Birthday cake with ten candles

Turning Ten

The AwesomeDude site opened its doors on April 3, 2004. Mike, the founder and original Awesome Dude, quickly established a reputation for developing and posting high quality and tasteful stories of lasting value from authors all over the English-speaking world, as well as from authors whose first language was not English. As the 10th birthday of the site approached in 2014, Mike asked his team of authors to submit stories on the theme ‘Turning Ten’ to help commemorate this anniversary. The response was beyond all expectations.

Tragically, we lost Mike in September 2023, only months before our 20th anniversary. To help mark this new milestone, and to remind people of what Mike accomplished, we are posting below the Turning Ten stories that came in back in 2014. We hope you will enjoy reading them again!

Ten whole years of being awesome!