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Son of Mother Nature and Father Winter, I was born in an palace made out of ice. OK, on a serious note, that's not my real full name, but I am really Jack. I was born on a February morning of 1985 in a valley surrounded by the thick woodlands and rolling mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I spent all of my childhood and teenage years in the mountains about a half-mile from Nuangola Lake and grew extremely attached to nature.

During high school, I grew very interested in French, and shortly after graduating from a local two-year community college in 2005, I moved to Montreal, Canada, to get a real start on the language and be with my Québécois partner, whom I married in fall of the same year. I moved back and forth between the two countries until I managed to get into a university at Montreal in the fall of 2007, studying to get my bachelor degree in French.

I discovered gay stories during my long months of being unemployed and not being a student, and reading them took up a lot of the free time that I wanted to kill then. By summer 2006, I had decided to write my own story. I started making a draft of Moving On on a piece of paper during a break at work. In creating my first story, I've put in some of my life experiences, interests, and a lot of fiction that I wished to happen somewhere in my short lifetime.