All the World’s a Stage

( King Dick III )

Blond boy in period costume wearing a crown

by Ivor Slipper

‘A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!’ It’s one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines and I’m going to get to say it live on stage in front of an audience! Not once, but twice, as the school play is having two performances on Friday and Saturday nights.

Maybe it isn’t his most famous line — after all it isn’t one you can drop into everyday conversation. Come to that, not many of them are. ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’; ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’; ‘All that glisters is not gold’; ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’; ‘Beware the Ides of March’; ‘Is this a dagger I see before me?’ I could go on, but I’m probably in danger of flogging a dead horse and that won’t do poor old Richard any good; he needs a live one and quickly.

Of course it’s almost certain Richard never said those words. He died in 1485 and Shakespeare wasn’t writing his plays until at least a hundred years later. Thus it is highly unlikely that any words he might have yelled in the heat of battle were actually recorded.

I’m also almost certainly wrong in referring to him as ‘poor old’ Richard. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that he was a rather nasty piece of work. It was never proved that he had those two young Princes killed in the Tower, but who else had a reason?

And one final thought about Richard. His body was amazingly located centuries later, buried under a car park in Leicester. Rather ironic really if you think about it — all that horsepower just above him…

So, back to the plot. Sorry, getting carried away with all this theatrical and historical stuff. But I guess you might like to know how I come to be playing this role. I’ll try to make it all clear to you, dear reader.

My name is Tristram Stubbs and I’m fifteen years old. I’m in 10th grade, which makes me a sophomore at this high school in a town in Texas. I’m about 5 foot 9 inches tall, have long pale blond hair that comes down over my forehead and ears, blue eyes and a great complexion. I’m lucky that I have no acne to spoil the look. I’d say I’m very good looking and for sure a lot of the girls fancy getting in my pants — or letting me get in theirs. Mind you, there are a few who say I look and act superior, as if I’m better than them. I’m definitely different but don’t know about being better.

Different partly because I was born in South Africa and spent the first thirteen plus years of my life there, before my parents decided to quit the country and move to the USA. They were able to do that because my mother is American. When we got here I certainly stood out at first, not just because of my looks, but also because of my accent. The kids at school had never heard anything like it, so they had trouble understanding me. Mind you, that worked both ways as although I’d seen a lot of US films and TV shows, not many of those featured people speaking with a Texan accent. After a while though we got used to one another and I suspect if I went back to South Africa now the locals would probably think I was an American.

The other reason I’m different is that I’m gay. But that’s a secret only two people know. One of those is me. The other you’ll find out about. I have been out on dates with a few girls, but nothing serious has developed with any of them beyond the occasional kiss and cuddle. I never get sexually excited when I’m either with one or looking at them. But, I can get aroused when looking at boys. That can be very risky when in the locker room and things are on display. Our school does have a non discrimination policy which seems to work as I know there are at least two or three gay couples on the campus, as well as a few gay singles, and undoubtedly more like me who are still in hiding. So, I just keep my looking to a minimum and hope that a certain something doesn’t spring into life at an unfortunate moment.

I think I settled into school here quite well. The standard back in South Africa turned out to be quite similar to here, probably because I went to a private school there whereas here it is a public one. Oddly, at both schools you could be subject to corporal punishment. In South Africa it was the cane. I did get three strokes once. Me and two of my friends decided to skip the afternoon to go and watch a cricket match. I’m not sure the pain was worth the pleasure. I found it very uncomfortable to sit down for the next two days, especially on the hard school chairs and the bruises took over a week to fade. Here it is the paddle that is employed, wielded in the privacy of his office by the vice principal. I’ve not experienced it, so far, and intend to keep it that way. But I know it is used and you can get anything up to five ‘licks’ as the boys term it.

Sport here is quite different to South Africa. The main sports there are rugby in the winter and cricket in the summer, neither of which exist here. I didn’t play rugby, but instead opted for soccer which was also played at the school I attended. I also played tennis and swam a lot. Here the winter sport is American Football, which just does nothing for me. All these kids padded up like Michelin men and then you have thirty seconds of action followed by two minutes of nothing. I think it was a game devised for TV and advert breaks! I’d far sooner watch rugby where you can see the flesh and the action lasts for virtually the full forty minutes of the half. I think there has to be something about US sport and protection. I just mentioned the way they’re all padded up for their football and it’s the same way in baseball where they have to wear this great big padded mitt in order to catch the ball. You don’t see that in cricket, where apart from the wicketkeeper, all the fielders simply use their bare hands.

When we moved here my folks found a large four bedroom house on a good sized plot of land on a street of similar sized, but individually designed, homes. It was a quite wealthy neighborhood and most of the homes, including ours, had a pool. The day we moved in there was a knock on the door which mum sent me to answer. Standing there was a lady holding a pot in her hands and by her side was a boy who looked to be the same age as me. Fortunately mum had followed me because I was too busy taking in the boy who was wearing only a pair of denim cut-offs and sneakers. His body was sun tanned brown. His hair was blond, but not as pale as mine. His eyes sparkled and his lips moved into a great smile as he said, “Hi, I’m Tyler.”

I was too stunned to say anything, but mum invited them in and we experienced our first American ‘visit’ from our new next door neighbors, Mrs. and Tyler Jackson. We hadn’t brought our furniture from South Africa so the house had been fitted out prior to us moving in. Mrs. J had brought round a meal to save mum cooking and while the two mums had their visit I was delegated to show Tyler my room. Not that there was much to show as it was all clean and tidy. But we sat on the bed and talked. Turned out I’d be going to the same school as him, so I wouldn’t be totally alone and hopefully we’d share some classes. His mum drove him to and from school every day and he said I could go with them instead of having to use the school bus. Over time the mums set up a rota for the school run, but Mrs. J did it initially.

Looking back I’m sure this was the day I knew I was gay. I really wanted to put my hand on and stroke those brown legs of his and when he stood up to go back downstairs — wow that bubble butt in those cut-offs! Luckily I was wearing jeans as had I been in shorts it would have been impossible to hide my reaction. Instead it was just uncomfortable and needing an adjustment as he walked downstairs in front of me.

During our chat I found out that Tyler had twin sisters who were four years younger than him and there were no other boys of our age in the street. Thus he was very glad when he discovered I’d be living next door. Indeed he invited me to come over that afternoon and use their pool since ours wasn’t yet ready for use. Turned out they even had a tennis court, so when I walked over after lunch it was complete with my racket and speedos. He’d offered to provide the balls. I was sure I’d noticed a smile when he said that, but decided it might be wishful thinking.

Turned out both of us were of similar standard on the court. We played two sets with him winning the first 6-4 and me the second by an identical score. When I broke his serve at 5-4 to take the second set I did wonder if the couple of errors he’d made during that game had been intentional. I just had the feeling he didn’t want to do anything that might possibly spoil our already budding friendship, as although we were evidently competitive and had been taking the tennis seriously, we’d also been having fun.

After the two sets we walked over to the pool carrying our rackets and bags. I wondered where we were going to change. Tyler moved towards a couple of loungers near one side of the pool and took off his shirt. I had another chance to admire his brown chest that appeared to be developing some abs. His hands moved to the waistband of his shorts. He looked at me and smiled. “These chairs are strategically placed. You can’t be seen from the house.”

With that he unbuttoned them and pushed them down his legs to reveal a jockstrap and an all over tan!

“I see why the chairs are strategically placed,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah, it’s great for getting a tan when the twins aren’t around. And for other things…” he added with a sly grin.

The jockstrap and his sneakers came off before I got a full moon view of his bubble butt as he bent over to remove what proved to be a pair of white speedos from his bag.

“You’re not swimming in those are you?” he asked, nodding at my tennis shorts.

“No, I brought mine.” So off came my tennis shirt and shorts to reveal a pair of pale grey boxer briefs which also came off after I’d removed my sneakers. I dug into my bag and pulled out green speedos with a yellow stripe — very South African. I knew he was watching me and I couldn’t help chubbing up as a result. He just continued to watch as I stuffed my junk into place. We both filled our speedos very nicely.

“I’m glad you’ve moved in, Tristram. I believe we’re going to have fun together.”

Was I reading too much into that last sentence, I briefly wondered.

“It’s great to find someone my own age living next door. Especially one with similar interests,” I replied, smiling as I did so.

I swear he almost blushed, but his tan made that impossible to tell. Whatever, he turned, dashed over to the pool and dived in. I immediately followed. The water was a pleasant temperature and we swam a few lengths ending up at the shallow end.

“So, we’re quite well matched on the tennis court. I wonder about the pool,” he said, adding, “I’m a bit worried about that speedo. National colors I believe?”

“They are, but I’m not at that standard. Wanna find out?”

We hauled ourselves out and walked round to the deep end. Then on his count of three we dived in and swam to the other end and back. Again we were well matched with him just winning.

“You only won cos you counted.” I taunted him.

Tyler laughed and tried to push my head under. “Wanna try it again? You can count and I’ll still beat you.”

So we did it again and he was right. We leaned on the pool edge getting our breath back.

“You’re good Tris. I’m on the swim team at school. You’ll be a great addition.”

“If you’re gonna start calling me Tris, can I call you Ty?”

“Sure can Tris. Let’s have some fun.”

He pulled himself out of the pool and found a ball which he tossed in. We spent the next half hour or so playing around with it and each other. Considering we’d only met a few hours earlier it was amazing how well we were getting on. I’d not had any really close friends back in Pretoria and it seemed he hadn’t got any either. It looked like we were going to be good for each other.

Just then his mother arrived, suggesting we come in and have some snacks. As we were walking back to the house Tyler asked her if I could stay for dinner and have a sleepover. She said she had no problem with that but would ask my mom if it was alright with her. She went off and made the call, coming back a few minutes later to say that my mom thought we ought to all spend our first night together, but would have no objections to my having a sleepover the following night. Ty and I did a quick high five at the news.

We texted each other a lot that evening, well into the night in fact. I jacked off twice, once thinking of him front view in his white speedos and the second time looking at his naked bubble butt. I wondered on both occasions what he might be doing. Our text messages were very clean until the point when he asked if we were going to play tennis again the next day. My response was ‘I’m up for it provided we play with my balls this time’. It took a while before he replied and I was beginning to wonder if I’d gone too far, but when I read his reply I knew he’d just been trying to think of something. ‘I’d prefer playing with new ones, but yours will be new to me, so almost as good.'

After lunch the next day I walked over to his house. In my bag were two cans each containing four nearly new balls. Also in addition to the things that had been there yesterday, were a two clean pairs of boxer briefs, a shirt, another pair of shorts and a new toothbrush. Today I was wearing a jockstrap. I was ready for whatever might happen.

The tennis was close again with each of us winning a set. The only difference was that this time I felt I genuinely beat him. After we’d finished the game Ty told me we needed to change there as he knew the twins would be in the pool. That was a little disappointing to hear as I’d really enjoyed our fun and games the previous day. However, Amelia and Rebecca proved to be better company than I’d feared and quite enjoyed being tossed around in the water.

After they’d had enough, got out of the pool and went indoors, we had some more serious fun before finally getting out. As we dried ourselves off Ty told me it would be safe for me to get out of my speedos there, but that he was going indoors to change and would meet me back in the kitchen. When I came into the house I found him in those denim cut-offs and a white wife-beater vest. He smiled when he saw me and as nobody else was around, gave me a little twirl followed by an even bigger smile. His outfit made my ordinary white t-shirt and navy shorts looks very staid.

In the evening I met Mr. Jackson who turned out to be the manager of the local bank. He asked a lot of questions and seemed genuinely interested in what I told him about life in South Africa. After the meal we helped clear the dishes and were then told by Mrs. J that we could disappear, but not to make too much noise or stay up too late.

On the way upstairs Ty explained the layout of the house. His parents and the twins rooms were at the front while his room and a couple of spares were at the back. His room, not unexpectedly, proved to be a good size with room for a double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, two night-stands, a large TV on the wall opposite the bottom of the bed and a computer desk with laptop and separate monitor screen. It had a lived in look but without being untidy. There were some pictures and posters on the walls, none of which I noticed featured females. Most were of swimmers or tennis players, all fit and good looking individuals. There was also an adjoining en-suite shower room.

I followed him into the room as he walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. I decided to sit next to him, but not touching. I just wasn’t sure where this was going and felt scared to make the first move, but I did, stretching out my left hand to touch his right leg just below the bottom of the cut-offs. He shivered and I went to remove my hand, but he turned his head toward me, smiled and mouthed ‘leave it there’. I gently stroked his leg and almost immediately I started doing so his right hand landed on my left leg and did the same.

“Have you…?” he whispered.

I knew what he was asking and shook my head in response. “I’ve never even had a sleepover.”

He laughed lightly. “I’ve had a few, but always sleeping in the guest bed, or on an air bed on the floor. A couple of times friends have slept in this bed, but that’s all.”

“And there was I thinking you were experienced.”

He laughed out loud and then sighed deeply.

“Perhaps I should confess.” I looked at him blankly. “I know I’m gay, but I’ve been scared of making any sort of move to anyone I know at school. If I picked the wrong person that’d be it, I’d be dead. I saw you while you were moving in yesterday and liked what I saw, so knew I had to get to know you. Thought I could drop a few hints and see what happened. If you didn’t pick up on them or even worse, I’d not lost anything. You were going to be the new boy at school and nobody would take any notice of anything you might say about me. On the other hand, if we got on we could be friends and nobody at school would think too much of it because we live next door to each other.”

“So these,” I said rubbing the leg of his cut-offs, “were the litmus paper?”

He looked blank for a moment and then a big grin appeared. “Yeah, when Mom said she was coming over to introduce herself and welcome you to the neighborhood, I insisted on coming with her. Had to do a quick change into these and she had a little moan about me wearing them and the bad impression I’d give our new neighbors.”

“Mmm… glad you did. I was definitely impressed at what I saw on the step. Rear view proved to be even better though!”

Now we both laughed.

“Ty, we’ve been giving each other coded messages for the last day or so, but I’ve never done anything with another boy. I don’t want to ruin what might be a good friendship by jumping to the wrong conclusion, but…”

He interrupted me before I could finish. “Tris, neither have I. I reckon we can have some fun together just like on the court or in the pool and see where it leads.”

He stood up and I did the same. He turned to face me. “Raise your arms.” I did so and he proceeded to remove my t-shirt, before raising his so I could take off his wife-beater. He sat down on the bed and then rolled into the middle ending up on his back before patting the space beside him. In a trice I filled that space and could feel myself starting to enjoy being next to him. After just lying there for a minute he rolled onto his side and blew a puff of air onto my face. It tickled and I turned towards him to see his smiling face. We began to explore each other’s bodies. Just with our fingers. Lightly touching cheeks, ears, noses and lips before the hands moved down to stroke chests and nipples. My body had never been touched like this. It felt incredible and I was hoping that my touches felt the same for Ty. I soon realized they must as I could hear soft moans coming from him even above those I knew I was making. The touching and tweaking of my nipples caused pain and pleasure, both of which I was enjoying. His hand stroked lower, as did mine until we ran out of bare skin.

Ty rolled onto his back. I looked down at the very noticeable bulge in his cut-offs. As our relationship grew it was nearly always Ty who led the way, who found new ways to pleasure me, new games for us to play, but this first time it was me. I placed my hand on the bulge, stroking and rubbing. His moans rose a level only to rise even higher as I moved into a position where I could unbutton them and then lower the zip. I inserted my hand inside the opening I’d created expecting to find fabric, but instead found a rod.

“Get them off me please Tris, before I explode.”

He levered himself up on the bed using his hands, thus enabling me to pull those cut-offs down below his knees. As I did so something sprang rigidly into view, something I’d only ever glimpsed before. Glimpses did no justice to what was now standing erect just a few inches from my eyes, especially as those glimpses had been of uncircumcised dicks whereas Ty had been cut. Thus I looked, almost in awe, at what was an almost purple colored mushroom on the end of a stalk of around four inches, the tip of which was glistening with pre-cum.

I dragged my eyes away from it and looked up to see Ty looking down at me with a big smile on his face and his eyes sparkling.

“This isn’t fair,” he said. “Move up here.”

I moved so I was kneeling level with his face. In seconds he’d pulled down both my shorts and my navy blue boxer briefs. My rigid uncircumcised dick stood out proudly, the head showing well above its sheath and with a drop of pre-cum at the end, its predecessors were soaking into my briefs.

“Nice,” he breathed. “I thought you’d be whole. I wish I was.”

“I like it like that. It looks so eager.” I said with a giggle.

“Let’s see how hard your balls are.” Ty responded, reaching out a hand to grasp, fondle and then gently squeeze. “I think they’ve plenty of bounce in them,” he added giving them a flick.

My response was to shift back down the bed to test his. “Not new, but I think they’ve got plenty of life left in them. Definitely ready to serve!”

He laughed and told me to come back up the bed. We both lay on our backs with an arm around each other.

“How often do you jerk off, Tris?”

“Two, three times a day usually. You?”

“About the same. More the last couple of days,” he answered ending with a little laugh.

“Me too, and with a certain person in mind,” I replied, also with a laugh.

“Strange. I’ve been the same, but I’m sure with a different person in my mind. I think I need to find out if you’ve any jizz left, Tris.”

We moved so we could each touch the other dicks and for the first time I felt the wonderful difference of someone else’s fingers on my dick. But then I noticed a reluctance on his part.

“It won’t rip off, Ty. Just slide the skin gently back and forward. It sorta self-lubricates as you do.”

He soon got the hang of it and the pleasure quickly began to mount. In next to no time I was shooting and he quickly followed.

That was the first time. The second and third times that night took considerably longer and somehow seemed more enjoyable, even though I knew the first one would be the one I remembered.


There were still a couple of weeks of the school vacation left. Ty and I made the most of it, becoming almost inseparable, playing tennis and swimming every day except on the couple of days it rained when we resorted to computer games. We slept over virtually every night. My parents were happy that I’d found a friend so quickly having feared I’d be homesick after the move and leaving my friends behind. How wrong could they have been. I was happier than at any time in my life. Ty’s folks also seemed happy for us to spend all our time together. I’m not sure if at that time either set of parents suspected that there might be more to our friendship then just playing games, but if they did nothing was said.

On the Friday of the weekend before the start of the school semester, Ty’s parents said the next day they were going to take the twins to visit Mrs. J’s sister who lived in a town about fifty miles away. Because they had two girls of similar ages to the twins Ty begged not to have to go with them. Eventually after a lot of pleading they agreed he could stay at home.

Early on the Saturday afternoon we were playing tennis when my mother came over to say that she and my father had to go into town for a couple of hours and asked if we could be trusted to behave for that period. Naturally we promised faithfully that we would. However, as soon as we saw their car drive off, Ty suggested we go skinny dipping. Oh boy, the feel of the water all over your body is something special. I’d never experienced it before but quickly found out it was every bit as good as Ty told me it would be. It also had the added bonus of allowing us to play grab ass and grab other things as well, so we had a great time before Ty proposed we dry off and go upstairs. I was all in favour of that suggestion as by now we were getting very good at pleasuring each other and knew how to draw out the inevitable ending, even to the point where one could be begging for release.

When we got upstairs and into his bedroom, Ty went to the bathroom and while he was there I lay down on the bed. I was puzzled when he returned and instead of lying alongside me he lay the opposite way round. It was only a few days earlier that Ty had introduced ‘the blow job’ to our repertoire, much to our mutual pleasure. I’d expected that was what he was going to do today, but his positioning was different. The dime dropped when his dick appeared about two inches from my mouth at the same time as I felt his lips moisten the tip of my dick. The sixty nine had arrived and boy, was it great. The idea that you were pleasing the other in the same way and at the same time as they were pleasing you, took our relationship to another level.


When we moved one of the things that had worried me most was the thought of starting at a new school, in a new country, knowing nobody. I was still entering that new school that morning, but it was alongside Ty who, over the course of just a few weeks, had become my best friend, and very probably, might prove to be more than just a friend with benefits. He quickly helped to settle me in and it was fortunate that we shared most of the same classes. He also had a small number of friends, mostly male, but some female to whom I was introduced. Naturally my accent was a big talking point as indeed was the fact that I was from South Africa. On finding that out, a few kids were surprised that I was not colored. Admittedly the whites in Africa, both south and as a whole, are a minority, but apparently Africa had not been an area of study in this school.

Once school had started our opportunities to get together were more limited. Although my schooling put me at a similar standard I did need help on a couple of subjects. My knowledge of US history was not much better than their knowledge of Africa. So Ty would help me with homework on that. However, he did struggle with calculus which was one of my favorite subjects, so the knowledge flowed both ways. As indeed did something else whenever we had a sleepover, which was always every Friday and, as often as possible, also Saturday night.

One thing that did surprise me was to find that Ty was keen on drama. At least partly in order to be with him as much as possible, I chose it as one of my electives. The teacher for it was Mr. Wells and Ty had to explain to me why he was known as ‘Fargo’ to the students… Like I said, a poor knowledge of US history!

I found the class enjoyable as not only did we act we also prepared the stage, doing painting of scenery, making props, controlling the lighting — in other words all the background stuff that is mainly unseen but necessary.

As Ty had suspected, I also got onto the swim team, so that was more time we could spend together. More opportunity for me to admire his bubble butt in speedos. His butt was great to look at anyway, but somehow it was better in a similar way to how it had been when I first saw him in those tight cut-offs. I guess it was the knowledge of what was underneath, coupled with the fact I was the only one who’d get to enjoy looking at it in the flesh… Because the other kids knew we were close friends I don’t think anyone took notice of us looking at each other, which could otherwise have been a problem.

We’d settled into a routine. Both of us were happy and school was going well. Time passed quickly and before I even knew it a year had passed.

For the next school year we’d be sophomores — rising up the school ladder. When the first semester started Mr. Wells announced that the play we would be doing just before Christmas would be Richard the Third, but not the Shakespeare version. As he pointed out it couldn’t end with Richard dying on the battlefield because there couldn’t be horses or even sufficient room for two armies on the school stage. Thus he’d written a mini version of it which ended on the night before the battle. That, as we found out, is when he has a terrible nightmare with the ghosts of all the people he had murdered appearing to curse him and tell him he will die in the battle the next day.

After explaining everything he said that he’d chosen me to play Richard. I was very surprised as I’d only played a couple of small parts in the previous year’s productions. But he said he’d chosen me partly because he felt I could do it, but also because I didn’t have an American accent! He didn’t like the idea of an English king speaking like that. The fact I didn’t sound English seemingly didn’t matter.

I quickly found I was really enjoying the challenge of learning the lines. It got even better when the props group went to work and came up with a quite realistic crown made from cardboard and aluminum foil. They also found a thick red lined jacket that came down to just above my butt and a chain with a supposed royal seal that went round my neck and down my chest. It wasn’t your normal neck chain though. For some reason it was more like a chain you’d use with a padlock to secure a couple of gates! Luckily, it didn’t weigh too much.

Richard was supposed to be a hunchback, which I definitely wasn’t. Come to that, neither was he. Analysis of his bones after his corpse was dug up showed he suffered from juvenile scoliosis which had curved his spine and made one shoulder higher than the other. Methinks the old Bard of Avon was either giving him a bad press or currying favour with the then current monarchy. Whatever, to make me look more realistic, the stage crew had made a sort of small pillow which was attached to my body under the jacket by a couple of straps. That was uncomfortable, but I’m sure his scoliosis would have been worse as I only had to wear the contraption for an hour or so.

I also had to wear a pair of long johns for the final bed scene on the basis that I’d woken from the nightmare and couldn’t prance around on stage naked. I didn’t like the long johns much as they were itchy and a bit tight, but Mr. Wells said I couldn’t wear my boxer briefs underneath as they’d show up in the stage lighting.

Ty had been a great in helping me learn my lines and the first rehearsal we had went well. On the Thursday after school we were going to have a final dress rehearsal so everyone would know exactly what they were doing on the next two nights and to get any nerves out of our systems. In order to make it as realistic as possible, students were invited to attend. The word came backstage that a reasonable number had come along to support us.

It was all going well until…

I have no idea what possessed me, but in the scene where Richard is being visited by the ghosts the final line was the famous one that most people know. I was supposed to walk to the front of the stage to deliver it, but when I got there I turned my back to the audience, bent over, and said, “an ass, an ass, my kingdom for an ass.” Of course that produced some laughter, but when there was a ripping noise and the long johns split, the laughter was unrestrained. Probably not helped by me ad libbing and mangling another Shakespeare line, “Oh woe is me, I am undone.”

Mr. Wells called for the curtain to be brought down. There was much laughter in the auditorium, where fortunately no cells were allowed, so there would be no physical record. I saw Ty, who was part of the stage crew, almost rolling around on the floor with laughter, which was also affecting several others. I was about to go and speak with him when I heard my name called. Turning round I saw walking onto the stage the school Vice Principal, Mr. Vansittart.

“Stubbs! Come with me to my office — now!”

At his appearance everyone on stage tried, with varying degrees of success, to control their mirth. Not easy considering the split in my long johns was clearly evident. He turned and walked off the stage and I followed trying to ensure the split did not get larger. We arrived at his office that had a comfortable looking leather chair behind what was evidently his desk, two plastic chairs in front of the desk and several bookcases and pictures along the walls.

He went and sat down in his chair while I stood facing him. He steepled his fingers, looked at me for what seemed ages, but was no more than ten seconds, and then spoke.

“What prompted that piece of infantile lunacy, Stubbs?”

“I… I don’t really know, sir. Some devil possessed me I suppose.”

“You’re supposed to be a king, not a dick!”

He surely couldn’t have said that intentionally, could he? I had to try very, very hard to stifle the laugh that wanted to come on hearing those words. King Dick indeed! Somehow I managed to keep a fairly straight face. Finally, I managed to say, “I know, sir. It was very stupid of me.”

“Well, we don’t tolerate that sort of indecent juvenile behavior here. I know you’re not American, but that’s no excuse. You live here now and you need to abide by our standards. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“The question is what do I do about it?”

I looked at him wondering if he expected me to answer.

“I understand you have an understudy.” I nodded. “So he could take your place for the two performances.”

I gulped. “But my parents have been looking forward to seeing me on stage. They’ll be very disappointed, sir.”

“Hmm, I expect they would and you’d have to explain to them why you’ve been replaced, which might make things awkward for you.”

There was a pause while he thought.

“I can propose an alternative, Stubbs. But it will be for you to choose.”

“What’s the alternative, sir?”

I watched as he pulled out a drawer in his desk, took from it a wooden paddle and laid it on the desk top.

I’d heard about the paddle. I didn’t know of anyone who had been paddled, but I did know it was used on occasions and I’d seen a couple of marked butts in the changing rooms. Mind you I had no idea if they’d been caused by Mr. Vansittart’s paddle or the boy’s father.

“So, what’s it to be, Stubbs?”

“How many strokes do I get, sir?”

“I’m entitled to give you up to five licks, but it won’t be that many. Indeed I think you’ll find the number appropriate.”

I thought about it. I’d been caned once and that had hurt. How would that compare to being hit with this piece of solid wood that somewhat resembled a cricket bat that a six or seven year old kid might use. I decided I had to go for it. I really didn’t want my parents to find out what a fool I’d been.

“I’ll take the licks, sir.”

He got up from his chair, picked up the paddle and came found to my side of the desk.

“There is a strip of tape in front of the desk, Stubbs. Line your toes up with that and then bend forward placing your forearms on the desk. Normally I’d instruct a boy to remove anything from his pockets, but in your case that won’t be necessary.”

Did he really have to say that I wondered, while at the same time it dawned on me that my butt would be virtually bare. I did as he instructed and when I’d settled as required, he moved into position to my left side. He was obviously right handed.

“Now Stubbs you will say the offending line exactly as you delivered it on stage. You can say it as slowly as you like, but do not say it quickly.”

The dime dropped. Talk about making the punishment fit the crime!

“An ass.” Wham! The paddle landed on my butt. I stifled a gasp. Breathed in and out a couple of times before speaking again.

“An ass.” A second wham and this time I groaned. I also took longer to collect myself before finishing the line.

“My kingdom for an ass.” This time the lick came in lower and I felt myself riding up with it.

“You can go now, Stubbs. I look forward to seeing and hearing you perform tomorrow.”

I slowly eased myself up from the desk. I desperately wanted to rub my ‘ass’, but decided to wait until I got outside his office before doing so. When I got out and closed the door behind me, there stood Ty. He put his arms round me and and hugged me to him.

“Was it bad, Tris?”

“Did you hear it?”

“Yes. Three licks wasn’t it? I didn’t expect him to do that to you. Thought you might get a week’s detention or something like that, not a paddling.”

“He gave me a choice, Ty. I could take a paddling or he’d give the role to Jack who’s been understudying me. That would mean having to explain things to my folks and I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

I could feel a few tears starting to roll down my cheeks. At least I hadn’t cried while he was paddling me.

“Come on, let’s go back so you can change. Mom’s waiting outside in the car. I texted her to say we’d be a bit late, but I didn’t say why,” he ended with a chuckle.

We walked slowly back. Ty had his arm round my shoulders. Neither of us considering what anyone who saw us might think, but as it happened there was nobody around. Nor was there in the changing area, evidently they’d already gone home. That was fortunate as I would have been asked what had happened with the VP, but that only put off the inevitable until the next day. Was I going to tell people he’d paddled me? I certainly didn’t intend to tell my folks or Ty’s parents. This was definitely a case where what happened at school, stayed at school!

I was glad I’d come to school that day wearing shorts; it was bad enough getting those on but I’d hate to think how much it would have hurt struggling into a pair of tight jeans.

When we got to the car Ty’s mom noticed me having difficulty getting into it and asked if I was alright. I told her I’d slipped down some stairs earlier in the day and hurt my butt. Ty tried very hard to suppress a giggle when I said that, but ended up having a coughing fit in the attempt, which at least diverted his mom’s attention. She did though say that she had some lotion for bruises which would help. Luckily she didn’t offer to apply it but instead surprised both of us by suggesting that Ty could. We looked at each other when she said that. Was it an innocent comment, or did she know something about our relationship that we thought we’d managed to keep hidden?


I was spending the night at Ty’s house as my parents had gone out to dinner with some friends. After eating the meal his mom had cooked we went upstairs to Ty’s bedroom. I was about to get undressed when there was a knock on the door — we always made sure it was shut and usually locked it in case one of the twins might come in and see something they shouldn’t. His mom came in holding a small bottle of something and a couple of towels which she handed to Ty. As she did so she told him to spread them on the bed to avoid the possibility of the comforter getting messy.

After she’d left the room Ty walked over and locked the door. Turning round he gave me a big grin.

“She knows.”

“She can’t, surely? How could she?”

“She’s my mom, Tris. I know her and there was a trace of a smile as she handed the towels to me. Face it, we’ve neither of us shown any interest in girls and we spend as much time as possible with each other. Think about it, even if we weren’t doing anything she’d suspect we were!”

We both laughed at that statement, but the more I thought about it the more I came to believe Ty was right. And if his mom knew, then it was almost certain mine also did. And if the mothers knew, what about our fathers?

“Okay, get your shorts off, I know you didn’t put your boxers on. Then you can spread the towels on the bed and lie down on them. I’m just going for a piss.”

I also took off my polo shirt, got onto the bed and lay down in a prone position. After a couple of minutes I heard Ty come back and felt him climb onto the bed.

“Move your legs apart a bit,” he said. I felt him move a little further up the bed. “You’re gonna have some real bruises there tomorrow.” I went to try and turn my head round. “No, don’t try looking. There’s nothing much to see now anyway, the redness that was there when you changed at school has died and the bruising hasn’t come out yet.”

I felt his fingers gently tracing across my butt and then it started to feel damp as he started to smooth the lotion around. I began to relax. It felt nice. My butt was having some new experiences today, this one much, much nicer than the earlier one. He pushed my legs further apart and I felt him change his position on the bed. And then I felt my ass cheeks being gently pushed apart and a dampness invading my crack. Why was he putting lotion there I wondered? It tickled and felt nice as the wetness increased. Suddenly I realized what was happening — Ty was rimming me! I’d read about it in stories and seen it done in a couple of videos, but never expected it to happen to me.

“What the fuck are you doing, Ty Jackson?” I asked trying to turn my upper body so I could see him.

“I thought you deserved something special. An ass, an ass, my kingdom for your ass.”

I burst out laughing and he moved so I could roll over onto my side. He was as naked as I was and his dick was standing as proud as mine was after enjoying his treatment.

“It was fantastic and you’ve earned a reward. “Scoot up the bed.”

A big grin appeared on his face as he crawled up the bed while I rolled on my back. It hurt a bit to do so, but I didn’t care. When he reached the right position I gave him the best blow job I could manage.

“Do you want…?”

I shook my head, pulled his toward me so we could kiss and I could give him back some of his jizz.

“Later,” I said to him as we moved apart. “Come and lie beside me. We need to talk — seriously.”

“Do we? I don’t think there’s much to talk about. I love you Tris and I want to be able to show you that in every possible way.”

That really hit home. He’d just expressed what I’d been feeling for some time, but hadn’t plucked up the courage to say to him.

“Me too, Ty, but I think we need to go about it in the right way.”

“So what’s the right way and how do we go about it?”

“Firstly, we need to tell our parents.”

“But they may already know.”

“Possibly, probably, but we should get them all together and tell them jointly. And then when they raise the inevitable objections to us having sex we tell them we won’t go all the way until we’re sixteen.”

“Wow! You’ve thought about this, Tris. And it won’t be too long to wait. My birthday is in the middle of next month and yours is at the end.”

“And meanwhile there are things we can practice. Straddle me facing forward and you can find out what it’s like to be rimmed.”