Portrait of twin young men

Lunch at the Diner

by John S. Lloyd


I walked into a busy small town diner for a quick lunch a couple of weeks before Labor Day. The diner’s walls were covered with photos of the town and surrounding countryside over the last century. Old circus and county fair posters and advertisements for toothpaste and shaving cream no longer produced adorned the walls. The tables and booths were filled with folks having pleasant conversations which gave the place a warm, inviting feeling.

I was alone so I sat at one of two horseshoe-shaped counters surrounded by eight backless stools bolted to the floor. Initially, I didn’t notice the two young fellows on my right as I looked at the menu. I was having a difficult time deciding between a healthy salad and a melted ham and cheese sandwich. After I placed my order I noticed that one of the two young men sitting to my right was having a spirited conversation on his cell phone. I looked at the two strikingly cute guys who I guessed to be late teenagers. Trying not to stare I could see they were identical twins, which I hadn’t originally noticed. The boy’s hair on the right was longer and more unruly while his brother kept his hair shorter.

They were dressed alike. Both had collared white shirts, narrow ties clipped to their shirts with old-fashioned clips. It was summer so their summer jobs must have required that they dress up. As soon as one boy put his phone down his brother took a call and was equally animated in his conversation with someone. As he listened he took bites of his salmon pasta while his brother devoured his chicken wrap. Their demeanor suggested that they were in a hurry.

As I looked closely I noticed a marked difference in the boys’ hands. The brother on the left had tattoos covering both hands including his fingers while his brother had none that were visible. They hurriedly finished their lunch as their time away from work must have been coming to an end. The brother without the tattoos took out his credit card and paid for both speaking in a familiar manner to the restaurant hostess. She said, “Caleb and Zeke when will I see you guys again?”

The answer she got was noncommittal from the tattooed boy as he and his brother walked toward the door. They were the same size about one hundred thirty pounds and about five foot seven inches. Their tight khaki trousers showed tight round behinds as they walked away. I watched as they turned right and crossed the street. I assumed that their work was in that direction.

When I was paying my bill minutes later I said to the hostess, “Which one of the boys is Caleb and which is Zeke?”

She looked at me quizzically before speaking, “I think the one with the tattooed hands is Zeke. His real name is Ezekiel. I have known them all their lives. When I can’t see their hands I don’t know for sure which one is which.”

“I don’t mean to be nosy but where do the boys work that they have to dress up?”

“They’re always well dressed and almost always wear the same thing. I think that is their mother’s doing. She dressed them that way from the time they were infants. After she was killed in a motorcycle accident I thought maybe they would stop dressing alike but they haven’t. Maybe it’s out of respect for her. To answer your question they work down the street at the library. They live with their grandmother who relies on them. They’re starting their second year at our local university.”

I thanked her and paid my bill complimenting her on the excellent blackened tuna which was on my salad. I walked toward the library to see exactly what their work involved. As I walked through the antique smoked glass doors I saw Caleb behind the front desk. Zeke wasn’t around. I walked over to the newspaper rack and pulled out the Portage Gazette. I sat down and acted like I was reading when I was actually watching the boys. I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for someone my age to approach Caleb. I tried to think of a reasonable question to ask a librarian because I didn’t want him to think I was a creepy old guy. I’m not that old but some older than they are.

As I walked toward the desk I noticed that Zeke had replaced Caleb behind the main checkout counter. Instead of speaking to Zeke I turned toward the toilet and decided I would approach the boys after I finished. I pushed open the toilet door and found Caleb in front of the urinal with his pants completely open and the top of his low rise briefs hooked under his balls. I stood next to him because there were only two urinals. I looked straight ahead. Caleb said, “Hey, man didn’t I see you at the diner?”

“Yes, I was sitting across from you and your brother.” I zipped up and waited to wash my hands when he finished. “I apologize if I seemed to be staring because honestly I was trying to figure out why two cute young guys were so well dressed on a Thursday afternoon.”

“That’s easy. We have to wear a shirt and tie to work here. Old Mr. Mason, the head librarian, said those are the rules.”

“Do you two usually dress the same?”

“Yes, we have since we were little. We wear the same size and buy two when one of us likes something?”

“I couldn’t help but notice all the tattoos on your brother’s hands.” He didn’t say anything and pulled open the toilet door and walked out. I thought I said something wrong. When I walked back to the reading room Caleb was looking at me talking to Zeke. Zeke looked in my direction as I walked toward the front door.

Caleb spoke but not too loudly, “Mr., wait!” He walked in my direction, “Zeke and I saw you and knew we hadn’t seen you before. You’re too good looking and well dressed for this Podunk town. Want to meet us after work for a beer? We often go to McCreary’s Tavern after we get off work at five. Do you want to meet us there? Zeke’ll tell you the story of our tattoos.”

“Are you guys old enough to go into a tavern?”

The diner


“Yes, we were twenty-one three months ago but we have been served beer long before that. Jack, our uncle, owns the place.” I agreed to meet them but I had three hours to occupy myself. I was on my way to the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells for a conference. I had never been to the area but I had heard about the amusements and water parks. I had no plans other than speaking at the conference before driving back. I found a park bench in a shady spot to review my power point slides. The afternoon temperature was pleasant and the time passed quickly. Shortly before five I drove a few blocks to McCreary’s and was seated at the bar when the boys showed up. The only difference I saw was their ties which were loosened identically. They came in vigorously talking about something. They walked up to me and Zeke said, “Hi, I’m Zeke. I understand you and Caleb shared a urinal.” He laughed.

“Stood next to each other was all.” The bartender put three microbrews before us without asking for our order. He knew what they liked and assumed I would like the same. Caleb motioned for Zeke and me to follow him outside onto a patio. I hoped it wasn’t because they were going to light a cigarette or vape. I wasn’t disappointed as we sat at a round metal mesh table under a striped umbrella.

Zeke said, “I understand you want to know about my tattoos.”

“Curious, because everything about you two is the same except for the tattoos.”

“It’s a long story and we aren’t the same, I’m smarter.

“You asshole, you’re not,” snapped Caleb.

“Caleb has tattoos, too, but not where you can see them. I got these to prove to people we aren’t the same person. That’s why my hair is longer and messier.”

“He’s right I do have tattoos but not as many as Zeke. I don’t like his hand tattoos. I tell him all the time it’s going to affect his ability to get a respectable job.”

“Asshole, the forest service doesn’t care if rangers have tattoos or not.” He took a long, slow drink of his beer.

Caleb looked at me, “So what brings you to Portage?”

“I got off the interstate to have lunch. I didn’t want fast food so I drove into town. I’m on my way to the Dells to a resort called Wilderness. Conference organizers invited me to speak to their group of architects and designers. Do you know the resort?”

Caleb said, “Sure, it’s about a mile off the interstate. We knew you were too well dressed to be from this part of Wisconsin. I really like that TAG Heuer you’re wearing. I hope to be able to afford one someday. What do you do?”

“I own a small design firm in Chicago.”

“Is that Tesla parked outside yours?”


Zeke excitedly exclaimed, “What a cool, fucking car!” Excuse me, but you must be rich.”

“Surprised at his boldness I smiled, “I do OK.”

Caleb redirected the conversation from Zeke’s comment, “Zeke behave. How long you staying in the Dells? We’re free on Sunday and could come up and show you around. Is that OK with you, Zeke?”

“Sure, we don’t have anything to do. When should we come?” With beer glasses empty Zeke said, “Sorry, we’ve got to go. Our grandmother will have dinner ready and she doesn’t like us to be late. See you Mister. What’s your name?”

“I’m Justin Spencer. Why don’t you meet me in the lobby of the Wilderness for brunch, my treat, about eleven Sunday morning?” The boys got up and with a firm handshake hurried out the door. I followed them out. They paused as they watched me get into my Model 3 Tesla. They waved as I pulled away.

Portrait of a smiling man


I didn’t think much about them because I was busy presenting and socializing at the conference which ended Saturday afternoon. After dinner with friends I returned to my room to relax. After a long, hot shower I looked at my thirty-eight year old body in the steam clouded mirror and thought it looked good. I worked out regularly and swam five hundred yards three times a week when I could. As Zeke suggested I do make good money and liked to look good so I bought what I liked. I slipped into bed naked.

I was in the lobby of the hotel at eleven when the boys arrived. They were dressed alike in Izod collared short sleeved knit shirts. Caleb had a light blue one and Zeke had a yellow one. Their white shorts and sandals were the same style. They each greeted me with a hug. They were more relaxed than I was. I invited them to join me in the main dining room for the buffet. If I ate the way they ate I would be twice my size. Between trips to the buffet tables we talked about school, their career plans, my job, my condo in Chicago and other conversational things. As their food consumption slowed down Zeke said, “Can we use the water slide?”

I hadn’t thought about that because I thought they wanted to ride in the Tesla. I said, “Sure, did you bring swimming suits? All I have is a pair of shorts.”

Caleb said, “That’ll work. If we play three or four hours we’ll still have time to take a ride in the Tesla. We don’t have to be home tonight since we don’t start work tomorrow until noon. The library stays open late.”

I hadn’t invited them to stay overnight but it was clear that was their plan. I was pleased and invited them to get their things out of their car. I waited and they returned each carrying a small duffle bag. They followed me to my room placed their duffels on the bed where I presumed they would sleep. Without hesitancy they began to undress undeterred by my presence. Their dicks hung exactly the same way. Their naked bodies were well portioned and there were tattoos on both bodies. Zeke smiled as he pointed his naked butt my direction. “This is the only tattoo we both have in the same place.” He turned Caleb and I could see interlocking circles prominently on both their left butt cheeks.”

Caleb said, “Are you going to wear those shorts? They’re too nice. Don’t you have something else to wear?”

“I have my workout shorts.”

“That’ll be better.”

When I pulled off my boxer briefs Caleb raised his eyebrows. Zeke said “Look at that weapon.” I’m sure I blushed as I quickly pull my shorts up to my waist. The boys adjusted their multi-colored identical Speedos and slipped their feet into their identical flip flops. I decided to charge the admission fee to my room. With hotel towels over their shoulders I followed them to the entrance of the water features. They wanted me to try every slide but after an hour I had had enough. The boys kept going from one slide to the next. By four o’clock they had had enough. Caleb suggested we go to the room to shower and change. I insisted on a short nap which I needed to rejuvenate before we went out. They reluctantly agreed and fell asleep immediately after their shower. I set the alarm for one hour. I was sure we would have slept well beyond an hour.

After the alarm woke us we dressed and walked to the Tesla. I was amazed that after the bountiful brunch they consumed they were ready to eat again. Caleb said, “Where are we going?” I told him about the new steak house which got good reviews on Trip Advisor. Caleb looked at Zeke and said. “Sounds like the old Captain Dix’s.”

“All I know is restaurant is called ‘The Rub” which I assume implies rubbing spices on the meat. What’s Captain Dix’s?”

“It used to be the only gay resort and bar in Wisconsin Dells. It had a clothing optional pool which they don’t have any more. We visited a couple of times before we were legal. We knew Gary and Andre who owned the place.” After we got out of the car we were greeted by handsome, pleasant man who introduced himself as Andre. He didn’t seem to remember the boys but was gracious as he seated us by the window that overlooked a lush, colorful garden. The dinner was as excellent as the reviews reported. My steak was perfectly cooked. The boys each made two trips to the salad bar before their T-bone steaks arrived. Between bites boys wanted to know everything about me, more about my condo and my likes and dislikes. I felt like I was being interrogated. They explained that they lived with their grandmother since their mother was killed. A father was never mentioned.

Late in the conversation Caleb said, “You’re a cool guy, do you have any kids?”

I hesitated trying to decide how to answer his question without making it more complicated than it needed to be. I simply said, “Yes.”

Caleb wasn’t satisfied, “And, where are they and how old are they?”

“OK, I have a son who I really don’t know very well. I got careless when I was nineteen and knocked up my girlfriend. She refused to have an abortion and I refused to get married. She moved to Michigan where Seth was born. He was raised by his grandparents like you guys. Lori finished her degree, got married, has two more kids and works in the criminal justice system in Michigan.”

“Where’s Seth now?” Zeke probed.

“I haven’t seen him in a couple of years but I heard that he moved to the Chicago area to attend Northern Illinois University in Naperville. I’m sure he is working because I stopped sending child support some time ago.”

“Why did you send child support if you weren’t married?”

“Well, he was my kid. I thought I should help.” Finally, the interrogation ended. I didn’t tell them I wished Seth and I could be closer.

Once back at the Wilderness the boys got in one bed and I slipped into the other one. I was the only one naked. The boys wore tee shirts and athletic socks on their feet. In the morning all three of us were walking around sporting morning hard-ons but no one said anything about it. Their comfort with nudity I assumed came from having lived with a twin one’s entire life. They dressed in light blue, collared button down shirts and khaki pants. Caleb tied his own tie and then tied Zeke’s. They drove off after breakfast with a pronouncement that they would like to come to Chicago, stay with me and see the city. I wondered what it would be like having two energetic, young guys around all the time. Exotic thoughts flashed through my mind as I started the Tesla for my trip home.

Part 2

In mid-September I received a text from Caleb asking if he and Zeke could visit over the Columbus Day weekend in October. I had no definite plans and texted back I would be happy to see them. I enjoyed being with the boys and hoped they thought of me as a close friend rather than father-figure. I wondered what it would be like living with the two of them. I put the thought of them moving in out of my mind because I was sure they would take control of my life. I rationalized that I was happy being whoever they wanted me to be. I had to admit that even with difference in our ages I found them sexy. I wondered if they thought I was sexy.

I sent Caleb a email explaining that my condo had only one bedroom because the other bedroom was set up as my office. I asked how they planned to get to Chicago. I didn’t get an immediate response and presumed they changed their mind. Several days later Zeke wrote that Caleb had been ill and apologized for not responding sooner to my email. Zeke’s text was succinct but included an unintended innuendo, “Sure, we’re happy to sleep with you. Is your bed king sized? We are taking Amtrak since we don’t want to pay for gas, tolls and parking. We don’t have classes Friday afternoon or Monday. The train leaves Portage about 2:30 if it’s on time. We arrive at Union Station after 5. We’ll text when we’re close.” A text arrived from Caleb the next day, “Sorry, had food poisoning but I’m better. Zeke and I talked and we want you to take us to Boystown.”

Knowing the boys were coming caused me to work fast to finish a major design project. I wanted time to enjoy my time with them. They wanted to go the Museum of Science and Industry, the John Hancock Building and see the bean sculpture in Grant Park. They mentioned those places when we had dinner in the Dells. They didn’t know how close I lived to Boystown so taking them to the gay bars would be convenient.

With Caleb’s request to go to Boystown I wondered if they were gay or just gay-curious. His text suggested that they were easy sleeping with me. Caleb and Zeke arrived Friday evening almost on-time. We took the ‘L’ north to my condo on Clark Street near Belmont. I didn’t mention how close I lived to Boystown until Zeke said, “We can walk to Boystown, how convenient.” My condo was in a three story brick building with one condo on each floor. I owned the top floor of an industrial designed space with unpainted concrete walls and ceilings with exposed duct work. There was a small amount of wall space to hang my vintage Native American photos. From my picture window I looked down onto Clark Street. My bedroom had a similar view and was barely large enough for my king size bed.

Caleb said, “Gawd, this is a cool place.”

I said, “Let’s walk over to Broadway to get some dinner. We can check out a couple of the bars on Halsted.”

“Yeah, we want to go to Sidetrack, first.”

“How do you know about Sidetrack?”

“We have friends who’ve been in Chicago and told us about it. We have to go there for show tunes singing on Sunday. We haven’t been in Chicago in ten years. That’s when Mother brought us to a Cubs game. That’s close by isn’t it?”

“Yes, up the street. As usual they aren’t in the pennant race so there aren’t games to attend.”

“We’re not much into sports except soccer.”

As we walked through Boystown bar hopping I couldn’t remember the last time I had walked up Halsted at night. What little socializing I do is downtown. The boys were enjoying themselves being admired by men and boys alike. They were carded before every drink because they looked so young. I was getting tired and convinced them to come back with me. They were initially reluctant but Zeke said, “We’ve got two more nights.”

Back in the condo they turned on the television as I got ready for bed. Caleb closed the front curtain and stripped off his clothes Zeke followed his lead. They sat cross-legged, side by side watching “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” I excused myself. Later I felt the boys get into bed one on each side of me. It felt warm but strange since I hadn’t slept with anyone in a long time. I reached over and felt a silky bare butt. I didn’t know whether it was Caleb or Zeke. I carefully got over one body at my regular time in the morning not wanting to disturb the boys. I turned the heat up to take the chill off. I didn’t see the boys until after nine. Caleb came in first followed by Zeke both naked except for their tee shirts and socks. With rumpled hair and barely a facial hair shadow they were still cute. Both came up to me and hugged me. Zeke said, “Justin, how’d you sleep. Did we crowd you?”

“No, I hardly knew you were there.”

“Put your coffee down and come back to bed with us. We want to get to know you better.” I was pleased but hesitant. I followed their silky butts into the bedroom. Zeke directed me to take off my tee shirt and get in the middle of the bed. He got on one side and Caleb the other. They snuggled up to me. I loved the feeling of their silky skin. Their hands began to feel my upper chest, then my nipples before slowly moving across my stomach to their target, my pronounced, protruding dick. Their hands met with one guy holding the tip of my dick and the other the shaft. I breathed deeply when they squeezed.

The boys’ tongues softly touch each of my ears. I shivered. Zeke was first to reach my mouth. I parted my lips for him. His tongue went in and moments later Caleb was inside my mouth as well. The three way kiss was totally erotic. The room was bright with morning light so I could see each boy with a hand on their own dick as they massaged mine. I could feel my juice rising and I didn’t say anything as I pushed my butt up and let the contents of my balls gush out. That caused both boys to shoot high into the air like young guys can do. After the special spell was over Caleb said, “Justin, did you like that?”

“It was wonderful but you didn’t have to do that for me.”

“Shit, we didn’t do it for you, we did it for us. We think you’re a cool gay guy.”

“I haven’t admitted to myself that I’m gay. I guess I have to admit it.”

“You mean a handsome guy like you hasn’t had a boyfriend?”

“I did have a roommate that I had hoped would become a partner but he didn’t have any ambition. He was happy in his job at the UPS store. We broke up several years ago. I’ve had a couple of short term flings with guys but they really didn’t interest me.”

Caleb in his normal inquisitive manner said, “What’s your type? Older, younger, black, white, Hispanic, what?”

I smiled, “I never thought about a type. I like an intelligent guy maybe younger than me but not by much. The guy has to have a career and be motivated. He can’t be fat but he doesn’t have to be a gym bunny either. Are you going to find me one?”

“Get your butt out of bed and shower. We’ve got to get on our way to the museum.” As we walked into the bathroom to shower off our semen Caleb and Zeke smiled at each other. At the same time they swatted my butt. Forty-five minutes later after coffee and cereal we were out the door on a sunny, crisp day which was perfect for sightseeing.

Train at station

Chicago Elevated Train, the 'L'

We walked to the Belmont Station for the long ride to the museum on the Southside. The boy’s heads turned right and left as we traversed the many diverse Chicago neighborhoods before we reached the Museum of Science and Industry. Two hours later after completing the coal mine tour we boarded the ‘L’ to return to the Loop. We exited at Washington for the short walk to the Bean sculpture designed by Anish Kapoor. The Bean is one of the most popular destinations for tourists coming to Chicago. I suggested lunch at the Park Café which was located only a short distance from the Bean and the famous video fountain.

After we were seated Caleb snapped the menu booklet closed, “Look at the prices. We can’t afford to eat here.” I was paying for everything so I encouraged them to have whatever they wanted. Both Caleb and Zeke ordered one of the café’s famous burgers with fries. I had a Salad Nicoise with extra anchovies.

The Bean

The Bean

After lunch we walked around the park looking at the Pritzker Band Shell, the Chicago Stock Exchange Arch and taking many cell phone pictures under and around the Bean. I hailed a taxi thinking we would go to the John Hancock for the ride to the top. Once we were in the taxi Zeke said, “Justin, we’re not going up today. We want to shop at Water Tower Place. We’ll go to the top for brunch tomorrow.”

Since I knew I wasn’t in charge I decided to go along with what they wanted. Rather than the wonderful feelings I had after our sexual activities now I felt like the father-figure catering to the orders from two precocious sons. For the next three hours I watched as Zeke and Caleb tried on multiple outfits. The Cardigan sweaters, button down shirts, wool low ride trousers and matching saddle oxfords were more sophisticated than I thought would be appropriate on two young guys from Portage, WI. Finally, I really became the father when Caleb said, ”Justin, we don’t have enough credit on our credit cards would you pay and we’ll pay you back.” Happily, I surrendered my card. They both hugged me, thanked me and both insisted that they would pay me back.

As we walked from the Belmont ‘L’ stop Zeke said, “I’m going to get my hair cut like yours, Caleb.” We walked into my neighborhood barber shop. After a short wait Zeke directed the barber to mimic Caleb’s cut. When the barber was finished Zeke’s tattoos were the only way I tell them apart.

Saturday night they went bar hopping. I happily stayed home and listened to my favorite, quiet, easy listening music. I needed a break from their energy and enthusiasm. They got in bed much later and I chose not to wake them Sunday morning. About eleven Caleb came into my main room rubbing his head. “Got any aspirins?” I got up to get him a couple. “Zeke will need some, too.”

“Do you want to pass on brunch?”

“Absolutely not. We’ll be ready by noon. We’re wearing our new clothes.”

I knew I had to dress appropriately to be seen with them. Dressed alike in their new clothes they were models. I called an Uber for 12:15 for a ride to the John Hancock Tower. I felt proud being with two handsome young men even if people thought I was their father. If the boys were feeling any ill effects of their bar hopping they didn’t show it. They loved the view from the 95th and exclaimed over and over how fantastic it was.

View of Chicago from the John Hancock Center

View from the 95th Floor of the John Hancock

Our conversation after the food was served made me uncomfortable. Caleb suggested I invite my son to brunch.

I snapped, “How can I do that since I hardly know him.”

Zeke said, “We can help you fix that.” I didn’t know what he meant and I chose not to ask him to elaborate. Late in the afternoon back on Halsted Street we went to sing show tunes at Sidetrack. As I watched them they were so attractive and were having so much fun. I didn’t want to think about them leaving.

I rode to Union Station with them on Monday for their 2:15 train which was only thirty minutes late leaving. They each hugged me and kissed me squarely on the lips. I was a self-conscious but didn’t let them know how I was feeling. They were giggly little boys talking about their time in Chicago. Over and over they thanked me.

Toward the end of the week I got a long ‘thank you’ email from Caleb. He recounted every aspect of their visit and thanked me profusely. At the end of his message was an invitation from his grandmother to come to Portage for Thanksgiving. I didn’t reply immediately because I wasn’t sure what their grandmother would think of me. Would she wonder if I was taking advantage of her angels? A couple of days later I texted Caleb with the message that I would come for Thanksgiving.

Part 3

I could have taken the train but chose to drive the Tesla up the day before Thanksgiving. The boys insisted that I meet them at the diner for lunch on Wednesday. I was on the road early. With all the folks leaving Chicago for the holidays the roads to Wisconsin were unusually busy but thankfully there were only a few trucks. I made it to Portage shortly before 12:30. I walked in and didn’t see the boys but there were several booths filled. In one booth two young men were seated. One guy had dark brown hair cut short, wore black heavy framed glasses, and looked vaguely familiar. The other fellow had a pleasant face but nothing out of the ordinary. I sat at the counter where I sat in the summer.

When asked for my order I told the waitress I was waiting for Caleb and Zeke. She said, “We reserved that table for six by the window for you guys.” I was puzzled and asked for a glass of water. A few minutes later dressed alike as they usually were Caleb and Zeke came bounding in the door. They rushed to the counter and hugged me as I stood up to greet them. They each took a hand and walked me toward the two guys I had noticed. Caleb said, “Justin, meet your son, Seth, and his partner Charlie Huber. I’m sure I looked stunned. Seth stuck out his hand and shook mine grasping it tightly. Charlie did the same thing.

Caleb said, “Let’s eat.” We followed him to the table by the front window. I said nothing except ‘Hello’. I think I was in shock at the boldness of the boys to get me and my son together.

Caleb said, “Justin, don’t hate us but we couldn’t let a nice guy like you not know your son. We don’t have a father so we couldn’t let that happen to Seth.”

“How did you find him?”

Caleb said, “The internet. I simply put in Seth Spencer, Northern Illinois University, Naperville, Illinois and out came his email address.”

Seth spoke up, “When he emailed me I thought it was a joke. I didn’t respond for a couple of days.”

Zeke said, “Caleb didn’t know if he had the wrong address but that was the only contact information he could find.”

“I wrote him back inquiring how he knew Justin. He told me you had met in the summer in Portage, Wisconsin.”

Caleb said, “Here in this diner, by the way.”

“Caleb asked if he could call me and explain. I agreed to speak with him.”

“Both me and Zeke were on the phone the first time we talked.”

“Charlie thought I was crazy talking to these two nutty guys. It took several phone calls with Charlie’s constant opposition for me to agree to meet them.” Our food was delivered and the waitress told us they were closing at two so the workers could get home to start preparing for Thanksgiving. We ate quietly.

I said, “Seth, I think these two crazy guys did us a favor. I’m glad to see you again. Can I ask you a personal question in front of Charlie?”

“Sure, but I suspect you’re going to ask if Charlie is my roommate or my partner. He and I have been together only since the start of the semester so I guess you could call him a roommate with benefits.” There was polite laughter.

Charlie spoke for the first time. “I like the benefits. What about you are you with someone?”

“As I explained to Caleb and Zeke I have never been married to a woman even though I have a handsome son. I am basically a bachelor even though I have had a few relationships with men.”

“So you’re gay, just not out?”

“I wouldn’t say it that way. I will become gay when I meet the right guy. In my work no one really cares whether I’m gay or straight as long as I do good work.”

Seth said, “Guys it’s almost two. I’m sure they’re anxious for us to get our butts out of here. Charlie and I need to get on our way to his grandparent’s house in Rockford. Dad, I hope we can get together. We have a lot to catch up on.” As we stood in front of the café we gave hugs all the way around. Seth said to Caleb and Zeke, “You crazy, fucking guys are great. When are you coming to Chicago again?”

Caleb hesitated and said speaking directly to Seth and Charlie, “Well, I was going to make this a Christmas surprise but I’ll tell you what Zeke and I have planned. Justin, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve committed about $5000 of your money to a five day cruise leaving from Ft. Lauderdale December 29. We plan to take the train down after Christmas and stay with you, fly to Florida on December 28 and leave on the cruise on the 29th. That will get us back before the semester starts.”

I was dumbfounded listening to Caleb but tried to not overreact. These two adorable guys were blonde elves. I couldn’t be angry. The money was not an issue but I had to act slightly annoyed. That caused Zeke to say, “I told you, you should have cleared it with Justin before you made the reservations.”

“Zeke, it’s OK. No problem. When do you need the money?”

“Soon because I’ve maxed out mine and Zeke’s credit cards.”

“I’ll write you a check when we get to your grandmother’s house.”

Charlie didn’t speak even though Seth seemed as excited as did Caleb and Zeke. Charlie said quietly, “My mom and dad separated recently. Could my dad possibly come with us if he wants to?”

I said, “I will see if there’s a suite available so we can stay together. It’s late to book a suite but I’ll call this afternoon. Caleb which cruise company did you select? Do you have the reservation number?”

“I checked on Cruise Critic and found that Royal Caribbean was the best value for the money I decided to spend. I only reserved two adjoining balcony rooms since I thought you could stay with us or us with you whichever you would like. I have a copy of the reservation sheet in our room.”

“When we get to your grandmother’s house I’ll go online to see what’s available.” Seth and Charlie walked with us toward their car. When we stopped by my Tesla Seth remarked, “Obviously, money isn’t a concern for you. Can you share a little with me? I’m short on my rent this month.” I opened my wallet and gave him two fifty dollar bills. He smiled and warmly hugged me again. Seth was noticeably taller and larger than me. His dark hair and dark eyes reminded me of his mother.

I relaxed after meeting Seth and Charlie and didn’t feel guilty. Before they left I invited them to come to my condo for drinks and dinner. Seth initially hesitated, waiting for Charlie’s reaction. Looking at each other Charlie nodded and he said they would take the train from Naperville the following Saturday afternoon. We had a pleasant dinner of steak, baked potatoes, salad and red wine. During dinner Seth said, “Justin, we met at a freshman mixer at Northern.

Charlie jumped in, “I had my gaydar on and picked him out of the crowd.”

“You did not. I spotted you first.”

“No, you didn’t.” Their cheerful banter made me happy. They seemed comfortable as we discussed their individual life experiences and their brief time together. I still hoped I could find someone who was as easy with me as these two guys seemed to be with each other. We weren’t paying attention and they almost missed the last train to Naperville.

They came again right before Christmas vacation when the discussion was the cruise and what to bring. I prepared a list of essentials which I gave to them. At dinner we celebrated with champagne and steak and agreed that we would meet at the O’Hare before the flight.

As Caleb had announced at Thanksgiving the boys stayed with me before we departed for Ft. Lauderdale. Caleb and Zeke arrived on the train from Wisconsin two hours late on the day after Christmas. They were giddy, like little kids, as they discussed the gifts they received which seemed rather insignificant to me. They were genuinely happy human beings. The day after they arrived was a crisp, cold day. After breakfast we decided to walk along the lake front to the Shed Aquarium before we had a hot drink at my favorite bar. Once back in the condo we showered to warm up and put on sweat pants and thermal shirts. I ordered pizza and a salad. After we finished Caleb said, “Justin, we want to have sex with you since we probably won’t be able to on the ship.”

“What do you want to do?

Caleb said, “We want to do everything. Do you have any enema bottles?”

“I don’t but do have a douche bottle which can be refilled.”

“We brought lube because we didn’t know if you had any.”

“I do. I’m always optimistic. I plan to bring it on the ship.”

We each cleaned and showered again. Once the three of us were in bed together they started to work on each side of me with kisses from my ear lobes down my body. I loved watching these beautiful young guys work their magic on me. Their back and shoulders were smooth and soft to my touch. Their tongues reached my dick at the same time. I took a deep breath as one of the boys took me into his mouth. “Enough if you want to be entered you have to stop.”

Zeke said, “I won the toss and I get to go first.”

“You mean you won a fucking coin toss.”

“Yes. I want to be on my knees.”

“Do you want me to loosen you up?”

“No need. Caleb and I have been using a dildo to stretch at home.”

“This was all planned?”

Caleb said, “It’s not quite like Zeke said but close. Zeke get on your knees and I’ll lube you both.” That is exactly what happened. I lined up behind Zeke’s inviting bubble butt with its concentric circle tattoo. There was some resistance as I pushed and wasn’t sure I could get in. Suddenly his ass muscle relaxed.

I almost pushed him over as I penetrated him. I whispered, “I have to go slowly and don’t want to let myself cum or Caleb won’t get his chance for a while.” I was able to control my ejaculation and gave Zeke a nice ride.

I pulled out and watched as Caleb lubed his hole. “I want to slide down from the top.” I got on my back so happy that I could enjoy these two wonderful guys. Caleb positioned himself over me and Zeke guided me into him. The stimulation was more intense as he rocked and slid up and down. Caleb said, “Don’t cum in me. We want to see you shoot on both of us.”

“Well, you better get off because it’s coming soon.” He did and with three strokes of Zeke’s hand a fountain erupted onto his hand. Caleb smiled, “That’s what we wanted.”

“My pleasure to be of service,” we laughed. We slept late because we didn’t have to leave for the airport until two for a five thirty flight. As planned we met Charlie, Seth and Charlie’s father outside the check in area. Charlie’s father introduced himself to Caleb, Zeke and me, “I’m George glad to meet you guys. Thanks so much for letting me come along. George had a muscular upper body with a close cut beard and mustache. He looked to be about my age or even a year or two older. He was in good shape for a bearish build. I suspected he was a hairy guy.

I had texted Seth to inquire if he, Charlie and Charlie’s dad had their passports. He texted back that they did. I made sure everyone had their passports handy which we needed as we checked in for the plane.

I reserved six seats in the same row on the United 737. When we boarded George stuck his head in the cockpit which seemed unusually friendly. Thankfully, the plane left on time which got us to Ft. Lauderdale after nine because of the hour we lost. The hotel shuttle took us to the Courtyard by Marriott along with the airplane’s crew. George continued to be friendly with the pilots.

I had not shared with Caleb and Zeke the arrangements I was able to make when I called from their grandmother’s house. I wrote them a check to cover their expenditure for the adjoining rooms. What I didn’t tell them was that I had been able to reserve one of the Grand Suites on the Allure of the Sea. It was expensive but I was really excited not only to be with my son but also Caleb and Zeke. After a late breakfast the hotel shuttle took us to the check-in terminal.

Cruise ship

The Ship

The ship towered over us as we got out of the shuttle. I had never been that close to a ship that big. I led the way into the terminal and went to a line marked ‘Suites’. Caleb said, “Justin, this is the wrong line. We reserved regular rooms.”

“Surprise, I reserved a suite so we could all be together. I hope it’s big enough.” The check-in process went smoothly and we got in line to take the obligatory picture. After we were on the ship we were introduced to our butler, Carlos, who led us to our suite on Deck 10. He opened the door and there was silence from the entire group until Zeke yelled, “Holy shit, this is massive. So fucking beautiful.” Carlos smiled as we dropped our small carryon bags.

Carlos invited us to sit at the dining table. With his pleasant Spanish accent he oriented us to the ship and the services he could provide. I could see the hot tub on our balcony and was sure that would be used regularly. We discussed how we would divide up the two bedrooms and the queen size pullout sofa. As Carlos was pouring drinks Caleb in his normal take charge manner said, “I suggest that Zeke and I sleep on the pullout sofa, Charlie and Seth take the king size bed which we may visit from time to time. Justin, you and George take the room with twin beds. Who knows you might want Carlos to make them into a queen bed as you get to know each other better.”

Seth said, “Caleb you’re a hoot.” I could see George smile.

I said, “Let’s start with twins. We can switch around as the five days progress.” Carlos left and we decided to explore the ship. Charlie, Seth and George went to the left out of the suite. Caleb, Zeke and I went to the right. We asked Carlos to bring snacks and to fix our drinks at five.

The second night the six of us had dinner in one of the larger dining rooms. When we were finished Caleb announced that the boys wanted to check out the bars. I said, “I’m done for today. I’m going to the suite.”

George said, “Me, too. You guys have fun.” He followed me back and I called Carlos and asked him to bring champagne. George and I undressed to our underwear and were sitting on the sofa. I was about to turn on the television when George said, “Justin, I’m confused. Seth is your son, right?”

George, I’m happy to tell you the story. It isn’t very long.”


“You may sense that Seth and I don’t know each other very well. That is true. You see I got his mother pregnant when we were nineteen during my first year at Northwestern. I couldn’t convince her to get an abortion. She moved back to Michigan where Seth was born. They lived with her parents who basically raised Seth. I saw him infrequently but his mother never refused to accept the money I sent.

“It was these two blonde leprechauns who refused to let my distant relationship with Seth continue. They tricked me into meeting him. That’s when I met Charlie who told us you were recently separated from your wife. Do you have other children?”

“No, Charlie is our only child. My story is different from yours in that I decided to get married to a young woman who was attractive and smart but I never really loved. Don’t get me wrong we had some good times together but I knew five years ago that the marriage was going to end. I stayed in it until Charlie went to college. I’m not sure it was the right decision, but it was what it was.”

“I assume you have something to do with the airline industry the way you were talking to the flight crew yesterday.”

“Right, I’m a pilot for a regional carrier that United owns. I could have flown free but I wanted to fly with you guys. I presume you never married?”

“As Caleb or Zeke will probably tell you I’m gay but never really admitted it to myself.”

“What’s their story?”

The door opened and the four boys came in. Caleb announced, “Here to change. Be back late, don’t wait up for us.” They disappeared into the two bedrooms since the twins had their bags in our room. Less than five minutes later they were out the door in more casual clothes than those they wore to dinner.

“So I can tell you a little of their story but I’m sure there is much they haven’t told me.” I related to George the unusual way I met the boys and how they just jumped into my life. “I guess they saw a father figure but I don’t feel like that’s it. I feel more like a mentor/counselor/friend that they never had. They are bold. You probably heard how this cruise was planned by Caleb, without telling me, so I could get to know Seth better.”

“Without a doubt they are both engaging, and I agree bold.”

“What about you? Where do your sexual interests lie? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. I have been with men several times but I can’t get over how shallow the experience feels. I’m a relationship person. I didn’t know Charlie had eyes for men. While he was in high school I noticed he never had a steady girlfriend. He hung around mainly with boys which wasn’t that unusual. He and I have had a pretty close relationship since his mother was constantly badgering him to get better grades and to be more social. I thought he was doing fine.”

“I met Seth when we moved Charlie into his dorm room. Truthfully, Charlie and I had never discussed his sexuality. It is obvious he and Seth are partners but Charlie had never said anything to me about it until he invited me to come on the cruise. I’m ready for the hot tub. Let’s continue our discussion there.”

Man reclining


“Lead the way.” We dropped our underwear on the sofa. He wasn’t shy nor was I as we undressed without saying anything about swim suits. We stepped out onto our deck and into the bubbling hot water. He shared with me that he hoped they could conclude an uncontested divorce because that is what his wife wanted. He said he was happy to agree.

After we got out and showered we each got into our twin bed. I gave him a hug before I got into bed. He wasn’t shy and hugged me more tightly that I expected. The second night we asked Carlos to make our twin beds into a queen. We began to enjoy each other’s company when the boys weren’t there. We were surprised the third night when Caleb and Seth came back early and found us in bed together. They stood at the door and applauded.

Every afternoon we had our daily cocktail time in advance of entertainment and a late dinner. The boys didn’t come back to the suite late. The boys went from one venue or another often not coming in until the bars closed.

Two young men cuddling in bed

Seth and Charlie

Quickly no one was the least bit shy about being in the hot tub or being undressed in the suite enjoying each other’s company. The five days passed so quickly. I think everyone had a wonderful time together.

As soon as we arrived in Chicago Caleb and Zeke rushed to catch the train for Wisconsin. In the taxi heading toward Union Station Caleb announced that they were visiting me over the Martin Luther King holiday. Seth, Charlie and George took an Uber back to Naperville. I saw George often and invited him to stay with me on several occasions which he was happy to do. He traveled regularly as a reserve pilot so his visits to my condo weren’t planned far in advance.

Before Caleb and Zeke arrived I received pictures and descriptions of updated two and three bedroom condos in Andersonville. I didn’t know I was looking for a new place but the boys seemed to have something in mind. When they arrived Caleb announced that we were going to look at places larger than mine. He didn’t say why. Early Saturday morning we met a realtor at Ann Sathers. She began asking for specific things that we wanted. She talked to him like he was the buyer. I listened amused and confused by what was happening. Finally, Zeke said, “Justin what do you think about what Caleb has said?”

“Fine, I guess. I didn’t know there was something wrong with my place.”

“There isn’t but it’s too small when we move in with you at the end of the semester.”

“I didn’t know you were moving to Chicago.”

“We decided that there are better job prospects in Chicago than in Wisconsin.”

Looking at Zeke, “I thought you wanted to be a forest ranger?”

“Zeke did until he found out you have to sweat and get really dirty. He gave up on that idea. We thought about retail, maybe men’s clothing or modeling. We need a place to live. When is George moving in with you?”

“Not soon as far as I know but George has slept over a couple of times. He is living in their house in the suburbs. What if I don’t want to move?”

“Then we can’t move in with you. Why don’t you rent your place out if you don’t want to sell it?” The realtor sat listening to this and started to get up to leave. I motioned for her to stay.

Caleb brought out copies of the condos he had sent to me. I handed her the three pieces of paper, “Can you arrange for us to see these three tomorrow?”

She said she would call the realtors and let us know. As it turned out we were able to see two of the three but the third was under contract. She showed us one she thought was similar. It was a three bedroom with a separate den; two and a half baths and a kitchen with dining space attached to a large living area. The condo had the industrial design that I liked and the location was close enough to the “L” so the boys could get downtown easily. I didn’t make an offer but told the boys I would think about it. What I really wanted to do was talk to George about his situation. On the night before they left the boys snuggled next to me. They didn’t seem to be interested in sex just wanted to be close to me. I couldn’t get enough of these two guys.

Two weeks later I texted Seth and asked if he and Charlie were available since George was going to be visiting me the following weekend. I wanted to float the idea of the six of us living together. I had done nothing about the condo we saw but thought about it regularly.

While Seth and Charlie didn’t plan to stay overnight they came in early Saturday morning before George arrived. I described to them what Caleb and Zeke wanted me to do. Seth said, “Those two are really something. What are you going to do?”

“I want to talk to your dad and see if he is interested in moving in with me. Is that OK with you?”

“Sure, he and mom have our house up for sale. She’s already moved out. Seth and I packed my stuff last weekend except for the furniture.”

When George arrived we discussed the situation with him. He said he felt he should stay in their house until it sold. He wanted me to come out and stay with him. Charlie seemed completely comfortable with us being together. Within three months he made my home his home. I hoped that I had finally found a partner but was cautious. Charlie and Seth seemed pleased.

To my surprise the condo we saw in January which the realtor told me had sold came back on the market at a slightly lower price. When she called I told her to put an offer in immediately. She called the next day and said the seller accepted my offer. George and I discussed whether he wanted to be on the title. He said that he would like to but not until the divorce was finalized.

I was puzzled that I hadn’t heard from Zeke or Caleb. In late March. Caleb texted that their grandmother passed away and gave me the details of her funeral. I texted back that I would be there. When I told Seth and Charlie they said they couldn’t go because of midterm exams. George thought he could attend since he would complete a trip the night before. He told me to pick him up at the Madison airport. He would grab a ride on one of his company’s planes.

I picked him up and we drove to Portage in time to see the boys during the short visitation before the service. The church was half full. I spoke to the waitress from the diner where I first saw the boys. I introduced myself to her as the boy’s friends gathered around them. She said, “I remember you. You asked me about the boys last summer, didn’t you?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Caleb and Zeke talk about you often, especially about the cruise y’all took. They needed a man in their life. Are you going to help them deal with Mable’s house? They’ll need the money.”

“I know them but don’t have any details of their financial situation.”

“Well, Mable was a fine person but had no financial sense. I know because I’m the divorced wife of her nephew who was always trying to get her to give him money. You should try to find out from the boys if they know anything.” Suddenly I was thrust into something I had definitely not planned to be involved with. After the service I drove George back to the Madison airport. I told him what the waitress told me. He agreed that I should try to help the boys. After dropping him off I returned to Portage. Zeke and Caleb were honoring Mable’s life when I joined them at their home. I didn’t know anyone except the boys because the waitress wasn’t there.

When everyone except me and the boys were left we sat quietly in the living room. They were exhausted. Caleb said, “I want to get in bed with you. Zeke and I need you to hold us.”

That’s exactly what we did. I didn’t sleep much because both boys were tossing and turning. The next day I decided I had to get in control before events overtook the guys. The boys didn’t know if their grandmother had a will. I asked if they knew if their grandmother had bank accounts or a safety deposit box. Caleb said, “I signed some paper so I could cash her Social Security checks. She did have a deposit box because I signed that card, too.”

“How are you going to pay for her funeral expenses?”

“The funeral director told us she had a prepaid funeral insurance policy.”

“What about the house? Do you know if you guys names are on the title?”

“We don’t know.”

“Well, we have to find out. Let’s first go to the bank and see what we can find out. When is graduation?”

“In three weeks but, you know we’re just finishing two years. That’s all we can do at this dingy school.”

Over the next two weeks I closed on the new condo in Chicago and helped the boys deal with what turned out to be a simple closing out of their grandmother’s affairs. The house title did have both their names on it. The bank accounts had small amounts of money that Caleb could access. In the safety deposit box was a small $5000 life insurance policy which was full paid up many years ago. Zeke and Caleb disagreed initially about whether to list the house right away or rent it. I persuaded them to sell since they made it clear they were moving in with me and George. I didn’t want them to have the responsibility of renting from two hundred miles away.

The boys made it clear they were coming to Chicago to look for jobs as soon as school was over. I was busy planning the furnishings for the new condo. I had a mountain of professional work to do. George called and told me he had two competing offers on their house. He accepted the offer which didn’t include any contingencies. Seth and Charlie declined to move in with us because they both had jobs in the western suburbs. They helped George and I move to the new condo since Caleb and Zeke had not left Portage.

Before the boys arrived Caleb texted that he and Zeke had been hired based on their photo portfolio to work at the Hugo Boss store on Michigan Avenue. In less than nine months two handsome, precocious guys I saw in a diner in Portage, Wisconsin had changed the direction of my life. I was happy, really happy.

Author’s Notes

John Lloyd lives in Pompano Beach, Florida. The story is basically fiction except for the way the author encountered the two handsome blonde twins in Wisconsin. The names have been changed and the author’s imagination took over the afternoon the boys walked out of the diner. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. The author reserves all rights to the story but sharing with friends is encouraged. If a reader would like to comment please send the comments to rawlingbros@gmail.com.