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Jamie enjoys working, living, writing and traveling on two continents - Europe and North America. And while his frequent flyer miles quickly add up as he tries to juggle a so-called normal life moving between two corners of the world, he finds writing to be one of his greatest pleasures especially when taking a break from his real-life profession as a university teacher and technical writer.

Having been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy since childhood most of his writing falls into this genre - although he has been known to write stories outside the Sci-Fi/Fantasy area both with and without gay themes. His latest work appearing exclusively on Awesome Dude - The Scrolls of Icaria combines his interest in history, art, comparative religion and philosophy with his love of the classic science fantasy epic. While parts of some chapters of TSOI have been written on flights across the Atlantic Ocean he confesses that his favorite place to write is Brussels sitting by a warm fire and sipping a cup of cappuccino.




The Scrolls of Icaria Fathers and Sons

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