Gabriel Duncan

Hi, I'm Gabriel Duncan and I'm 20 years old. I live in San Francisco, California. My influences include: Mark Kendrick, Chuck Palahniuk, Frank Herbert and Sherman Alexie. What do you want me to write here, Dude? I wrote my second novel, Just Don't Think I'm Not, when I was 14. It's a story about trust and confusion. I started writing my first novel With Scott when I was 12, a few weeks before I came out to my parents. It was about an idealized relationship I wanted to find.

I ran from public middle school into a private alternative high school to "escape the persecutions of an intolerant environment". There, I continued to hone my writing. I wrote stories about anthropomorphic mates Loki and JC, a virus called Sethoran [set-tor-on] that escaped a bio-weapon engineering facility, a vignette about a Cowboy with a dark past,. When I was 15, I was raped and I learned the power of poetry.


In Untitled BART poem, I revealed what happened to myself. In The Gang Rape Show, I conquered fear and mastered rage. I've battled depression in prose for this latter half of my life. Most notably in I'm Falling.
My poems are more numerous than my stories. My poetry is me, I guess. While my writing is my imagination. Sometimes people ask me if some things in my story have actually happened. Most particularly, the darkest things I have written of yet in the parts of my series Angel i have sent exclusively to Dude.
And that is what I strive for. My motivation is your suspension of disbelief. I want you to wonder every time. Is it over now? Did that happen? What happens next?
The biggest compliment I can ever get from a reader, "When will you write more?"