Posted August 4, 2021

The Brilliant Boy Billionaire

The Amazing Journey of a Remarkable Kid, by Altimexis


Chapter 2: Boyfriend Material

“I thought he’d never leave,” Shaun said as we watched Frank drive away.

“The last guest didn’t leave until after eight o’clock,” I pointed out, “and then the caterers had to break down and clean up.”

“Yeah, I know,” Shaun chimed in. “It’s just that we won’t have as much time as I’d like.”

“With any luck, this is only the first of many future sleepovers,” I countered. “And who knows, it could end-up being a long-term thing.”

“Except that I’m planning for early graduation,” Shaun replied. “I’ll graduate at the end of the next school year. After that, I’d like to go to MIT or Stanford.”

“Let’s not worry about that until we see where this goes,” I recommended.

“The voice of wisdom,” Shaun agreed. “Perhaps you’d like to eat some dinner. We have roast beef, turkey and salmon, baked potatoes and assorted veggies.”

“Very funny. Ha, ha,” I responded. We’d been stuffing our faces all day. After finishing off our second plates of food and our second mugs of beer, we hit the pool and got involved in a series of pool games with our colleagues. Later, we played basketball. I wasn’t much of an athlete, but as a Hoosier boy, not playing basketball was one of the few things worse than being gay. By the time the party broke up, we’d each had yet another plate of food, multiple desserts and an additional beer. I was amazed we weren’t drunk let alone that we’d eaten enough food to last us a few days.

“Let’s take a shower first to get the chlorine and sunscreen off of us, and then we’ll have the rest of the evening together,” Shaun suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea,” I agreed. I figured Shaun meant we’d take separate showers, but he grabbed my hand and led the way right into the en-suite bathroom off his bedroom, shucking his speedos just before pulling me into the shower with him. Surprised, I shucked my speedos, too, and threw them out the shower door just as Shaun turned on the water.

The shower didn’t really give us much room to move around, but it was incredibly arousing to feel his soap-slicked body sliding against mine, and we were both rock hard. Shaun started to rub against me, and I knew we were both very close, but I wanted to take my time, so I said, “Let’s hold that thought. I’d like to take my time with this.”

“That works for me,” Shaun agreed as he shut off the water, and we helped each other dry ourselves.

“I wish I had clean clothes to put on,” I added as I realized I only had the clothes I’d arrived in.

“I don’t,” Shaun replied. “I’d rather you stay like this.”

“But what if your dad comes home early?” I asked.

“Dad’ll be out on the town at least until 2:30 AM,” Shaun reiterated. “There’s zero chance of him coming home and interrupting us before then. If he gets lucky, the last thing he’ll do is bring someone home to the burbs, so he’ll either go home to her place or take her to a fancy hotel. Either way, we have at least four hours ahead of us – and maybe the whole night. There are so many things we can do!

“I have Oculus Quest VR gaming set up. If you’ve never played a VR game, you gotta try it. The drawback is I only have one of them, so we can’t play it together. I also have an Xbox One and a slew of games we can play together. I’m just afraid if we get started, we might end up playing all night. Gaming isn’t exactly a ‘snuggling’ activity. In fact, I’m ruthless, and I play to win.

“I have all the Star Wars movies in 4K HDR, plus I have the most recent four of them in 3D, too. I had to get those from Applazon in the U.K. The 55-inch TV in my bedroom is an old Plasma, and it came with two pairs of 3D glasses. We could snuggle up in bed together and watch one of them in glorious 3D, but being nude in bed might be too much of a distraction if you actually want to watch the movie.

“The other thing we could do is watch one or two of them in 4K HDR on our 85-inch OLED TV in the home theater. It’s not 3D but the Dolby Vision picture is way more real – much more vibrant – and the sound system’s true audiophile with eleven-channel Dolby Atmos and dual subs. We could snuggle up together with a bucket of popcorn. What do you think?”

“As long as we can make love until dawn, the rest doesn’t much matter,” I answered. “Actually, I’ve never played a video game in my life. My dad never would’ve spent money on a gaming system, and I wasn’t close to any kids who had one. It might be fun to play, but maybe tomorrow would be better. Sounds like I’ve gotta check out your home theater.”

Feeling the need to stretch, I put my hands behind my head and spread my elbows back like chicken wings as I arched my back and stood on my toes. Oh, that felt good, but when I put my arms down, I realized that Shaun was staring at me. More like drooling. Just seeing his reaction made me insanely hard.

Finally, he said, “Damn, boy. If you do that again, I’m gonna cum without even touching myself.”

“We may have to relieve the pressure before we can do anything else,” I suggested as I closed the gap between us. Placing my arm around his shoulders and my other hand on his chest, I could feel his heart pounding.

“You mean like jerking off right now?” he asked.

“I had something more in mind,” I replied as I leaned forward, bringing his lips to mine. I’d been wanting to kiss him since I first met him, but today was incredibly different. Shaun was anything but a pretty boy. He was a near perfect ten on the outside, but I was discovering he was a ten on the inside, too. He was the first boy since Greg who was true boyfriend material. More than that, he was a boy whom I could easily fall for. Fuck, I was already falling in love with him. Yeah, I was insanely hard, and I could feel that he was, too, and I was desperate for sexual release, but this was about so much more. Even without sex, I wanted to spend time with Shaun, to get to know him better and just spend my days with him. The nights with him were just icing on the cake, although the icing is my favorite part.

As the kiss deepened, I pushed my tongue through my lips and pressed the tip against his. Shaun was a bit confused at first, but then he opened his lips, and I pushed my way inside. He actually moaned when I did. He wasn’t experienced, but he was picking up on it very quickly. When we finally came up for air, I was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of my feelings for him, and I quickly pounced again. This time he was the one to push his tongue against my lips. The feel of his tongue against mine was something I wanted to experience for the rest of my life.

As our lips separated, Shaun said, “I think I’m in love with you, J.J., but if I don’t do something about my boner, I’m gonna burst!”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we?” I responded as I reached down and copped a feel of his balls and then withdrew my hand, drawing it up along the underside of his throbbing member. Shaun shuddered, and at first I thought he might orgasm just from my doing that, but he didn’t. I hugged him tightly as I kissed him deeply and started humping him. It was a bit awkward since we were both standing, so I nudged him over, and we fell onto his bed.

Shaun started meeting my thrusts with thrusts of his own, and both of our thrusts became more and more frantic. Then he went rigid and started to shudder, which was enough to send me over the edge as well, and our cum spread between us. It might have only been frottage, but it was easily the most intense orgasm I’d experienced in my life.

“Oh…my…god,” Shaun exclaimed, “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Me either, Shaun,” I related, “and I’ve had some awesome ones. I love you, too, Shaun,” I added as I kissed him gently on his forehead, “but as they say, talk is cheap. It’s easy to say when you’re overwhelmed with lust. The reason I know I love you,” I gave him another kiss on the forehead, “is because I’ve fallen in love with the person you are and not just image of the boy I couldn’t help but stare at. Before, I was taken with your beauty on the outside. Now, I’m taken with your beauty on the inside.” I kissed him yet again on the forehead.

“That’s why I know I love you, too,” Shaun agreed. “You’re unlike any boy I’ve ever known. Thank God, you’ll soon have your license!”

“I agree with you there,” I replied, then I kissed him on the lips, and the kiss deepened. Finally, after a long time, we pulled apart to reveal our cum-slicked chests. “We made a mess,” I added, “but you look sexy as hell with cum all over your bod.”

“You think so?” Shaun asked. “I’d just like to lick you all over.”

“If you did that, I’d cum all over again, this time on your face and in your hair, which would be kinda hot.” I replied. “But I have other plans that involve your bed, and I don’t wanna use up all our cum before we get the chance.”

“The way I feel, I doubt there’s any risk of that happening,” Shaun countered, “but I would like to have a chance to just cuddle with you, talk some more and spend some quality time together.”

“Let’s go take another quick shower and get cleaned up, and then we can maybe watch a movie together,” I suggested.

“How about we skip the shower, J.J.?” Shaun suggested as he swirled his index finger around my nipple and across my chest, scooping up some of our cum and sucking it off his finger. That was so fuckin’ sexy, I almost came again. “Maybe we could watch a Star Wars movie.”

“Ooh, I’d really like that.”

“You know, back home in Indiana, we only had a cheap 40-inch TV, so the only Star Wars movie I’ve seen on the big screen was The Last Jedi, which I saw in a real theater in 3D. Every other one I saw on a little screen. I never did see Rogue One or Solo. Were they any good?”

“They were better than good,” Shaun replied. “Especially Rogue One. They’re Star Wars! Do you wanna watch both of them?”

“Fuck, yeah,” I answered.

“Fantastic,” Shaun responded. “We’ve got a popcorn machine that makes authentic movie-theater-style popcorn with melted butter, and I’ll grab us each a bottle of Coke. Come on, let’s go!”

Shaun grabbed his phone and my hand and led the way, first to the kitchen, where he grabbed a large bottle of Coke for each of us and a stick of butter, and then to a large room on the other side of the kitchen with the largest TV screen I’d ever seen in a private home. There were a couple of rows of very plush chairs similar to the ones I’d seen in the theater in Bloomington, except these were covered in real leather rather than vinyl, and as I’d soon discover, they could recline. The first row had four seats and was maybe eight or ten feet away from the screen. The second row also had six seats and was another five or six feet behind the first and elevated on a platform.

Shaun released my hand and headed straight for the two front, center seats. He grinned as he lifted the armrest between the center seats and pushed it all the way up. He swung out a tray from each of the outer armrests and dropped a bottle of Coke onto a round cup holder in each one and dropped his phone next to one of them. He headed for a large glass box-like contraption on one side of the room, which he opened. There was a metal elevated box on one side, and he lifted the lid on top of it and dropped the stick of butter inside.

In the center of the glass box was a large round metal – well, I had no idea what it was – maybe you’d call it a kettle, and it hung down from the top by a long metal rod. Shaun grabbed a jug from a cabinet under the glass box that was labeled as 100% peanut oil, and he lifted the lid on top of the round thing and poured a generous amount of oil into it. Finally, I understood what he was up to when he grabbed a large jar of gourmet popping corn from underneath, filled a cup with it and then poured it onto the round thing. After flipping a switch, the whole room was soon filled with the sound and smell of popping popcorn. It was fascinating to watch how the popcorn overflowed from the round thing and soon filled a sizable portion of the glass box.

Grabbing a very large plastic bucket from underneath, he scooped popcorn from the glass box and filled it to the top and then some. Placing the bucket under a spigot on the side, he opened the spigot and poured what musta been half the stick of now-melted butter on top. He carried the bucket over to the seats and set it down on one of the trays. Finally, he grabbed a couple of flat plastic cases off a shelf. Walking up to the front of the TV screen, he said, “Alesia, turn on the TV and switch to Blue-ray. Open Blue-ray.” The whole system came to life clicking sounds foretold of closing relay switches that were powering on some energy-hungry equipment. A small drawer opened up under the TV, and Shaun opened one of the plastic cases, extracted a shiny silver disc and dropped it into the drawer, and the drawer slid closed.

Looking up at me, Shaun said, “We could stream this from Applazon, but it wouldn’t be the same. Streamed video has only a small fraction of the bandwidth of the original digital content. It’s heavily compressed, and as a result, the depth of the video suffers. The 4K Blu-ray format preserves the full original bandwidth in glorious 4K HDR Dolby Vision, and you won’t believe the sound. Applazon streams in 5.1 surround sound. The Blu-ray disc has full 7.2 Dolby Atmos.” As he was explaining all that, a tiny Death Star animation appeared on the screen. Suddenly, the room was filled with music as a montage of scenes that I guess were supposed to be from the movie. I couldn’t see any speakers, but damn, it sounded like we were surrounded by a whole fucking orchestra.

“Would you like to pee before we start the movie?” he asked. I nodded my head and after putting down the two cases, he led the way to a bathroom, where we stood in front of a pair of urinals and let loose. It was the first time I’d seen urinals in a private home. After washing our hands, we sat down, side by side, and Shaun leaned back slightly, causing a footrest to extend from underneath his seat. I did the same. He then leaned against me, and we snuggled up, reveling in the total body contact from shoulders to toes. The cum on our chests was starting to dry, with little streaks of it still glistening. Shaun took his finger and scooped up another bunch on his finger, and then sucked it into his mouth. Seeing the cum glistening on Shaun’s smooth chest, I did the same. “Fuck, Shaun, if we keep this up, we’ll never get to watchin’ the movie,” I exclaimed.

“Fair enough,” Shaun agreed. Grabbing the bucket of popcorn, he set it down, straddling our laps and causing some of the popcorn to spill over into both our groins. Giggling, Shaun reached over and scooped some of it up from my groin, dragged it through the cum that had pooled around my navel, and stuffed it into his mouth. He grabbed my dick for good measure, coating it with a thin layer of butter from the popcorn. I was already hard as a rock, and that didn’t help things one bit. Since fair was fair, I reached over and did the same thing to him.

“We’re getting butter all over ourselves,” I noted.

“So, we’ll just hafta lick it off of each other when were done,” Shaun replied. He then did something totally unexpected; he lifted the bucket up and poured half the contents into our two laps and put the bucket back aside.

“We’re gonna eat the popcorn from each other’s lap?” I asked in surprise.

“Why not, J.J.?” he responded. “We took a shower, so we’re clean.”

Laughing, I replied. “It’s the newest treat: cum-covered corn.”

Shaun laughed along with me as he reached down, grabbed me once again and then grabbed a handful of popcorn and popped it into his mouth. He then unscrewed the bottle cap on his Coke and took a gulp. I did the same. I still couldn’t believe he dumped popcorn in our laps. What a kinky thing to do, but damned if it wasn’t fun, and snuggling was especially nice.

Shaun said aloud, “Alesia, play movie,” and the lights dimmed most of the way and the screen came to life as the familiar Lucasfilm logo appeared on the screen; the action started right away. There was no scrolling-text crawl at the beginning, nor was there the epic John Williams score. It wasn’t until after the second scene that the title, Rogue One, splashed across the screen, and even that was brief. All the other credits I guess were saved for the end. It wasn’t until about twenty minutes into the movie that I realized exactly how this story fit into the Star Wars saga. Rogue One was the backstory to Episode IV - A New Hope. It was the story about how the Death Star plans were acquired.

The special effects were awesome, the tie-ins to the storyline were excellent, and the attention to detail was incredible. There were hundreds of little touches that I recognized from the original series. Even the location where the rebel base was shot was the same as in Episode IV. I did spot one discrepancy though, and I brought it up with Shaun as the credits started to roll.

“Darth Vader didn’t wear a chest piece until Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” I noted. “In Episode IV, he did not, yet he did in Rogue One.”

“Maybe there was a reason for the change.” Shaun suggested. “We don’t know how much time passed between the end of Rogue One and A New Hope. We saw the rebel ship getting away at the end of Rogue One. It coulda been days before Darth Vader caught up with it.”

“I don’t think so,” I countered. “In the opening scene of A New Hope, we see Princes Leia downloading the plans to R2D2. Wouldn’t she have done that first thing when she first got the plans?”

“She was taking the plans to Alderaan when her ship came under attack,” Shaun recalled. “She didn’t intend to download the plans at all. She was gonna hand-deliver them to her father.”

“Her stepfather, actually,” I pointed out.

“True, but we didn’t know that until Episode V,” Shaun attempted to remind me, but I knew better.

“Episode VI,” I corrected him. “Vader claimed to be Luke’s father in Episode V, but we had only his word for it. It wasn’t until Episode VI that Yoda confirmed that Vader was Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father, and that Leia was Luke’s twin sister.”

“Showoff,” Shaun responded, and then he stuck out his tongue at me. “But let’s face it, Vader had a chest plate in Rogue One because they wanted to make it more consistent with the rest of the Star Wars movies, and they assumed we’d forget that he didn’t wear it in Episode IV.”

“You’re undoubtedly right,” I agreed, then I continued, “I thought the special effects of a Death Star strike on a planet were by far more realistic than in the subsequent movies.”

“Neither of the death star strikes in Rogue One were powerful enough to destroy an entire planet,” Shaun countered. “Alderaan was the first use of the Death Star to destroy a planet.”

“Yeah, but real planets have gravity,” I tried to explain. “They don’t explode like a supernova. No matter how much energy you pump into a planet, it’s not gonna explode. Lava will bubble up through the crust and the crust will melt, but even if you vaporize it, it’ll still stay in one piece.”

“If you have the tech to travel through hyperspace,” Shaun suggested, “You probably have the tech to nullify gravity. There’s evidence of that in Rogue One. The Death Star ray caused the ground to open up and rise into the sky. Maybe that’s how the Death Star works. Maybe it’s an anti-gravity ray.”

“That’s an interesting thought,” I agreed. “One thing that was tough was with the way none of the main characters survived. I mean, you knew that from Star Wars lore that many Bothans died in stealing the Death Star plans —”

“That was in Episode VI, regarding the second Death Star,” Shaun interrupted.

“Well, it made for good drama, anyway,” I said, then asked. “I wonder how they filmed the scene with Princess Leia at the end. Carrie Fisher died a few years ago, during the filming of The Last Jedi, I think.”

“I think maybe they used a real actor but replaced the face with computer graphics,” Shaun suggested. “I heard that for Episode IX they decided against any CGI representations of Princess Leia, though. They’re gonna splice together all the stuff they already have on her and insert it into the scenes. I guess they’ve probably already done it since it’s bein’ released this December, in time for Christmas.

“I can’t wait,” I said with enthusiasm, then I plucked a piece of popcorn that was stuck on the underside of his dick and popped it into my mouth. “The only thing is, I’ll hate to see the saga come to an end. What time is it anyway?” I asked. My phone was in my backpack, which went back to Bellevue in my mother’s car.

Looking at his own phone, he replied, “The night’s still young. It’s just shy of midnight. You know, there’s gonna be a TV series set in the Star Wars universe with a bounty hunter as the main character. It’ll be on Disney’s new streaming network, though, so you’ll hafta subscribe to watch it.”

“How much will that cost?” I asked.

“I’ve no idea,” Shaun replied, “It’s supposed to launch before the end of the year, which probably means before Christmas or maybe after Thanksgiving, so it doesn’t launch at the same time as Disney’s Christmas movie releases. If I had to guess, it’ll probably be similar in cost to Netflix. Disney has all the Star Wars movies, all the Marvel Comics movies, all their own stuff and they’ll have some original stuff too, so I think it’d be worth payin’ what we spend on Netflix.”

“How much is Netflix?” I asked.

“Don’t you have it at your house?” Shaun asked.

“Well, yeah, but I’m not the one who pays for it,” I replied.

“There are two tiers,” he explained. “The basic tier is something like eight dollars a month, but you can only watch it on one TV or phone at a time, and it’s not high-def. The premium tier is twelve dollars, and you can watch it on multiple screens at once and in high-def. I don’t remember how many screens, but enough for me and my Dad to each watch two things at once.”

With a snort, I replied, “I thought I was the only one who did things like watching two things at once. But seriously, it would be worth twelve dollars a month to watch the new Star Wars series.”

“It might even be less,” Shaun suggested. “CBS All Access is only seven a month with commercials and ten a month without, and it’s well worth the extra three bucks to skip the commercials, especially while watching Discovery.”

“I have mixed feeling about Discovery,” I responded. “I watched a lot of Star Trek growing up ’cause it was one of the few things I could watch at home that was decent. I’m pretty sure Dad filched our cable signal, but the premium channels were scrambled. I always wondered why so many channels had only zig-zag, colored lines until I figured out that we didn’t have a legitimate cable box. Anyway, Star Trek was always on some channel or other, and eventually I watched them all. The reason I have mixed feelings is that Discovery is revisionist. Not as bad as the reboot movies, but I can’t fathom how the story line of Discovery can be made consistent with Star Trek lore. I just hope the second season deals with some of that.”

“Damn, you really take this stuff seriously,” Shaun exclaimed. “I thought I was the only one who paid attention to things like that.” Then after a pause, he continued, “You know, there are special features that go with Rogue One, but we can always watch those another time. I’m more interested in watching Solo with you. The question is, do we watch the movie first or take a little nookie break before?”

“As tempting as it would be to lick all that butter off you, I’m kinda psyched by the movie,” I replied. “Would it be rude to choose the movie over wild, raw sex with my boyfriend?”

Laughing, Shaun answered, “I was worried about the same thing! Not that I’m not horny as fuck, fuck being the operative word, but I really wanna see the movie, even though I’ve seen it before. Seein’ a movie with my boyfriend, who’s seein’ it for the first time, makes it special, you know.”

“I think I know exactly how you feel, but you know what else it means?” I asked.

“That we’re the ultimate geeks,” Shaun answered.

“Damn, you took the words right outta my mouth,” I laughed. “Next thing you know we’ll be —”

“Completing each other’s sentences,” Shaun interrupted, and we both giggled. “Let’s piss, I’ll grab a couple more Cokes and refill the bucket with fresh popcorn, and we’ll get started.”

We did just that, and then Shaun popped the disc into the Blu-ray player, and we snuggled up together while we waited for the 4K Blu-ray disk to load. Shaun pulled my arm up over his head, and I rested it behind his neck and on his shoulder and used it to pull him even closer. Turning his head and inhaling deeply, he said, “Damn, you smell sexy.”

“No way I smell sexy,” I countered. “I left my deodorant in my backpack and last used it this morning.”

“Well, I like your scent,” Shaun replied, “musky and very, very sexy. He stuck his nose right into my armpit and inhaled deeply again. “I hope you don’t think it weird, but I kinda have a thing for pits and feet.”

“Me, too, Shaun,” I responded. “In fact, I thought I was the weird one, but you didn’t use any deodorant after the pool, either, did you?” I asked, and he shook his head no. “Why don’t you put your arm around me, too?” When he did, I inhaled his scent, and, yes, it was sexy as hell. I licked inside his armpit, causing him to shudder.

Slowly, I moved the sole of my foot up the inside of his leg and then his thigh. Shuddering, he responded by saying, “Please keep going,” and I did. I guess I got some butter on my foot, but the way he moaned as I hooked my foot around his dick and balls was well worth it.

Without getting into the details, with the movie music playing loudly in the background, Shaun and I couldn’t help but show each other how much we loved each other as we made out with ferocity. Shaun got and gave his first blowjob, and although we both ended up with butter on our faces, chests and feet, it was nothing that couldn’t be wiped off later. But then Shaun dumped another half-bucket of buttered popcorn in our laps. The boy sure liked to have fun, and I wondered how he’d like the wild ride I intended to give him later.

First, however, there was a movie loaded in the Blu-ray player, so we settled in to watch Solo. It turned out it was another bit of backstory to A New Hope, but it told Han Solo’s story. Unfortunately, it just didn’t gel, and the fact that the actor who played Han looked nothing like Harrison Ford didn’t help. I was glad I saw it, but disappointed at the same time.

“What did you think?” Shaun asked.

Trying to sound upbeat, I replied, “Well, it didn’t suck any worse than The Phantom Menace did. Actually, maybe it did. Not that it didn’t have its moments, but it sure seemed contrived. Rogue One did a nice job of integrating little details into the plot that helped it dovetail with the Star Wars canon. With Solo, it was more like the writers were grasping at straws, trying hard to make it fit, whether or not it made any sense.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” Shaun responded. “You had to watch it ’cause it’s Star Wars, right? But why would he join the Imperial Fleet to learn how to pilot? Why would he take part in a train robbery? I mean, he was a smuggler, but was he a thief? And if the shipment was so valuable, why didn’t the Empire have it better protected? The train heist was very cool, though. However, it’s hard to imagine someone designing a train where the track runs through the middle of it.”

“Actually, that’s a very feasible design,” I replied. “I’m not sure how it would work in the Star Wars universe, but in the here and now, an elevated monorail could deliver power to the train. You can electrify a toy train through the tracks, but in a real train, electrified tracks only work with a protected track like you have with a subway; even then, you need a third rail. If you tried it with standard trains, something falling on the rails or even a heavy rain or snow could short the rails out. A central monorail is a way to electrify a train, and it provides much better balance and stability than with a train riding on top of the rail. That was the one thing I really thought was cool about the movie.”

“I liked the way Chewbacca was introduced,” Shaun chimed in. “It’s no wonder he’s so loyal to Han.”

“For sure,” I agreed. “By the way, what time is it now,” I asked.

“It’s just after 3:00 AM,” Shaun replied. “Dad must’ve gotten lucky. He won’t be home tonight —”

Throwing my arm around Shaun, I asked, “Weren’t you worried about your Dad coming home and finding us naked in here? It’s kinda obvious we had sex, you know. Do you really want him knowing about your love of buttered popcorn?” I asked with a grin.

“If he sees the lights dimmed in here, he won’t come in,” Shaun explained. “He’ll leave us our privacy.”

“If you say so,” I responded. Inhaling deeply, I noticed his scent was a lot stronger now, probably from our earlier activities. It wasn’t unpleasant and was still very sexy.

Following suit, Shaun inhaled deeply and said, “Yeah, it’s definitely stronger now. Probably not suitable for goin’ out in public, but perfect for makin’ love with your boyfriend.” Shaun placed the palm of his hand on my chest and started circling my nipple with his index finger. He then slid his hand down my abdomen and under my balls, caressing them gently and sliding it up my shaft, then sucking on each of his fingers and saying, “Mmm, I love buttered balls.”

I burst into laughter. “Buttered balls? Sounds like a delicacy.”

“In the U.K., they have a dessert called spotted dick,” Shaun replied. “Maybe next time we can try eating chocolate chips from our laps.”

“Damn, boy,” I responded. “You have some kinky ideas. Fun ideas. My vote would be for peanut butter.”

“Oh god, I love peanut butter!” Shaun exclaimed. “That sounds positively orgasmic by itself. Instead of peanut butter and jelly, we could have peanut butter and jizz.”

“Definitely something to try,” I agreed.

“Speaking of food, I’m hungry, believe it or not, J.J.,” Shaun interjected. “Would you be interested in grabbing some of the leftovers from the barbecue before we begin our night of sex ’til dawn?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why, but I’m starved,” I acknowledged. “After all we ate at the barbecue and two buckets of popcorn, I can’t believe how hungry I am.”

“Hey, watching Star Wars is exhausting,” Shaun responded. “Besides which, J.J., sex with you is exhausting.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Shaun,” I replied. “I’ll give you the ride of your life.”

“Damn, J.J.,” Shaun responded. “You sure know how to get a boy riled up. Let’s go get some food.” Shaun pushed the footrest back into the seat, and I did the same. Shaun got up and reached out to help me get up, and we headed into the kitchen.

Opening the humongous refrigerator that was built into a row of cabinets at one end of the kitchen, Shaun got out a couple of aluminum foil trays of food and opened them. “Dad had the caterers store the leftover salmon fillets individually in the freezer, so they won’t spoil. We have roast beef, roast turkey breast and assorted cold veggies. Do you trust me to make us a couple of sandwiches?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Should I trust the boy who suggested having peanut butter and jizz sandwiches.”

“Those are for later,” Shaun replied with a laugh. “Now turn around so I can make the sandwiches,” he admonished me. “It’s gotta be a surprise.”

“Okay,” I replied as I walked out into the family room, opened one of the large sliding-glass doors and stepped outside onto the deck. There was a nearly full moon out, which was reflected in the pool. Between the moon and the pool, anyone could’ve seen me who was looking out their window, but if they were looking at 3:00 AM, they deserved what they got in seeing me in the nude. It was a warm night, and on sudden impulse, I took a running leap and cannonballed into the pool. It was large for a private in-ground pool, and I had plenty of room to swim laps. The Gonzalez family’s pool was a very small one, so it was nice to be able to have the room to swim.

Moments later, there was a loud splash in the pool and then I felt a hand grabbing my dick as Shaun surfaced shortly after. “The sandwiches are ready, along with a couple of beers,” Shaun announced. “This is great, though. I would never have had the balls to go swimming in the nude, even at night, but why the fuck not? This is great!”

“Oh, you definitely have the balls,” I replied as I grabbed him under the water. Shaun wrapped his arms around me and then around my hip, and we kissed each other deeply. We made out in the pool for the longest time. When we came up for air, I suggested, “Hey, you wanna find a secluded spot out here and make love until it gets light out?”

“Um, for one thing,” Shaun responded, “until the moon sets about an hour from now, it’s already pretty light out. For another thing, you may have noticed that I’m not exactly quiet. Finally, our sandwiches await.”

“Yeah, it could be really embarrassing for your Dad to hear about what we did from one of your neighbors,” I agreed.

“Let’s go wash off the chlorine, and then we can eat,” Shaun suggested. We made use of the shower in the mud room to quickly rinse off, and then we toweled ourselves dry.

On the kitchen counter there were a couple of large plates, each with a sandwich on it and with potato salad. “I made the potato salad from a few of the leftover baked potatoes, the mushrooms from the green beans, finely sliced pieces of green bean, mayonnaise and a dash of spicy brown mustard. I’ll tell you what’s in the sandwiches after you’ve tried yours.”

Seeing a bottle of open beer in front of me, I picked up the bottle and, not recognizing the brand, read the label. “KC Bier Helles Lager?”

“It’s considered one of the top craft beers of 2019,” Shaun explained. “It’s bottled in Kansas City, obviously, and is only available in the immediate area. It’s very good.”

Taking a sip of my beer, I exclaimed, “Yeah, this really is good! It’s sweeter than most beers.”

“I think there’s a little honey in it,” Shaun replied.

Taking a look at my sandwich, it was on a dark rye bread – I think it’s called pumpernickel. I could see that there was both turkey and rare roast beef inside. Lifting half the sandwich, I took a bite and was surprised to find that it was crunchy, and then there was a burst of flavor as I started to chew. There was definitely turkey and roast beef, and I guess there were green beans that gave it the crunchiness. There was a bit of a zing, probably from spicy mustard, but what really gave the sandwich its flavor was of all things, cream cheese. Who the fuck puts cream cheese in a sandwich with roast beef and turkey? Turning to my boyfriend, I asked, “Shaun, will you marry me? That’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had.”

“Much as I think we’d make a great married couple, I think we should wait a few years, J.J.,” Shaun replied. “My sandwich-making abilities shouldn’t be the basis for a marriage proposal, don’t you think?”

With a mouth full of delicious potato salad, I added, “Well, maybe that and your skills at love-making.”

“Yeah, love-making should be at the top of the list,” Shaun agreed, as we proved in the early morning hours, until the sun was well above the horizon.

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