lucas went over the edge with Olaf’s mouth firmly sucking and Carl breathing into his ear.

The three lay enjoying each other for five or ten minutes before Olaf said, “Sorry you guys are leaving. I really liked that. Next time, I want Lucas to fuck me.”

Carl said, “When’s the next time you’re back in Minnesota? Maybe we can get together.”

“Not scheduled but shouldn’t be too long, since I have leave time that I have to use. But aren’t you guys going to Phuket from here? Maybe I can get a day or two off to join you there.”

Carl hesitated but said, “Might work.”

Lucas added, “That would be great as far as I’m concerned.” Lucas was really beginning to like this Minnesota farm boy. He was sweet, naïve, and totally relaxed. 

Minutes later, Olaf got up to shower with the comment, “Got to be at the Embassy at 7:00 am to start work.” He stood momentarily looking at the two naked bodies and said, “That was really fun.”

Lucas and Carl watched as he dried himself and dressed without tying his tie. Lucas gave him a hug and a wet kiss which he returned happily. Carl hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. He left.

Carl walked with Lucas into the shower to wash off the lovemaking juices. He said, “I enjoyed that, but I prefer your body to his. He’s too hard. There’s nothing soft about him, and besides he’s just a big bottom, like so many muscle guys.”

“I like him. He’s a great kisser. Do you think we’ll get together in Phuket?

Carl said, “It might be a little complicated, because I invited Henry to join us.”

“The flight attendant?  When did you do that?”

“I responded to his email a day or two ago with details of our travel to the Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket. That’s OK isn’t it?”

“Sure, fine.” Lucas said, feeling Carl’s affection was moving away from one Asian man to a cute Asian boy.  Lucas thought that maybe his own ambivalence was causing Carl to look for someone else. He knew they needed to talk, but not while he was naked, holding Carl’s dick in his soapy hand.

Late the next morning the phone rang. Olaf spoke to Carl, but Lucas could tell they were making arrangements for Olaf to join them on Phuket. Carl hung up, “I guess we will need two rooms.”

“Why? Do you mean that Henry and Olaf will be there at the same time?”

“Yes and no. Henry arrives on Wednesday next week and Olaf arrives on Friday. I know Henry flies back to Singapore on Sunday and Olaf has to fly back to KL the same day.”

“Carl, this whole thing is getting complicated. Henry is interested in you not me. I think he is a cute fellow. I suggest trying to work to have a three-way with him when he arrives. If he says “No,” then I don’t know what we’ll do. The three-way will give us a chance to get to know him.

“Sounds like a plan. You are alright with me trying out the new merchandise before I buy?”

“Listen, you and I are friends... Yes, friends with benefits. I want that to continue as long as you do. I have told you I respect you and love working for you, but I don’t see us together in a long-term relationship. I hope you aren’t offended. You brought me all the way to Asia, which I love. I don’t want to appear ungrateful.”

“Lucas, you are a great guy and a good fuck. I’m sorry—a sensitive love maker. Do you think you could satisfy Olaf?  I bet he wants to be fucked every night. I think it’s all about him. Do you see yourself with him long-term?”

“I agree, it’s way too early to know that. He is sensual and like a big, little boy.  I’ll have to see how it goes.”

After three packed days touring Bangkok, they arrived in Phuket. The Sheraton Grande Laguna was nestled among boulders and palm trees. Carl and Lucas were greeted by courteous hotel boys in flowery shirts, white shorts, and trainers. As Carl checked in, he asked if there was a two bedroom suite available. The young desk attendant with long flowing black hair retreated behind the wall, and an assistant manager greeted Carl.

He said, “There’s a suite available starting Thursday for three nights only. The first night, you’ll have one room of the suite and then take the entire suite Thursday.”

They were still standing at the desk when they heard, “Carl and Luke.” They turned to see Henry, dressed in his flight attendant uniform, walking toward them. “Did you guys just get here?  I can’t wait to get out of these clothes.”

Carl said, “All set. Let’s go to the room.” Henry handed his rolling bag to the hotel boy. They took a motorized cart to a low two story unit at the far end of the resort complex. The boy opened the door and pulled back the curtains, revealing a panoramic view of the bay and the beach. The room was small but had two queen sized beds, which was going to work fine if Henry resisted the idea of a three-way. Almost before the door was closed, Henry was down to his underwear and slipping into shorts.

Carl and Lucas had decided not to tell Henry about Olaf until they got to know him better. That happened quickly, as he said, “I want to have sex with you guys. Now or later?”

Carl replied, “I’m hungry and want a drink. Let’s go to the pool and have lunch. There’s plenty of time for sex later.”

Henry was not shy and said, “Sounds good to me.” He got naked and squeezed his tanned bubble butt into a mini-suit that covered barely enough. He then slipped on a tight aqua blue tank top which  brushed the edge of his white suit with red stripes. Carl didn’t change. Lucas slipped on a multi-colored Speedo but left  his shirt on.

At lunch they found out that Henry was a US citizen who had grown up in Los Angeles.  After graduating from Cal State-Northridge, he became a flight attendant. He said, “I was first on a regional carrier before being hired by United, fifteen years ago.”  Lucas figured Henry was about forty, but he appeared younger, though he was still seven or eight years older than Lucas.

Henry mentioned that he didn’t have a partner. He was not shy about showing interest in Carl, who in turn loved the attention. The afternoon sun had moved, and it was now warm. Carl suggested going back to the room. Neither Henry nor Lucas objected, which led them straight to bed after taking short showers to cool off. Lucas was in bed first, as Henry and Carl lingered in the bathroom.  They walked out together, with Henry pulling Carl by his dick. Henry’s was considerably smaller than Carl’s, but they were both fully hard.

Like a kid, Henry jumped on the bed and fell on top of Lucas. Carl lay next to them and pulled Lucas into a deep kiss. Henry objected, “Hey, I want part of that.” He pulled Carl away as Lucas stroked his smooth hairless ass. Lucas ran his hands slowly up and down the inside of Carl’s thighs. Carl moaned softly as he and Henry passionately kissed.  Henry broke off the kiss and said, “I want to be the meat in the sandwich.  I don’t think that I could take Carl right now, but Luke, would you enter my cavity?  I’ll go into Carl. I’ve never done this but what do you say?”

What Henry wanted took preparation. First, Lucas loosened Henry up with an index finger, followed by two fingers. His hole was warm and inviting as Lucas pushed into his anal chamber. Henry wiggled, helping Lucas get all the way in.  Carl spooned back into Henry as Henry’s smallish dick tried to get Carl’s hairy hole.  After several attempts, Henry made it past Carl’s sphincter as Carl exclaimed, “Gawd, you’re in.”

Henry moved back and forth. With the condom, on Lucas knew he wasn’t going to cum, but as it turned out, neither could Henry.  Ten minutes or so into the sandwich, Lucas pulled out and they both took off their condoms. Henry grabbed Lucas’s dick, Lucas grabbed Carl’s dick, and Carl completed the circle.  With a little added lube they all achieved mutual satisfaction.

After a few minutes of decompression, Lucas said, “That was interesting.”

“Good but not as good as I’d hoped. Maybe next time we’ll try something different,” Henry added seriously.

As they were finishing their tea and coffee, clad only in underwear, the doorbell chimed. Carl opened the door to an attractive young woman. He apologized for his appearance. She did not seem concerned as she stepped into the room. She informed Carl that the rest of the suite was ready, unlocked the door for them, and gave Carl two keys. Without any fanfare Carl said, “Lucas, you and Olaf can have that room and Henry and I will take this room.” Lucas smiled, understanding that Carl’s interest had shifted from him to Henry, which suited him fine.

Mid-afternoon, tall, hunky Olaf came onto the pool deck, dressed in his Marine uniform. He greeted Carl and Lucas and was introduced to Henry.  Lucas watched as his massive hand shake caused Henry’s hand to disappear completely. Lucas said, “Let’s get your stuff and I’ll show you the suite.”

“Sweet,” was the only thing Olaf said when the hotel boy opened the main suite door.  Once inside, Lucas told Olaf the sleeping arrangement, “Sounds like a plan I can get into.”

“You ready for pool time, lunch time or what?”

He smiled, “I want sex now and sex later.” Since Lucas was dressed only in a swim suit and rubber beach slippers, it did not take him long to undress. Olaf took a shower which included Lucas, who lathered up Olaf’s hairy body, spending plenty of time in the spot he was about to enter. Lucas’s cock was so hard, it almost hurt.  His finger found Olaf’s spot as Olaf pulled his cheeks apart. With the soap, Lucas easily slipped into his asshole and could feel him squeezing as his magnificent bubble butt.  Lucas couldn’t hold on for long. Lucas held Olaf’s waist and sent cum into his ass cavity. Olaf pulled his dick four or five times before he threw his head back, “Gawd, gawd, here it comes. Gawd.” Out shot a long sticky stream of white liquid against the glass shower wall. Lucas and Olaf were so involved with each other they hadn’t noticed that Henry with Carl stood at the bathroom door watching. With his right hand Olaf waved at them.  Henry waved back.

Once they were dried off Carl said, “Time for lunch. Do you want to eat here or go over to the beachside café?”  They agreed on the café, and Olaf grabbed Lucas’s hand as they walked over. Carl had his arm draped over Henry’s shoulder. They sat, sipping champagne and eating sushi and sashimi, followed by seafood soup and sourdough bread. The sun slipped further and further toward the horizon as they finished their meal.

Back in the suite, modesty was not even considered. Olaf, surprised by how small Henry’s dick was, asked him, “Will it reach?”.

Henry replied, “It works for me and Carl. That’s all that matters.”

Olaf smiled and said, “Yeah, that is all that matters.”

With both rooms with door wide open, the four napped until it was dark. Carl knocked gently on the door frame. “Guys, how about dinner in about thirty minutes? I’ll order something from room service, since I really don’t want to dress.” He turned, not waiting for an answer. Room service was a cute Thai boy, who set the dining table in the main room as the four guests lounged around, partially dressed. He pretended not to look at Carl who was wrapped only in a towel.

After dinner, Carl and Henry left for bed. Lucas finally had privacy to speak to Olaf. “Do you have a partner back home?” he asked.

“Hell, no, Marines aren’t gay.”

“So you’re not gay? You could have fooled me.”

Olaf laughed, “You know what they say, ‘not gay but love having sex with men’ and especially you. Could you ever see yourself being with a big, dumb Norwegian like me?”

“Why not?”

“Oh, you seem so cultured and nice. Like what I said to Henry earlier, I say stupid things. I didn’t mean to insult him but his dick is small.”

“Yes, that was somewhat awkward. Perhaps you should say something to him tomorrow, but I don’t think he took offense, or he didn’t seem to.”

Olaf asked, “Are you out to your family in Chicago?”

“I am out. My father died when I was young, as did my sister, but my mother seems fine. It’s not talked about when I’m home.  Even though she lives only a couple of miles away, I don’t see her as much as I should.  I did have a partner, named Terry. He and I were business partners first and became personally involved about two years ago. But that’s over. He moved to Minneapolis to care for his mother.”

“But what about you and Carl?  I mean our three-way in Hong Kong did not seem like the first time you and he were together.”

“I told you Carl is a client of ours. He and I have been an item but I have decided that I don’t want a partner twenty years older than me. Carl respects my decision and seems to have moved on Henry.”

“Looks like that to me, too,” Olaf said. “You interested in my story?”

“Yes, I have as long as it takes.” At that point he threw off his towel.

“That’s not fair. How can I concentrate?”

“It’ll be a good training for you.”

Olaf patted the front of Lucas’s underpants. “OK, where to begin. I told you I grew up on a farm near Rochester, Minnesota. Have two older brothers, and one younger sister. She and I are close. I graduated number one academically in a class of sixty-five. Got a scholarship to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, didn’t take it and went to Mankato State College.  I thought I wanted to be a football coach. I played every sport that was available in our small high school. I figured at Mankato I could walk on and play football, which happened.

“During orientation week I met this guy who told me I could get a scholarship from the Navy if I signed up for NROTC. I’d never thought about the military as a career. I went to his office, and he told me I could go to college free if I would serve in the Navy for three years after graduation. He gave me the ‘See the World talk, and I bought it.”

“But you’re a Marine…”

“That came later.  Because of my size at boot camp, I was encouraged to join the Marines. The most interesting part was getting into the Foreign Service detachment. That is a much longer story, which I will save for another time. So you’re thinking, when did this Norwegian guy decide he was gay, right?”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

“Let me assure you, the Navy has plenty of gay sailors. The ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy was in full swing when I was doing basic training at Great Lakes. I could get fucked whenever I wanted to. No problem.”

“Isn’t it difficult to be gay in a place like KL?”

“That is true. That’s why I go to the Hilton. I’ve had some luck there, but not much. I sure don’t want to screw up my security clearance. I saw you sitting by the pool and knew I had to meet you. I didn’t know if you were gay or not. You just looked like someone I wanted to know. The fact you are faggot, like me, is a real bonus. Excuse me, that’s just the way I talk. Don’t take offense.”

“Next time you say something like that, I’ll kiss you.” Lucas reached over and gave Olaf a big sloppy kiss. They tongued intensely until Lucas asked, “Does your family know you’re gay?”

“I suspect the thought has never crossed their mind. I’ve been home so little since I joined the Marines that when I am home, I’m visiting relatives or doing things around the farm that need my muscles. I’m sure my sister suspects, which is fine with me. She used to talk about finding me a nice Minnesota girl to settle down with. She doesn’t do that anymore.”

“Would you ever tell them?”

“Do you mean if you and I ever got together and got married, would I invite them to the wedding? Yes, I would.”

“Wedding, we haven’t had a date yet!”

“I know, but I want to be married some day to a great guy. I’ve decided you’re a candidate. Maybe even have kids.”

“Thanks for letting me know,” Lucas said smiling. “How could you run for public office in Minnesota dragging around a Filipino/Polish boyfriend.”

Seriously, Olaf replied, “Things are changing. Marriage will be legal in Minnesota for gays soon.”

“I know, but getting elected is different.”

“I’ve decided I don’t want to be a full-time farmer and I don’t want to be a high school football coach. I’m tired of the Marines, especially the job I have. If I do run for office, I’m sure I could get endorsements from three ambassadors. My boss at the State Department loves me.”

“When are you coming back to the States?  When will I see you again?”

“That probably won’t be until next March or April.  I have scheduled leave. I’m tired of talking—let’s go to bed.”

“I’m ready,” Lucas said as Olaf tickled his hard cock. “You seem to prefer being the bottom. Does it always have to be that way?”

Olaf hesitated, “No, I guess not. When I’ve tried to top guys, they couldn’t take my size.  I love being the fuckee, but I don’t have to, I guess.”

“I think a relationship works best if both partners share equally,” Lucas observed. Olaf’s expression suggested he wasn’t convinced. The two went to bed, and after spooning for a couple of minutes, they both drifted into sleep.

The next two days evaporated, and it was Sunday afternoon. The four men sat side by side at the Phuket airport. Olaf left first on his flight to KL, and thirty minutes later, the other three were on the cheap AirAsia flight to Singapore. Henry had his uniform on, since his plane to Sydney would leave three hours after they arrived. 

Carl and Lucas stayed at the Conrad Hotel in downtown Singapore. Once they were in their twelfth story room, looking over the harbor at the casino on Santosa, Carl said, “Well, what do you think?  You and Olaf getting together again?”

“I heard Henry say he would see you in Chicago in a couple of weeks. Do you guys want to come to my place?”

“Sure. You can have my place to yourself if you want.”

“Oh, that’s OK. I have no problem being with you two love birds if you don’t mind.”

“Lucas, you are a good friend and a good consultant. You aren’t a bad lover either. Anytime you are lonely, my bed is open to you. I am sure Henry would be happy to be the meat in another sandwich.” Both men laughed.

“To answer you’re earlier question, I don’t really know if Olaf and I can be a couple. He is so naïve but so beautiful. I am willing to give it a try. He has many decisions to make.  As you know, he won’t be back in the States until March. Terry and I have your session to schedule, and there is a ton of other work waiting for me. Let me say again what a wonderful gift you gave me, inviting me to come with you to Asia.”

“My pleasure, truly my pleasure. You are a fantastic traveling companion. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we travel together. Would that work for you?”

“That would be great. Let’s go to dinner.”

The next day, Carl and Lucas flew non-stop from Singapore to Los Angeles in the same luxury they had experienced on the way over. Even though the flight to Chicago was in first class, it was definitely a step down in service. Carl slept at Lucas’s place, and they had wonderful “‘friends sex” before he drove home to Wisconsin.

Lucas had plenty of emails to deal with, but the most important one confirmed the Moraine Plastics team-building retreat for February 15–16. The location was still undecided. Lucas called Terry, who said he had already spoken to Carl’s assistant, Jeff, and had scheduled his individual interviews with the managers during the second week of January.  They decided that since there were people at Moraine who knew that Lucas had accompanied Carl on the Asia trip, Terry should do the interviews. Terry and Lucas did two more team-building sessions at Archer Daniels in December before the holidays shut them down.

Over the holidays, Lucas thought a lot about Olaf. They emailed frequently but agreed to not use intimate words, because Olaf wasn’t sure whether his email was monitored. Olaf did confirm that he was coming home earlier, in late February, because his father was going having a heart valve replaced at the Mayo Clinic. Lucas was excited but knew they wouldn’t get much time together.

Lucas was invited to Carl’s for a Christmas Eve cocktail party, which was fine with him, since his mother didn’t do anything special for Christmas except to attend every available Mass. Carl insisted that he stay over and go snowmobiling.  There was some snow on the ground when Lucas arrived, but on Christmas Eve, as if on cue, the heavy snow started during the party.

In addition to Carl and Lucas, there were two couples who stayed overnight. One was Carl’s oldest niece, Marsha, and her boyfriend Manfred, a burly German foreign exchange student, both of whom attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison. They had the big guest room, and Carl’s mother and her sister shared the other bedroom with two twin beds.  That left the other side of Carl’s bed for Lucas.  After the other guests left, Carl, thinking that everyone was asleep, suggested that they take the cover off of the hot tub. Giving Lucas a robe and putting one on himself, he stepped out to the snow-covered hot tub cover and brushed off the snow. Carl had strung little white twinkling lights on the trees, which with the falling snow created a fairy land atmosphere.

Carl and Lucas hung their robes so they wouldn’t get covered in snow and plunged into the bubbling water. Once their bodies were submerged, Marsha called from the sliding glass doors, “Uncle Carl, can Manny and I join you two?”

“If you don’t mind that we are naked, that’s fine.”

“That’s OK with us. Don’t tell my mother I was naked with you.” Moments later the two of them were in with us. Manny’s uncut cock was prominent but so were Marsha’s boobs.  Lucas was happy that Carl’s niece was comfortable with him having a boyfriend.

Carl said, “Manny and Marsha, if I didn’t tell you, Lucas is a good friend who travelled with me to Asia. He lives in Chicago and is a consultant to Moraine Plastics.”

“And that’s all?” Marsha smiled.

“OK, Miss Smarty, yes we are more than friends.” Lucas could feel his face redden and was sure it wasn’t the hot water.

Lucas said, “Folks, the water is pretty hot. I need to sit on the side to cool off. I hope you don’t mind?”

Shaking heads suggested no problem. Everyone stayed for another half an hour before retreating to their respective bedrooms. Lucas commented, “Are your kids as easy with you being gay as Marsha is?”

“Marsha’s mother, my sister, told me when I came out that she wasn’t happy but she respected my decision.  Marsha has always been the child who took in stray animals and championed every liberal cause. I wasn’t surprised that she joined us in the hot tub. That is just her.  I don’t think her sister would have done the same, and I am one hundred percent sure her brother wouldn’t have. He is further right than William Buckley. I’m really disappointed that neither of them came to the party. We’re only thirty miles from Milwaukee but they both had excuses. Maybe Christmas Eve isn’t the best time to have the party. I may try a different day next year to see if they will come out.”

Carl and Lucas got into bed. Carl’s solid cock was sliding up and down Lucas’s crack. The sex was fun and the Christmas Eve climax joyous. It was just sex: Carl and Lucas knew they had each moved on.  Lucas stayed around until about noon on Christmas day. When he was preparing to leave Carl asked if he would take his mother and her sister back to Waukesha.  Lucas didn’t know what Carl’s mother thought about Carl being gay. He said, “Sure, not out of the way. The snow seems to have subsided.”

Carl loaded them in Lucas’s SUV. They hadn’t gone five miles when Carl’s mother said, “Lucas, do you think Carl is happy?  You seem to know him quite well.”

“I do. He and I just got back from a trip to Asia three weeks ago.”

“I didn’t know you went,” she questioned.

“Yes, we visited Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, and Singapore.”

“Are you gay, too?”

Lucas stumbled while looking straight ahead, “Yes, ma’am. I am single and ‘yes’ I am gay.  Carl has hired my business partner and me to do some organizational consulting for his company. I met Carl last summer.”

“You seem like a nice boy. Are you his boyfriend?”

Lucas paused at the directness of her questions but could tell she was concerned. “Mrs. Lindquist, Carl and I are more than twenty years apart in age. I like Carl as a friend but I am not his boyfriend. As far as I know he doesn’t have a boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean he won’t have one sometime. Is that OK with you?

“I told my sister Margaret that I just want him to be happy. He seemed so miserable with his former wife. They should have broken it off earlier. I suspect he didn’t want to hurt the children.” She sat back quietly before saying, “Carl wants me to meet a fellow named Henry.”

Lucas raised his eyebrows but answered, “Yes, I know Henry. He is a flight attendant for United Airlines. He is a really nice fellow.”

“I told him OK but not until spring when my yard has greened up.”

Ten minutes later Lucas pulled up in front of the house Mrs. Lindquist and her sister shared. The sidewalk and driveway were covered with snow.  The snow shovel was leaning against the garage door. Lucas left them sitting in the car as he shoveled the walk before they got out.  Because the snow was light and feathery, clearing a path was short work.  He escorted them to the front door and said his goodbyes.  Mrs. Lindquist said, “Lucas, thank you for answering my questions. I am still a little confused about these gay things. I’m trying to understand.”

“Happy to help you. But know that Carl is happy.” Lucas drove away, smiling.