Moraine Plastics

by John S. Lloyd

Chapter 2

newspaper clipping

Lucas knew the security code at Carl’s.  He arrived about 2 pm and relaxed as the shirtless, Latino workers continued working on the pool tile.  The beefiest of the workers came onto the screened porch to announce that they were finished with the tile work and would return in a few days to clean up the debris, making the pool ready for water. Lucas walked out to the pool to look at the beautiful blue and white tile pattern that the men had put in place.  A new bright blue pump was in the pump house. His eyes followed four hoses that led up to the south-facing roof where Carl had installed solar water heaters for the pool. Lucas liked the beauty and privacy afforded by the rural setting.

Lucas sat down and closed his eyes. He jumped when he felt two hands resting on his shoulders. Carl had come home. “What time is it? I must have fallen asleep. It’s so calm and serene here.”

Carl asked, “What did you find out at the library?”

“Nothing, really.  I copied the three articles I found for you to read. I’ve been thinking about going up to Vilas County to see what the accident report says. I wonder if I could get them to fax it to me?” Not waiting for Carl’s response, Lucas continued, “I’ll give them a call.”

“You said there’s something in the basement that you wanted to show me.”

“I do, but let me call the Vilas County Records Department before they close, and see if they can fax the stuff to me.”

“By the way, we’re going to have drinks before we go to dinner. Don’t feel like cooking.”

Lucas called Eagle River and spoke to a helpful woman, who agreed to find and fax the file. After quite a while, she returned and said, “For some reason I can’t find the file. I know we have one, because I put papers in it. Let me try to find it and call you back tomorrow.” Lucas gave her his cell phone number. Carl returned to the porch, dressed only in his white Calvin Klein bikini briefs. His cock was prominent and its head clearly visible to Lucas, who felt his own dick stiffen. Carl said, “Ready for the basement? Better get some flip flops on. The floor’s dirty.”

Lucas replied, “In the name of honesty, after the young guy from the nursery left this morning, I was snooping around. I apologize, but I found a locked room…”

Carl stopped him, “I was curious about that room but never had the time or interest to find a locksmith to unlock the door. How did you get it open?”

“Found the key on the ledge over the door. Are you ready?”

Once the light cord was pulled, Carl’s first reaction was “Shit! Look, a sling!” He walked over to the old file cabinet and opened it slowly. “Look at the leather whip! Lucas, I am fucking glad you went snooping around. This whole thing gets weirder all the time.” Lucas replied, “Even more curious! The accident file in Vilas County is missing.”

Lucas was completely aware that Carl had one hand squarely on his butt cheek, squeezing it. He stood there, enjoying the sensation, which gave him much more pleasure than the boy’s mouth had.

After a couple of vodka martinis that Lucas thought were too strong, Carl grabbed Lucas’s hand and led him into his bedroom. Carl stepped out of his briefs and slowly unbuttoned Lucas’s shirt and pants before slipping off his socks and underpants. Lucas was as hard as a rock and ready for whatever Carl wanted to do.  “Lucas, would you let me fuck you?” Carl asked. “Safely, of course. I don’t know what you think about being with someone my age?

“Carl, I’m fine with that. You’ve got a great body, and I love all the body hair. I haven’t been fucked in quite a while.”

Carl pulled down the covers, pushed Lucas onto his back, and rubbed his nipples roughly.  Pulling Carl’s hand back, Lucas said, “Softer! They’re tender.” Carl slowed down and aggressively moved his face toward Lucas’s so that his mustache tickled Lucas’s upper lip. He then moved down and took Lucas’s dick in his mouth. Where Bret’s lips had been warm and smooth, Carl’s were squeezing his dick. With his right index finger, Carl found and slowly circled Lucas’s hole. He reached into a drawer beside the bed to take out the KY and asked, “Are you ready?”  Lucas smiled as Carl lubed him and slipped one finger in, then two and finally three. Lucas prepared himself as Carl lifted his butt and put a pillow underneath it.  Carl did the heavy lifting. Lucas wanted Carl to be in charge: he was the client.

Carl’s entry into Lucas’s cavity was gentle, but he was full and round.  As he popped past the sphincter ring, Lucas moaned. Carl slowed down but didn’t pull back. Carl pushed deeper and deeper with each thrust, providing Lucas with an intensely pleasurable sensation that he had missed when he was with Terry.  Carl’s climax came quickly.  As Lucas’s hips continued to pump, Carl called out, “Stop, man, you’re killing me. Fuck you!”

Lucas laughed, “Yes, you did. Now it’s my turn.”

Carl softened and slipped out of Lucas’s butt cavity. They both lay still for a long while. Finally, Carl said, “That was the best.”

Lucas smiled and kissed his lips. “It’s my responsibility to serve my client.” Carl laughed and pulled Lucas into the bathroom to shower.

At dinner they discussed what to do next and agreed to find out as much as possible about Swensen’s accident before deciding on dates to suggest for the team-building.

The next morning, as promised, the helpful lady from Vilas County called back and said she’d found out that the Sherriff had the Swensen file. Lucas asked, “Has some new information come to light?” She was not aware of any but had asked the Sherriff’s secretary to make a copy of the file.  After a few pleasantries, Lucas gave her the fax number.


When Lucas arrived in Chicago, he discovered that Terry had not returned from the family home where his mother was convalescing. He was beginning to wonder whether Terry had decided they had moved in together too quickly. He really enjoyed the feeling he had when he and Carl were together. He didn’t see himself with an older man but did like Carl, especially the sexual part of him. He wasn’t sure how to tell Terry that Carl didn’t want him very involved in the team-building.

Lucas got involved in several other projects during the next week, doing the work of two since Terry had given no indication of when he would be coming back.  Several days later, he heard the telephone ring on the office fax machine. Guessing that the clerk in Vilas County was finally sending the report, he checked to make sure there was enough paper. The file turned out to be twenty-seven pages—too big for a regular accident report.

The report was as the newspaper had indicated.  However, several of the eyewitness reports used phrases like “the boat driver seemed to be intentionally heading toward the stranded swimmer” or “the boat driver was going too fast”. One final witness report stated, “The boat driver seemed to be trying to hit the swimmer.” Lucas closed the file and asked himself whether it was an accident or murder. The answer was not his concern unless someone at Moraine was involved.

The next morning, Carl’s assistant Jeff called to arrange a phone call between Lucas and Carl and in an offhand manner mentioned that his uncle, Bjorn Swensen, had resigned because of health issues and then had unexpectedly died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Not more than an hour later, a one-page fax arrived from Vilas County, indicating that a grand jury had been seated to investigate the boat accident.  Finally, Terry called and told Lucas that he would have to continue working from his mother’s home for the foreseeable future.  He assured Lucas that they would continue their consulting together but he was coming to get his things since he probably would be with his mother for a while.  Lucas suspected that Terry had found a new boyfriend, which was a relief to him. 

Conveniently, Terry came to their condo when Lucas was out of town. Returning home, he found Terry’s things gone. He called Carl, who listened with interest. At the end of the conversation, Carl invited Lucas to go with him to Las Vegas to help staff the Moraine booth at a major plastics convention. Lucas accepted.

He flew out from Chicago O’Hare on a non-stop flight, sitting next to Carl in first class.  During the flight Carl said, “Hope you don’t mind rooming with me. Jeff told me the Wynn Hotel was sold out.”

“I don’t mind; good way to save on expenses.” Carl had reserved a one bedroom suite and had said that he planned to have his managers and prospective customers come there for cocktails on the night before the convention concluded. The bedroom had only a king size bed.

Lucas liked the way he looked in the light blue oxford cloth short sleeve shirt with Moraine Plastic’s logo embroidered over his right breast pocket. His hair had been styled the day before they left.  Even though he knew little about Moraine’s products, he was able to speak to people easily on the convention floor. At the end of the day, he was surprised how tired he was after standing for hours. Carl invited Lucas, along with Marshall Thorson and Mr. Jones, to have dinner at the Bellagio and see the Cirque de Soliel’s O. The production was one of the most exciting shows Lucas had ever seen: he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Back in the room, Carl got into the shower. Lucas undressed and stood in front of the mirror, admiring his flat stomach and slightly defined six-pack. Carl, now out of the shower and gently drying his deeply tanned chest, said, “You look good. As hard as I work at my abs, I’m afraid my days of a six-pack are past.”

“Where’s your tan line?” asked Lucas.

Carl laughed, “When I concluded I couldn’t have six-pack abs, I decided that having no tan lines was easier.” He reached and took Lucas’s dick in his right hand. Lucas was semi-hard and Carl’s action pushed him to full hardness. Lucas could see that Carl was starting to harden, so he took Carl’s dick and gently stroked it. They had done nothing sexual for the first three days, except fall into bed after hours of standing. Carl said, “If you’re not too tired we could roll in the hay.”

“I’d like that. I have some condoms.”

“Get them, we may need them.” Lucas stepped to his traveling toiletry bag and pulled two foil wrappers and a small packet of lube out of the side pocket. Carl stepped behind Lucas and gently rubbed his shapely butt cheeks, letting his fingers slip down the crack. As Carl’s foreplay became rougher than Lucas preferred, Lucas began to kiss Carl softly, which caused him to slow down. The sex proceeded at a relaxed pace, and Lucas indicated to Carl that he would like to be the top. Carl was reluctant at first. Lucas guessed that Carl was usually the aggressor, but he decided he needed to take control.

Carl said quietly, “Be gentle, young man. You’re going where men have not gone before.” Lucas smiled, realizing he was going to be Carl’s first. He didn’t open the lube packet but instead went to the bathroom to retrieve a small bottle of hand lotion. He let a sizeable squeeze fall into Carl’s butt crack and then gently smoothed it around his rosy butt hole, first with one finger and then two. Carl whimpered and softly moaned. He winced when Lucas’s index finger slipped into his anal canal. Lucas slowly moved around inside before inserting a second finger. When Carl was ready, Lucas put the synthetic sheath over his throbbing dick and spread the lube onto it generously.  With Carl on his back, his feet in the air, Lucas moved behind him and gently pushed against his hole. Carl cried, “Stop, I can’t,” and Lucas paused. After a few moments, Lucas tried again, “Carl, take a couple of deep breaths and push out like you’re going to the toilet. That’ll make it easier.” This time Lucas popped in as Carl exclaimed, “Oh my god, oh my god!”

With Carl finally relaxing and the warmth of Carl’s ass surrounding his cock, Lucas started moving back and forth. Carl asked Lucas to pour some hand lotion on his slightly softened cock and began jacking himself with Lucas inside of him. Watching as Carl brought himself off first, Lucas picked up speed and soon after felt his copious load fill the condom.

They lay together for some minutes before Carl said, “Tomorrow’s a busy day. Let’s get cleaned up for bed.”

Lucas said, “We are in bed. If we just stay here, we can stick together.” He waited for a response but Carl was already out of bed offering his hand to pull Lucas up. After the shower Carl somewhat sheepishly said, “Lucas, I didn’t plan for the sex to happen. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Carl don’t worry. I have to admit I haven’t been with a mature man like you,” Lucas answered. “But I had a good time and don’t mind if we do it again some time. But I’m your consultant first and fuck buddy second.” Laughing, they both got into bed and turned out the light.

Carl donned a hotel-provided bathrobe to open the door for the pre-ordered continental breakfast. As soon as the waiter was gone, Carl was naked again. Lucas enjoyed looking at Carl’s hairy chest but did not like the wooly hair on his back.  He thought Carl should consider hair removal but decided that was not his business.

Lucas shared with Carl his suspicions regarding things that had happened since the two had last spoken about the boat accident. As they sat at the small dining table, he began, “Jeff told me that Mr. Swensen, your operations manager, died.

“Why bring that dreadful topic up on our last morning in this lovely city, where I finally lost my virginity?” Carl replied jokingly.  After pausing for a sip of coffee, he continued, “Well, the way I understand it, Bjorn told his assistant that he had a terrible headache and he was going home. His assistant suspected it was something serious and encouraged him to go to the emergency room. He brushed aside the comment and said it was a migraine.  Later that day, Bjorn’s oldest son found him dead at the bottom of the basement stairs. The medical examiner determined that either a cerebral hemorrhage caused him to trip and fall down the stairs, or he tripped and fell, hitting his head, and that caused the hemorrhage.  The medical examiner‘s report stated Bjorn had died from the fall. I encouraged all the managers to go to the funeral home.  All attended either the wake or the funeral.” He reached for the coffee pot and poured into his cup and then mine.

Lucas took a sip, “Can I ask you another question?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“How did Jeff come to be your assistant? Did you hire him, or did he work for his uncle before you bought the company.”

“As a matter of fact, he was working in the publicity department when I arrived. Swensen’s assistant decided to take early retirement because she didn’t want to, as she put it, ‘train another boss.’ I posted the job and had four internal applicants. Jeff came out on top, even though I knew he was Swensen’s nephew. He’s competent and detail-oriented, and I have no complaints. Why do you ask?”

Lucas said, “Before I answer, do you know if Jeff was in Boy Scouts?”

“I don’t know.”

“OK, it’s my turn to give you some answers. I’m wondering if Stephen Swensen’s death was really an accident. The helpful lady in the Vilas County records office fax’ed me a newspaper clipping stating that the states attorney seated a grand jury to look at some new evidence regarding Swensen’s death. It seems late to be starting, but something must have surfaced. Bjorn Swensen dying of head trauma has me wondering if there is a connection to Moraine Plastics.

“Do you still think we need the team-building? You saw Jones and Marshall the last few days. They seem to be getting along with each other and with me. Things at the plant are going well. We’ve made some big sales and have some good prospects from Las Vegas. Why rock the boat?”

“I observed the same thing, the last few days. Let me suggest something for you to think about.  I’ll be around the plant every couple of weeks, so they’ll get used to me. I have no intention of being a private investigator, but I’ll keep track of events in Vilas County.  My main goal is to keep police matters away from Moraine Plastic and you personally.”

Carl responded, “You really think there might be some connection between Stephen Swensen’s accident and Moraine.”

“I don’t at the moment,” Lucas laughed. “But I still have to make a living since Terry and I are no longer together.”

“You guys aren’t together?”

Lucas wanted Carl to know if Lucas relationship with Terry had ended. “We are still business partners but no longer live together. Terry was not a very expressive, affectionate person.  I craved his attention, which I rarely got. He didn’t like to have sex like we had last night. I’ll be honest: I need sex, to be completely happy.”

“Well, I’m surprised but happy if you are happy. You know that Terry and I really didn’t see eye to eye when we started this project.  I’ve been a little curious why he hasn’t returned to the plant with you, but I figured you guys knew your business.”

“Carl, don’t get me wrong. Terry is essential when we do the team building session, which we will do at some point.  He can get a team working together better than any trainer I have ever seen. I’ve kept him informed about the Moraine’s improving relations with the senior managers, and he told me to let him know if and when he is needed. He moved back to be with his mother. She’s having medical problems, and he’s the only unmarried son.  While it isn’t my business, I suspect he may be in a new relationship.”

“Let’s get dressed and packed. After we get the booth packed up we’ll go to Palm Springs for the weekend. We are staying at a clothing optional resort. I assume that’s alright with you? We can drop the other two guys off at the airport.” 

At two o’clock the hall closed and in forty-five minutes the booth was ready for shipping. Lucas noticed Marshall speaking to Carl in a serious manner. Once in the car, Carl announced, “Jonesy, we’ll drop you at the airport. Aren’t you taking the ‘red eye’ back?” He got a nod. “Marshall, you’re going with us to Palm Springs. We’ll be back at work on Tuesday.”

Lucas was surprised but thought Marshall was probably going to go golfing. He sat quietly in the back seat as Marshall got into the driver’s seat and Carl moved to the passenger side. The trip was a quick three hours, and Lucas slept most of the way. He awoke as Marshall stopped the car in front of the Grand Spa and Resort in Palm Springs. Lucas could see that it was not a golfing resort. He remained in the car as Carl went in with Marshall.  Carl returned and said, “Lucas we’re staying here.

“So he’s gay!” Lucas declared, raising his eyebrows in surprise. “Did you suspect?”

“You know, I miss the subtleties. So no, I didn’t suspect, but he told me this morning. You may have seen us talking on the convention floor. He said he saw the two of us in the suite, acting more like partners than client and customer, so he guessed. He tells me this is a nice place.  He’s waiting for a close friend from San Francisco to join him. It’ll be fun being two couples, which isn’t possible back in Wisconsin.”

“Fine with me.”

“You don’t mind if the place is gay and clothing-optional.”

“It’s not a problem for me, hairy old man”

Carl returned with a smile. “OK, Mr. Smarty let’s get unpacked, undress, and soak in the hot tub.” The room was a large suite, which Carl said was the only thing that was available. It had a sitting area, a small galley kitchen and a king-size bed. The bathroom was tiled with both a soaking tub and a two-man shower. Lucas and Carl undressed and donned sand-colored robes for the walk to the hot tub.  Once they were on the deck, it was evident that nobody used clothes, except to keep warm.

They sat quietly, enjoying the artistically back-lighted rustling palm fronds. Lucas had never thought of himself as a boyfriend to an older man like Carl. They’d had fun together but their experiences were different. Lucas wanted to find out more about Carl. 

Marshall walked up with a tall, muscular guy with thinning blond hair in his mid-40’s. They both took off their towels, revealing long cocks that hung low.  It may have been Lucas’s imagination, but they seemed to be standing at attention, displaying their bodies. Marshall spoke, “Carl and Lucas, this is my friend Todd Rudson. He’s originally from Wausau but now lives in San Francisco. He’s a cop, so be careful.”

“Hi, gentlemen,” Todd said. “Care if we join you?” Without speaking, Carl waved them into the bubbling hot water.

Carl asked, “Anyone interested in dinner?” He got a positive response all around, so they agreed to gather at 8:00 pm. Carl motioned for Lucas to follow him. Lucas was not comfortable with Todd and Marshall seeing his subservient behavior so he replied, “Carl, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

As Carl got out of the tub, Lucas watched his saggy butt cheeks and thought, I have imagined myself with a partner my own age who has tight abs like Terry has. I like fit and trim.  Carl is not overweight but a little plump in the stomach and he’s twenty years older than me.

The hours evaporated and it was Sunday afternoon. Lucas sat by the pool, next to Todd, while Carl napped. Marshall was not around. Lucas looked unobtrusively at Todd’s flaccid cock, which twitched as he drifted in and out of sleep. Suddenly Todd’s eyes were wide open. He smiled, “Yes, it is pretty big, and yes, it takes a sturdy guy to take it all.”

“Sorry, I haven’t been around too many big dicks,” Lucas said smiling.

“I’m Norwegian and being big is the norm. My dad is bigger than me.”

“Oh my Gawd, really. Marshall isn’t Norwegian is he?”

“As I recall, his mom is Norwegian.”

“I have a typical puny Asian pud. Nothing special but Carl enjoys it.”

“Yeah, I see you guys are a thing.”

Lucas responded, “I do enjoy being with Carl but I don’t think I could be his partner. Our age difference is too great, I think.”

“You never know. Don’t let yourself be too closed minded.”

After a few moments pause Lucas asked, “You’re a policeman, right?  What do you do?”

“More precisely, I’m a detective in the San Bruno homicide division.”

“Did we tell you that Carl came to own Moraine Plastics after the former owner was killed?

“No, you didn’t tell me. What else can you tell me?

Lucas proceeded tell Todd as much as knew. He added, “The authorities in Wisconsin appear to have found out information to suggest the death may not have been accidental. They are appointing a grand jury”

Todd listened intently before speaking. “The grand jury was convened a year after the death. That’s strange.”

“I was surprised that Marshall came out to Carl. My gaydar is pretty reliable but you could have bowled me over when he accompanied us to Palm Springs.”

Todd leaned over and whispered, “Marshall is as queer as they come but plays the straight role. He’s not out to anyone in his family. I found out accidentally, years ago in high school, when he and another football jock were jacking each other in the shower. We became friends, fuck buddies, and significant others about ten years ago. I left Wisconsin because of him. He wouldn’t commit to me and I wanted to be partners. I came out to my family, and I’m ten times happier, but I had to leave him behind.  I keep thinking someday he may change his mind.”

As Marshall walked toward them, Todd whispered, “Let me do a little asking around in Wisconsin and see if I can find any more information. The grand jury thing really has me curious. Make sure I get your email address. I don’t want to mention our conversation to Marshall.”

Marshall pulled a lounger next to Todd, his big member swinging from side to side as he straddled the chair. “Having a good time?” he asked. Our smiles answered his question.


Todd flew back to San Francisco before Carl, Marshall, and Lucas left Palm Springs. Two weeks later, Carl called to tell Lucas that the pool project was completed and invited him up for the weekend.  Lucas drove up on Saturday but had to leave, Sunday evening because of appointments the following week. Carl was disappointed but agreed, saying, “I’m just happy to get as much of that handsome body as I can.”

Carl’s call prompted Lucas to text Todd in California.  His return text read, “Can you meet me at O’Hare Friday afternoon?  I’m on my way to Washington, DC.”

Lucas texted back, “Yes, what’s the flight number and how much time do you have”

“AA 343 arrives at 3:45pm. Have two hours.”

Lucas stood near the American Airlines ticket counters when he spotted Todd, who sprinted up and hugged Lucas with his long, muscular Norwegian arms. “Hi, bud. Where can we talk?” They walked across the street to the O’Hare Hilton.  After one sip of his iced coffee latte, Todd said, “Your suspicion about the Swensen accident is warranted.  After the accident, there was a quick funeral and burial. The Sherriff’s office up in Vilas County kept looking for eyewitnesses and became convinced that the conclusion of accidental death was unwarranted.  I don’t have the deputy sheriff’s name, but he asked that the body be exhumed for a drug analysis. The family strenuously objected, and the judge did not allow the exhumation.

“The deputy sheriff asked why a California detective was interested in the case. I convinced him Swensen was a friend. He told me one of the eyewitnesses who was riding on a jet ski was not convinced that the boat hit Swensen by accident. The boat driver’s name was Scandinavian – Petersen, I think.  He emailed me the witnesses’ names, and one name was, Marshall Thorson. He’s never mentioned the incident to me. Another name on the list was Bjorn Swensen.  I simply went onto LinkedIn and found the guy’s bio. Guess what?  He worked at Moraine Plastics as chief of operations.”

“He was Carl’s operations manager, but he died suddenly a couple of months ago.”

“That’s too bad. If we had found out he was fired or left under unusual circumstances we may have had a motive.  I think you should talk to Marshall.  I better get going; I don’t know how long security will take. I’ll be back to Wisconsin to visit relatives and help with the investigation. You’ve really gotten me interested.”

“Are you in contact with Marshall?”

“Weekly, but that’s because he wants to talk phone sex.  Just kidding, not really. I’ll let him know when I’m coming. I can’t believe he’s involved, but you never know.” Todd got up and walked toward security.


After Labor Day, at noon on a warm, sunny Saturday, Lucas arrived at Carl’s house.  Carl had lunch ready on the screened porch.  The pool cover was pulled back, and a breeze moved the water, making it sparkle with the sun’s rays. Yellow tulip-shaped leaves floated down, with one occasionally landing on the glistening surface of the pool.  Carl popped open a bottle of Chandon sparkling wine and started to pour. “What’s the occasion?” Lucas asked.

“The inaugural for the new pool.  And today is my fifty-sixth birthday.”

Lucas hugged Carl with affection. “Congratulations, you look great, and I’m happy to be here to help you celebrate. Are we getting together with friends or anything later?”

“No, just you and me. Since the divorce and the Moraine acquisition I really haven’t had time to find any new friends. All my friends were friends my wife and I had. I got an email from one of the men, my long time racquetball partner, wishing me a happy birthday, but I haven’t seen him since Marjorie and I split. His wife was the one person who was angry at me for leaving Marjorie.”

“Sorry, but you’ll find new friends. Maybe living out here in the country wasn’t a good idea.”

“You’re right. I think we should jump in the pool. I warmed it up over the last couple of days. The nights are too cool to heat it all the time.”  With clothes stripped off, Lucas jumped in and found the pool temperature perfect. Carl dived into the deep end and came up and kissed him. Carl had inflated a big floating raft, and they climbed on. Lucas rested his head against Carl’s left shoulder as Carl wrapped his hand around Lucas’s swollen dick.  They watched the hawks soaring overhead, as if the hawks were watching them. Carl slowly moved on top of Lucas and slipped his wet cock between his legs. He tried, a couple of times, to slip in, but the raft was too unstable.

Lucas said, “Let’s get out and find a bed.”

Carl said, “I had romantic images of floating and fucking. Let’s try on the double lounger. Can I do it without a condom?  I would like to but it is your decision.”

Lucas said, “OK, I know I am disease free.”

“Since you are the only person I have been with, I guess I am too.”

Lucas and Carl spent the next hour together as the sun slipped slowly toward the horizon. Finally, Lucas said, “Carl, I’m cold. I need to get some clothes on.”

“OK, but we could go get into my bed.”

Lucas was in control and said, “We’ll save that for later. I want to talk about something else.”

With their clothes back on Carl poured more sparkling wine and placed a fruit and cheese plate and a basket of crackers in front of them. Sitting across from Lucas, he asked, “What would you like to know?”

“We’ve worked together and obviously have become friends.  But I really don’t know much about your life before Moraine Plastics. You weren’t out as a gay man, correct?”

“I’ve only recently come out.  I knew I was gay in my mid-20’s. However, I was headed down a straight path that would have been incredibly disruptive to change, since I had two children, a son and a daughter. My career, after getting my bachelor’s degree at University of Wisconsin–Madison and master’s degree in electrical engineering at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh, advanced quickly. I was hired out of graduate school by GE and stayed there my entire career. We moved only three times in thirty years. We were in Schenectady first, in the turbine division; that was followed by a short stint in Louisville before being recruited by GE Healthcare in Waukesha. I was promoted many times in the engineering research division, where we developed the magnetic imaging technology. That’s the most profitable product the company has. I did have an occasional liaison with men, mainly through my affiliation with the Milwaukee Athletic Club.”

Lucas took a sip of wine and said, “How did that happen?”

“Well, the club attracted successful men in Milwaukee. The club had restaurants, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, and a gym with a big swimming pool.  I frequented the gym and pool. Swimming suits were not permitted. One day I was in the steam room, and after my eyes adjusted, I noticed two men. One young guy was sucking the cock of the older fellow. Both were barely visible in the steam. From then on, I always went into the steam room. One day this fellow was sitting on the lower ledge bench when I entered.  I sat down next to him, and he introduced himself as Jim and said he was from Charleston, South Carolina. He saw me starting to get a hard-on, and asked me if I’d like to go to his room upstairs.

“I agreed and called Marjorie and told her a meeting had been called that evening.  She didn’t question, because there were occasional meetings in the evening. Well, anyway, I ended up in bed with this guy, and he was my first gay experience. We played, and he knew what he was doing. I smelled his scent, and the more I played with his cock, the more excited I became. I couldn’t believe how sensual the whole experience was.  When Marjorie and I had sex it was routine. She was not easy to get sexually excited so I didn’t get too excited.”

Carl continued, “Well, to condense ten years of indecision, I played around but didn’t find anyone who I thought was worth giving up the kids and Marjorie for.  Marjorie and I were leaders in the community for social and charitable things. She was chair of this and that event.  I was happy to support her with my presence and our money.

“Lucas, I told you I got a birthday email from my racquetball partner this morning.  He and I played racquetball most Sunday mornings. The courts were usually quiet when we finished playing.  One Sunday morning in the steam room I said, ‘Tim, mind if I jack you?’ He said, ‘Here or in the shower?’ We went into the shower, and as I soaped him up, he kissed me on the lips, which startled me but I reciprocated. We got each other off.

“Tim was my best friend.  I felt I had finally found someone I could really like and even love.  He and I planned a fall fishing trip up to northern Wisconsin maybe five years ago.  We rented a rustic cabin which had a big ole fireplace and big queen-sized bed covered with handmade quilts. There was typical Nordic sauna house, which we heated every night. We cooked our own food. I fucked him every way on every day. Near the end of the trip, I could tell something was wrong. He sat quietly as I drove back home.  He said, ‘Carl, that was fun but I don’t want to do the sex thing anymore. I care for you a great deal but I have decided that I like my straight life. I don’t want you to think it has anything to do with you, because it doesn’t. I want to remain friends, for sure.’

“After we unloaded his gear at his house I gave him a hug and smiled, but my heart was breaking. We continued to see each other socially, but when I called about racquetball, he always seemed to have an excuse. After a few weeks I gave up and decided I had to get on with my life.

“The last couple years have been hell in so many ways, but I finally feel free. I’ll tell you more some other time. Wanna get cleaned up and go to Rosa’s Italian Restaurant in Waukesha for dinner?”

Lucas replied, “Yes, and I appreciate you sharing your story.”

Carl asked, “Will you tell me about yourself?  You did it right, came out early.”

“Well, early, yes; easy no. I’ll tell you but it really isn’t much of a story.” Carl and Lucas went into the house. Carl picked up Lucas’s clothes duffel and took it into his room. He got into the walk-in shower and motioned for Lucas to join him. His completely tanned body glistened under the halogen lights overhead and on the side of the shower walls.  He pulled Lucas in and soaped his underarms, cock, and butt. His right index finger kept touching Lucas’s asshole, and Lucas’s dick jumped every time he passed over it. Carl initiated the first kiss and couldn’t keep his tongue out of Lucas’s mouth. Lucas soaped and foamed Carl’s hairy chest, pubic region, and finally his tight, round ass. Carl spread his feet to give more access. Lucas could see his eyes close but stopped. Carl opened his eyes and smiled knowingly, “OK, let’s go further later.”

Dinner on Saturday night at Rosa’s was loud and lively. Carl and Lucas were seated at the corner of a long banquet table.  Across the room, Marshall was with a group of men and women. He waved and came over. “So, what are you boys up to?”

Carl smiled, “We are celebrating my birthday today.”

“Congratulations. Lucas, are you Carl’s gift?”

“Seen Todd lately?” Lucas asked.

“I haven’t, but he said he’s coming home in a couple of weeks for a family thing. I hope to see him then. Maybe we can get together.”

“Hopefully, drinks and dinner at the house.”

“Sounds good but I don’t know his exact plans. I’ll let you know.” He walked back to his friends.”

Lucas brought Carl up to date about the continuing Vilas investigation. “Carl, I knew Todd was coming back to Wisconsin, and it isn’t just to see family. He tells me there are developments in the Vilas situation that have gotten his curiosity piqued. He’s not telling Marshall.

“What do you mean, ‘Vilas investigation’?” Carl inquired.

“All he said is he needed to come back to see what he could find out personally.  He’s also trying one last time to convince Marshall to be his partner. When we were in Palm Springs, he confided in me that he wants Marshall but Marshall doesn’t want to be out. He told me Marshall loves the sex but isn’t interested in a relationship, which Todd has been trying to foster for years.”

“Look over at their table,” Carl continued after a sip of wine. “Marshall seems cozy with the woman sitting next to him. I guess he knows what he’s doing. We should definitely try to get the two of them to the house when Todd’s here.

“If the noise doesn’t bother you,” Carl asked, “will you tell me about yourself?”

“Let me start by saying that I really like our friendship. I hope you don’t think less of me when you hear how I got to this point. I was born in Chicago.  My mother’s Filipino and my father was Polish.”

Carl said, “He was Polish?”

“Yeah, he died when I was only five years old. I was never told how, but I guess someday I’ll find out. I never asked my mother. My mother, sister, and I moved into my grandfather’s house on the north side, where my mother grew up.  Her youngest brother was in high school when we moved in. They put a bed into the room where Uncle Tony slept when he wasn’t shacked up with some girl. About the time I was eight or nine, he joined the Army. He was a skinny guy with a complexion messed up by acne. His black hair was long and was always greased until the Army cut it all off. With the Army haircut, his nose and deeply set eyes made him look mean, but he really wasn’t.

“I had my first sex with him. Chicago bungalows usually have one bathroom, but my grandfather had a second one built in the back of the house, off of the bedrooms which my grandparents used, and the one my mother and sister slept in. The bathroom across from our room was for Tony and me. The lock on the bathroom door didn’t work so he regularly walked in on me when I was crapping or taking a bath. Seeing each other naked seemed pretty normal. Occasionally, he was jacking off when I opened the door, and one time he motioned me to come in to watch. I was fascinated. He turned toward me to give me a better look. I was shocked seeing him squeeze his face tightly and squirt out white liquid. He said something like, ‘You’ll be able to do that in a couple of years. It’s fucking wonderful.’

“From that time, I tried to catch him, and he never hesitated to let me watch. One day he told me to come over and take his dick in my hand. I did that willingly. It was slippery, and he told me to move my hand back and forth quickly. With his dick in my hand, he reached over and pulled my pants down to release my rock hard baby cock. He smiled and said, ‘Keep rubbing quicker.’ I did, and before long he was squirting. He was fondling my little dick and balls.”

“Am I safe, guessing he soon had you sucking his cock?” Carl interrupted.

“You’re right. But he never made me do anything other than suck his cock. I liked the fact that he taught me. I was forced once when I was an acolyte at our church. An old priest named Father Gregory made me suck him. It was horrible.

I was about twelve but I could have been thirteen. I had one really good friend, named Jeremy. We were on a baseball team together, we swam in the summer, and we would sleep at each other’s house. One weekend in the fall after Tony was discharged; Jeremy and I came home from a baseball game. We could hear male voices coming from the basement room where my grandfather kept his liquor. I went downstairs and found Tony and two of his big husky Army friends drinking and smoking.  I said, ‘Grams is going be mad about the smoke cuz of her asthma.’

“His voice was slurred, ’Fuck her.’ When we turned and started up the stairs, he said to his friends, ‘This is my little cocksucker.’ I stopped and was ready to cry, but we went up to my room and started looking at a Playboy magazine. Not five minutes later, my uncle and his two friends opened the door and came in. Tony saw us reading and said, ’Boys get over here and do your thing.’ I was mortified. Within seconds the three guys dropped their pants and started rubbing. I could see Jeremy’s shocked eyes. Drunk Tony said, ‘Lu get over here and do your thing. You friend can take his pick.’ Jeremy started for the door, but one guy grabbed his collar and forced him onto his knees. Wisely, we did as we were told and sucked them off. Once they were done, they laughed, closed the door, and left. I remember saying, ‘Jeremy, I am so embarrassed. I am so sorry.’

“He surprised me and said, ‘It’s OK, don’t worry. I’d like to try it on you sometime.’ I remember thinking that would be OK with me.”

Carl said, “Enough, let’s go home. I’m getting sleepy and I want you to do me.”

After passionate lovemaking, they fell asleep, covered in cum, and didn’t wake up until late Sunday morning. They walked around naked and patted butts, grabbed cocks, and kissed different parts of each other’s bodies as Carl fixed eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, orange juice, and fresh watermelon. As they were finishing their coffee, Carl asked, “Well, did you and Jeremy become boyfriends?”

“No we didn’t. We did give each other blow jobs a couple of times, but as freshmen we went to different schools, and then his family moved away from our neighborhood. I went to Francis Xavier High School and met some other boys like me. I graduated and went to Elmhurst College on a small baseball scholarship but that wasn’t enough, so I worked and continued to live at home.  When I was home, I helped my mother care for my grandfather. My sister died of leukemia when she was ten. It was so sad. My grandmother was so depressed that she died a few months later. That left mother to care for her mean, grouchy father.

“When I was a junior or senior at Elmhurst, I had to stay at home every night to help mother get Gramps to the toilet. My job was to bathe him twice a week. For me, it was a good experience, getting to learn how to care for an older person.  I didn’t resent what happened, and I rationalized that he and Grandma had taken us in when we had no home. My caring for him was a way of repaying him… Oh, I’ll tell you one more thing before I clean the leaves out of the pool.”
Carl smiled, “Jump in anytime. Tell me.”

“You won’t be surprised that I decided that I was gay, sometime along the way. But I didn’t have a boyfriend, even though I wanted one. I ran into Jeremy at Sidetracks on Halsted around my twenty-first birthday. We talked and said we would get together but never did. He had a boyfriend. And that’s my gay coming out story.”

“Let’s get the leaves out of the pool and swim one more time before you help me put the cover on.”

“Are you going to close the pool?”

“Nights are getting pretty cool. I’m going to call the pool service tomorrow and turn off the heater.” He skimmed the water with the long handled screen as Lucas swept the yellow leaves off of the pool deck. About 3 pm, Lucas kissed Carl one last time before driving back to Chicago.  Carl said, “Lucas, I’m planning a trip. I want you to come with me.”

“When?  I’m solidly booked for the next two months.”

“Not before Thanksgiving, but it will be for two weeks. I’m waiting for a meeting confirmation this week. I’ll call you.”

Lucas smiled as he drove away. He liked Carl but didn’t know if he could love him.