Hill Kids Collection

House in snow

Boyfriends for Christmas

James Savik


Hating December and its cold, wet early nights, David King walked home after basketball practice. It wasn’t so far, just a pain. The sleet started about ten minutes into his forty-minute hike to make it just perfect. It was a Wednesday night, and Christmas Break started Friday if he could avoid becoming an icicle.

As he hiked, he was resentful of the cars passing him by. Jerks.

David considered his dilemma to keep his mind off the cold. Something would have to give between him and his best friend Rowdy. When they had met, David had been a fourth grader, and Rowdy had been a 2nd grade holy terror of hyperactivity. Rowdy's mom, desperate for respite, had paid him to play with Rowdy to wear out the little Energizer bunny. Soon, David quit taking the money. Over the years, to David, Rowdy had become like the hyper, pesky little brother you could only be so lucky to have. Rowdy was so much fun. There were stories around the neighborhood of their legendary exploits. With David's brains and Rowdy's energy, they managed to stay out of trouble most of the time.

Recently, Rowdy had been hinting pretty hard that he was sexually interested in David, and he couldn't imagine anything possibly more awkward and… ick. It wasn't that he was against sex with boys. He was, in fact, all for it. Just not with his baby bro, Rowdy.

Trudging along in the sleet, he heard an engine and saw the lights of a van coming up from behind him and slowing.

In the dark, overcast night, a young voice from the van yelled, “Do you need a ride to the subdivision?”

David said, “Please!”

“We’ll open the side door. Hop in.”

The van's side door opened, and David jumped in to find a skinny, cute, younger blond kid and his dad driving. Why did you think he’s cute? Because he’s adorable, so shut up, stupid subconscious.

The dad said, “I’m Big Jim, and that’s Little Jim Grant. I believe you’re our neighbor.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you around. I’m David King.”

Little Jim said, “I saw you get twelve points off the bench against St. Joe.”

Addressing Little Jim, David asked, “What year are you, sports fan?”

“I’m an eighth grader. Dad is about to cook supper. You want to eat with us?”

Thinking about the can of Spaghetti-Os in the kitchen cabinet, David said, “Yes, please!”

The emergency broadcast system alert came over Mr. Grant’s phone, warning of an impending ice storm overnight as he drove into a house four doors down and across the street from David’s house.

He pulled up and said, “Change of plans, boys. David, is anybody home at your house?”

“Dad is a cop, and Mom is a paramedic. They’ll be busy during this mess.”

Big Jim said, “We always lose power in this crap, and we’ve got a genny. I’m going to make a quick store run. LJ, you go inside and put the pie in the oven. David, why don’t you run home, call your parents, and see if you can stay over? Pack for a day or two.” He wrote his name, number, and address on a Post-it note, handed it over, and added, “Here. Let them know where you’ll be.”

That was a better deal than a cold, empty house. “Thanks! I’ll do that. Do you have a game system?”

Little Jim answered, “PlayStation.”

“Cool. I’ll bring some games.”

David bailed out of the van and headed toward his house. LJ went inside the Grant house, and Mr. Grant went Krogering.

David arrived home shivering and more than a little wet. He checked in with his dad, got permission to stay with the Grants, and gave his father Mr. Grant’s phone number. He gathered some comfortable sweats, socks, and boxers, and then the power abruptly failed.

Crap. He had wanted to take a quick shower, but that wouldn’t happen. He found a flashlight that sort of worked, then fumbled around in the dark to collect his games and a few more things. Then he got his good rainproof coat with a hood. Things were looking up.

After locking up the dark King household, David quickly returned to his new friend's house across the street, where a generator was gamely chugging away. Little Jim opened the front door and let him inside.

David said, “Something smells great.”

“My dad’s kick-ass pot roast is in a crock pot. It ought to be done in about forty-five minutes. Follow me.”

Little Jim led him to his room upstairs, where David stopped and said, “Sweet room, bro.”

It was. On one wall was LJ’s game system and TV with a couch to sit on. Behind it was the foot of a full-size bed. A computer desk and bathroom were on the right side of the room. On the other was a closet and a chest of drawers. What was truly impressive was how neat LJ kept it.

David asked, “Would it be OK to call you LJ? No boy wants to be called little.”

LJ grinned and said, “Sure, but in my case, it just means I’m short. You can park your stuff on the couch. Do you need anything?”

“I would love to get a hot shower and out of this wet stuff.”

LJ said, “In here,” and opened the door to his bathroom. “There are towels and everything you need.”

David moved toward the bathroom and said, “Thank you! Having wet socks totally blows.”

LJ asked, “What games did you bring?”

David stepped into the bathroom and said, “Check them out. They are in my DVD case.”

“Dad will probably let us stay up late and play. There’s no school tomorrow, and it might last into the weekend.”

David had just pulled off his wet sweatshirt when he heard LJ squawk with laughter.

LJ said, “Hey Dave, I think you got the wrong DVD case.”

David laughed nervously and said, “Oh crap. We had probably better stick to your games tonight.”

“I don’t know. Four hours of Red Hott Blondes sounds interesting, and this weed is absolutely fascinating.”

David said, “I don’t want to get us in trouble.”

“We won’t. Dad… was in a bad wreck a couple of years ago. His bedroom is downstairs. He just started working again last summer, and we were on the way home from his physical therapy when we saw you. He goes to bed at ten thirty and takes medication that makes him sleep like a log. We could play basketball up here after eleven. Go ahead and get your shower. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

David stripped and got in the shower. For a moment, he thought about whacking his willy and decided against it. This just wasn’t his shower. After getting dressed, he combed his hair and went downstairs.

Big and Little Jim were getting supper ready. LJ had the table set for three, and BJ, he had to restrain a laugh at the thought, was hovering over the stove.

Big Jim said, “You look much happier in dry clothes.”

David grinned and said, “And delighted to be somewhere the lights are on, and there’s good company. It failed at my house while I was packing.”

Jim said, “On the way back from Kroger, I heard on the radio schools are closed through the weekend. Temperatures will be in the single digits, and eight inches of snow are predicted tomorrow. Your Christmas break started early.”

LJ said, “Oh shoot!”

“I’m all broken up about it,” David said with a laugh. “Seriously, thanks for having me over.”

“You’re welcome. We’ve still got twenty minutes on the roast. LJ, why don’t you take a quick shower before dinner?”

LJ headed for the stairs, saying, “Don’t start without me.”

Big Jim was working on the salad and said, “I wanted to speak with you about LJ. We lost LJ’s mom and little sister a couple of years ago in a crash with a trucker on meth. I only survived because of LJ. He was at soccer practice when it happened. We were going home from our twice-weekly therapy when we saw you getting frozen over tonight. He was the new kid this fall and isn’t getting much traction with friends.”

“I’m sorry for your loss, sir. You and LJ made a new friend tonight.”

Mr. Grant said, “I understand you are a sophomore, and he’s just an eighth grader. As a younger kid, he might get on your nerves. If you need a break, make an excuse to visit your house for a few minutes. I’ll understand.”

David said, “My best friend is his age and has ADHD. I don’t think LJ could annoy me enough to want to go out in this ice storm. To tell the truth, I always wanted a little brother to play with.”

Mr. Grant grinned and said, “Good. He needs a big brother, and I suppose temperatures in the single digits tonight might inspire great tolerance. It’s already started snowing.”

“I know the neighborhood kids. If they’re out tomorrow, I’ll introduce LJ around. He might become the most popular kid in the neighborhood when they find out he has heat.”

Mr. Grant stood, gave David’s shoulder a friendly pat, walked to the refrigerator, and said, “Since you’re helping LJ get socially acclimated…” He opened the refrigerator, pointed at two tall boy cans of Budweiser, and said, “Now, I can’t give you two a beer, but later, if these two cans go missing, I won’t notice.”

David grinned, bumped Big Jim’s knuckles, and said, “Cool.”

They heard the water turn off from upstairs. Big Jim said, “One other thing before LJ comes down: LJ works for him, but…”

David laughed, saying, “I wouldn’t think of it, sir.”


LJ arrived in the kitchen at the very crescendo of Big Jim’s Culinary Symphony. A salad, pot roast on a serving platter, rolls, and a coconut pie fresh out of the oven were waiting on the table.

He stopped and said, “Dad, hand me your cell phone. We need a picture of this.”

Big Jim obliged, and LJ took a picture of the spread on the table.

One of the marks of a great meal is that it stops or slows conversation, especially when two teenagers are stoking their metabolism. After his second piece of coconut pie, David put his fork down and said, “That was fine.”

LJ said, “It gets better. We’ve got leftovers.”

Big Jim stood and said, “As of now, you two are on Christmas vacation. Now, go kill some aliens or beat the blitz and have fun. I’ve got the kitchen tonight.”

“Thanks, Dad, that’s so cool of you,” LJ said, hugging his dad.

David hugged Big Jim and said, “Thanks for everything, sir,” and followed LJ up the stairs.

They piled on the sofa, and David said, “It’s cool that your dad does stuff with you. My mom and dad are always working.”

LJ said, “Yeah, he is a great cook, and I love him. I had to help him for months after he came home from physical rehab, and could use a little less togetherness with pops. Just a vacation.”

“He seems to be doing well.”

“Dad is, but he had to earn it. He’s downstairs because he doesn’t want to risk the progress he’s made. Are we talking or playing?”

Booting up Madden, LJ’s Forty-Niners got a touchdown pass in the closing seconds to beat David’s Cowboys 24-21.

David said, “Damn. They even do that to Dallas on Madden.”

“Seems like every year.”

“FYI, there are two Bud tallboys in the kitchen your dad said he wouldn’t miss.”

LJ grinned and said, “Oh, he must like you.”

“I like him too. You’ve both been great to me tonight.”

“Did Dad tell you what happened to us while I was in the shower?”

David said, “Yeah. I know you’re new here, but next year will be better. You’ll be a freshman with a junior for a friend. I know kids in the neighborhood. Rowdy Yates is just next door. Have you met him?”

“Unfortunately. He hasn’t been very friendly to me at school.”

“Has he been mean?”

LJ shrugged and said, “Not really. It’s just some kids have been, and it seems like I’m invisible when they’re pushing me around.”

David said, “He just doesn’t know you. If I introduce you as one of my friends, he’ll warm up. Trust me. Rowdy is fun. We’ve had a lot of fun and trouble together. We could probably go get him.”

“You mind if we hold off on that until tomorrow?”

David laughed and said, “Oh, he’ll be happy to meet you tomorrow, then kick me in the nuts for leaving him out in the cold. He’s got a fireplace and wood. He’ll be just fine.”

LJ said, “Come here. I want to show you something.”

He led David to a room with a sliding glass door onto a second-floor balcony with an overhead cover. David could see Rowdy’s backyard. Footprints in the snow led to his back door. It was good. His buddy Travis was with him.

LJ pointed and said, “Yep. The Yates house has a nice, warm fire. When we decide to burn one, we can go out here.”

David said, “You seem to know a lot about weed.”

“You had it, David.”

“Rowdy likes it, so I got us a few nuggs for Christmas from a senior. It’s not a regular thing.”

LJ said, “That’s cool. I haven’t had any since last summer. It's fun. When I was stressed out about Dad, my Uncle Matt was cool enough to give me the occasional bong hit. I lived with him while Dad was in the hospital. He was great, but Dad is a better cook.”

David laughed and said, “He is a good cook. I haven’t eaten like that in a long time.”

“Interesting you hid your nuggs with your spank vids, Dave.”

David blushed and spluttered.

LJ said, “It’s great to nut when you’re buzzing, and you were going to share with Rowdy. How sweet.”

David blushed even harder, laughing, “Back to the games before I die of embarrassment, please? I feel like being the Dolphins this time.”

LJ might be younger, but he wasn’t afraid to rag Dave when he was stuffy. Dave was fine with LJ being spicy—in fact, he liked it.

LJ said, “I think I'll try out the Eagles.”

The boys bumped their knuckles and were off to a 35-37 shootout, with the Fish barely pulling it out.

At a little before ten, LJ stopped between games and went to say good night to his dad. David followed as far as the kitchen. After talking to his dad, LJ came back through the kitchen. David opened the refrigerator door and pointed at the two Budweiser tallboys, and LJ gave him two thumbs up.

They retreated to LJ’s room and shared their loot. The boys agreed: it tasted like it should have been poured back into the Clydesdale, but the warm, fuzzy, giddy feeling was fun. It had only been one, but for the rookie drinkers, it was plenty.

After LJ’s Chargers beat David’s Raiders 28-19 and David’s Bengals beat LJ’s Chiefs 33-28, David said, “We play great games. I would have enjoyed watching any of them.”

LJ said, “It’s time.”

David shook his head and said, “Oh, no, no. It’s witches' titties cold out there.”

LJ exhorted, “Oh yes, yes! We won’t be long.”

“I’m not great at rolling.”

“I am.”

David watched in amazement as LJ took a rolling paper, broke up the weed, and rolled a perfectly serviceable joint. “Oh, Rowdy will like you. Did your uncle teach you that trick?”

“Uncle Matt is much younger than Dad. He’s just 22. Staying with him while the docs put Dad back together was a blast. He taught me a lot of cool tricks. Let’s burn this thing.”

The boys put on coats and went out on the patio. The cold was wicked, but the patio was covered and out of the wind. Long icicles dripped down the eaves. Snowflakes were falling briskly and accumulating nicely.

David said, “It looks like a Christmas card out here.”

LJ produced a match, lit the joint, and hit it. After exhaling, he passed it to David and said, “It is pretty. We don’t get snow often, but Mother Nature did us proud this Christmas.”

David hit the joint and exhaled through chattering teeth, “Pretty and cold.”

They rushed to smoke the joint, returned inside shivering, and closed the wicked cold outside.

Returning to the room, David took his coat off and said, “Now it feels stuffy in here.”

LJ said, “I’ve been saving a great movie.”

David asked, “Whatcha got?”

“Judge Dredd. The new one, not the old crappy one.”

The two boys settled in on the couch with pillows for a movie of extreme vicarious violence. David enjoyed it, but they were getting tired.

When it ended, LJ hopped up and said, “Gotta go!” and sprinted to the bathroom and began a long, noisy piss.

LJ’s noisy urination set off David’s bladder alarm, so he moved toward the bathroom. It wasn’t intentional, but he saw LJ’s dick briefly and understood why the “Little” part of LJ didn’t faze him at all.

David was still taking a leak when he heard distinctive music from the television – bow-chicka-wow-wow. He started laughing, flushed, and returned to the couch.

LJ had started some of his pirate porn he had downloaded from the internet.

“If we’re going to watch this, I hope you have some Kleenex handy.”

LJ laughed and pulled a tray from under the couch, holding a tissue box and a bottle of aloe vera.

David sat down and said, “You’ve got the remote. Find us a good scene.”

“It’s your DVD,” LJ said, handing David the remote. “You know the good ones.”

David took the remote and fast-forwarded. He said, “Good porn is hard to find. I'm not too fond of most of it. I don’t want to see old, hairy butt.”

“Or tattoos,” LJ snorted. “It might not be a popular opinion, but that’s gross.”

David laughed and said in a TV announcer's voice, describing the side effects of hemorrhoid cream, “It’s up to you to decide what porn is right for you. I’ll try another DVD as Biker Chick Blow Jobs probably isn’t.”

Laughing, LJ said, “I’m sorry. All that body art is ewww to me. It’s just so truck stop.”

David got the point and said, “Yeah. Some of those ole girls got carried away with it. Here’s a better one.”

The new movie was better. Dusty Roads was set in the country where pretty amateurs bumped uglies out in nature with a classic rock soundtrack. With LJ’s feedback, David found three spicy scenes that stretched their sweatpants.

LJ said, “It got me going, but not quite there. What’s next?”

David loaded four hours of red-hot blondes and worked through a few scenes.

LJ spotted one with a younger pair of blond amateurs in a garden and said, “Getting about that time. Put it on hold a sec.”

LJ stood, left the room, returned with two bottles of water from the kitchen a minute later, and locked the door. He handed a bottle to David, shed his sweats and socks, and sat on the couch in his boxers.

Taking a cue from his host, David kicked off his shoes, pulled off his sweats, and returned to the couch in his boxers.

LJ looked and said, “Nice tent, Big bro.”

“You might be skinny and short, but that’s not little. My nickname for you in private will be Fatty from now on.”

LJ laughed and reached over and ran a hand over David’s bone.

David stood, reached out a hand, and said, “Before we go any further, there’s something I’ve wanted to do all night.”

LJ smiled and took his hand.

David pulled LJ to his feet, embraced him, and spoke quietly in his ear, “You’re so cute, I’ve wanted to hug you all night. I like you and don’t want to ruin it by moving too fast.”

LJ smiled and said, “Saying that makes me like you more.” Then he kissed David.

LJ turned off his TV and game system, left on the bathroom light, grabbed a towel, and crawled into bed with his new boyfriend. They needed the towel.


David woke up naked with the intoxicating feel of LJ’s skin against him.

The cold morning and LJ’s warm, comfortable bed, with LJ in it, made it hard even to want to get up.

Speaking of hard, boy, was he ever. Lying on his back, LJ had his head on David’s shoulder, erection against his side, and right knee splayed across his hard-on.

He didn’t want to move. Really. His problem was his bladder had gone to DEFCON 3.

LJ helped him decide to get up by awakening enough to roll over on top of him for a morning kiss.


David said, “As much fun as this is, I’ve got to pee.”

“Then I’ll move over.”

LJ scrambled over David, who saw his bare backside hop out of bed in stride to the bathroom.

He followed his boyfriend to the toilet and said, “Move over Fatty.”

LJ giggled as the two boys relieved themselves, then surprised David by kneeling and saying, “I’m not going to waste this morning wood.”

David watched in amazement as his new boyfriend went down on him. Breathing heavily, he gasped, “Jesus, LJ, I’m barely awake.”

Taking this as a disparagement of his fellatio skills, LJ increased his pace, sucked harder, and slapped his bare behind with his hands.

David had a powerful orgasm and gasped, “LJ! I’m awake, I’m awake already!”

After giving his new boyfriend a glorious wake-up, LJ stood, hugged David, and got kissed for his efforts.

LJ said, “I think we should shower together so we don’t run out of hot water.”

“Has that been a problem?”

“No, but why take chances,” LJ beamed.


While drying and getting dressed, David asked, “Is that bacon I smell?”

LJ said, "Yes! I love my dad!”

“I must admit, he’s growing on me too. That smells heavenly, and there’s something else.”

LJ licked his lips and said, “Sausage and hash browns too.”

David asked, “Are you decent for breakfast?”

“No, but I’m dressed,” LJ deadpanned.

“You are completely nuts, but I love it! Come on, let’s eat.”

LJ stopped him and kissed David hard, leaving him speechless, looking a question with his eyes.

“You said the L-word, and I really liked it.”


When they arrived in the kitchen, Big Jim Grant was wearing an apron and standing over a very busy stovetop. A walker was standing beside him, and he was moving slowly.

LJ approached him, put a hand on his shoulder, and asked, “Are you OK, Dad?”

“Just fine,” he said. “The cold is making my old, battered bones ache. David, isn’t the kid next door one of your friends?”

“Yes sir,” David replied as his father liked him to. “His name is Rowdy, but he’s a lot better since he’s been on ADHD meds.”

Big Jim barked a laugh and said, “Why don’t you put on a coat and go see if Rowdy would like to have breakfast with us?”

“I’m sure he will, but be warned, his buddy Travis will probably be camping out with him by their fireplace.”

Big Jim said, “Go see. There’s plenty. I’ll be ready to serve in about ten minutes.”

David ran upstairs, got his coat, and returned to the kitchen, where Big Jim stopped him with a big hug.

“I haven’t seen LJ this happy in a long time. I’ll speak with you both later, but I heartily approve of his choice in boyfriends.”

LJ blushed profusely and protested, “Dad!”

David said, “He’s just so darned cute.”

“Ain’t he though,” Big Jim laughed. “Be quick! Breakfast won’t be long.”


Rowdy Yates woke to a knock on his back door.

“Travis, wake up. Somebody is here.”

The two naked teens scrambled out of their twosome-rigged sleeping bags and quickly dressed. Their fire had died in the night, and the cold set their teeth chattering.

Rowdy answered the back door and said, “Dave! I wondered what happened to you last night.”

Dave said, “Sorry, bro. I got rescued. I was a guest and couldn’t just come and get you. Mr. Grant, next door, invited you over for heat and breakfast.”

Rowdy asked, “He’s got power?”

“Listen close. That chugging sound is their generator. Travis is welcome too if he’s here.”

Rowdy said, “Sweet! Come inside out of the wind, and we’ll be ready shortly.”

Three minutes later, they were ready. Rowdy and Travis came out bundled up and carrying gym bags. They followed David through the gate to the Grant’s yard and the Grant’s mud room on the carport.

Rowdy and Travis stopped after taking off their ice- and snow-covered shoes.

Travis said, “Oh my God. It smells like an IHOP in here.”

“Wait till you taste it,” David chortled. “Mr. Grant is a great cook.”

When they entered the kitchen, LJ saw that they were up an additional kid and pulled up a chair for Travis.

David politely introduced his friends, “Mr. Grant, LJ, this is Rowdy and Travis.”

Big Jim smiled at them and said, “You boys look hungry, and you’re just in time.”

Mr. Grant made a plate for David: bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, pancakes, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate with melty marshmallows.

Rowdy and Travis were practically drooling as he handed them their plates.

“This is much better than the cold, dry cereal and bananas we were thinking about for breakfast,” Travis said as he took his plate.

Rowdy said, “Our fire went out during the night, and we didn’t even want to get out of my sleeping bags this morning.”

Big Jim said, “You don’t want to go outside and enjoy our winter wonderland?”

Rowdy made a rude farting noise, “Pbbbbt! I’m just warming up enough to feel my fingers and toes!”

Big Jim laughed heartily, saying, “I knew I would like you. With a name like Rowdy, you must be a character.”

Rowdy finished a bite of sausage and hash browns, savoring it with his eyes closed, while Travis giggled, “The way I heard Dave and Rowdy became friends, Rowdy was so hyperactive when he was six, his mom gave eight-year-old David twenty bucks to take him to play for a few hours to wear him out so she could rest.”

“Yup,” Rowdy said between bites. “The rest is a long, storied history of legendary fun and getting in and out of trouble. We might as well be brothers.”

“David is one of the most popular kids in the neighborhood,” Travis said between bites. “Most older kids act like we’re invisible or they’re mean, but Dave’s cool, but don’t ever play horse with him for money.”

Big Jim sipped his coffee and said, “Last night, just before the storm got too bad, we found him walking home in the sleet. When we picked him up in the van, he pretty happy about it.”

David shivered at the memory and said, “True! My feet were wet and cold, and there was ice on my sweats. It was miserable. It took a hot shower to thaw me out.”

Rowdy moaned, “I’d kill for a shower.”

“No homicides are necessary,” LJ grinned. “You’re welcome to grab a shower and join Dave and me for a marathon PlayStation session. Shower first, please.”

Travis sniffed and said, “The sooner the better.”

After finishing a fine breakfast, the four boys made short work of cleaning up the kitchen and swarmed upstairs under Big Jim’s bemused grin. He caught David’s eye and mouthed, thank you.

Once upstairs, Rowdy began to get ready for his shower, and David said, “Better take it together, guys. You don’t want to run out of hot water.”

Rowdy and Travis looked scandalized.

LJ said, “We did. It’s great.”

David put his arm around LJ and kissed his cheek.

Rowdy protested, “LJ, being Dave’s boyfriend was supposed to be my job!”

Dave said, “Rowdy, you know I love you, bro. The reason we only went just so far is that we’re brothers, always will be, and I couldn’t be your boyfriend without feeling incredibly weird about it. I know how you feel about Travis. He’s a prize.”

Travis said, “You do?”

Dave grinned and said, “Of course I do, you auburn-haired cutie. I know Rowdy. Tell me you two didn’t spend the night together in doubled-up sleeping bags.”

Travis blushed, and Rowdy barked a laugh.

David clapped Rowdy on the shoulder and said, “This is the best Christmas for us ever, bro. We both got boyfriends. We may have stuff under the tree, but nothing can top this.”